Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 284: Sinking in the Sea

In the dark sea, a fat fish that is more than ten meters long swam. This fatty fish is a kind of mutated fish. What kind of species has been identified, but it is a bit ugly.

The fat fish is struggling in the sea, seems to be suffering, and there is blood in its mouth.

In the throat of the fat fish, Su Xiao climbed out. He was swallowed into the belly by a small fish and was almost digested.

The cause of all this was the miner’s lamp on Su Xiao’s head. The light attracted the attention of the fish and swallowed Su Xiao.

In his hands, Su Xiao held Dragon Flash. Su Xiao held the handle of the dragon flash and climbed outwards. The smooth and cold touch around him was disgusting.

Su Xiao wants to kill this fish as soon as possible. Once the fish swims for dozens of kilometers, the layout of the world coordinates will be interrupted, and the 12-hour deployment time will be reset. Then his las three hours here will be in vain.

Spending three hours in the dark sea is very tiring.

Su Xiao stood in the throat of the fat fish. He didn’t want to break out from the fat fish mouth. It almost bit him into two pieces as its mouth was full of fangs.

A bright sword light flashed, and a fat fish was cut. The fat fish began to struggle. Su Xiao immediately stayed calm and gave up and continued to attack.

What is strange is that the fat fish struggled for about five minutes and stopped.

Su Xiao tried to put a sword in the fat fish body, a large piece of blood spouted, but the fat fish did not move.

Let Su Xiao be confused, but he is dissatisfied with his movements and begins to break in the fat fish body.

After a few minutes.


A blood-stained long sword emerged from the body side of the fat fish. After cutting it open, Su Xiao climbed out from the side of the fat fish body. This fat fish should be dead.

There was no imaginary sea water coming in, and Su Xiaofu’s headlights on the head looked around.

He was in a wide space, a smell of acid came, and the entrance was dark, and the miner’s lamp shone on the head. It was a dark red wall covered with mucous membranes.

Su Xiao Petrochemical, there are many ideas in my heart.

Was he transferred to other locations by the reincarnation Paradise? Or has the fat fish entered somewhere?

After watching for a few tens of seconds, Su Xiao knew the current situation, and he was not transmitted, the fat fish ~ was swallowed by another bigger fish…

Su Xiao stood on the fat fish. He was standing on a wooden raft at the moment, and the bottom was full of pale green liquid, like a small lake.


The body of the fat fish is gradually corroded and decomposed. This is the stomach’s acid, which can be judged from the sour smell.

From the point of view of the corrosion rate, if Su Xiao does not get out within ten minutes, he will be corroded into a pile of white bones.

More importantly, this unknown giant fish is swimming in the sea, and another 15 kilometers will leave the coordinate establishment area.

I must find a solution as soon as possible. Su Xiao sinks for a while, takes out a long iron bar, and puts a shield on the end of the iron bar. He wanted to row.

Sudden water flow came, Su Xiao began to row in this unknown giant fish. Advance to a position similar to the esophagus on one side.

According to Su Xiao’s judgment, this is a carnivorous fish species. Most herbivorous fish species do not have such organs as the stomach. They use the digestive enzymes in the intestine to break down food.

After a few minutes, Su Xiao finally got close to the esophagus, and the fat fish was more than half eroded.

Jumping on the cold esophagus, a slippery feeling came under his feet. Going forward, Su Xiao’s heard the reincarnation Paradise’s warning, as ten kilometers away, he would leave the specific area.

Su Xiao’s footsteps speed up, the fish swims fast, and from the width of the esophagus, the size must be unimaginably large.

Su Xiao took out in the fast running and tried to detect the information of this giant fish.

The information is as follows:

Name: Deep sea whale

Health: 100%

Mana value:???






Skill 1:???


Su Xiao was dumbfounded,

In addition to the name, the others are question marks. The size of this whale is so great that it has such a terrible attribute.

Su Xiao Ran in the esophagus like a corridor. The current situation is not a bad thing. He encountered a very strong creature when he was out of luck. If he used it properly, there would be no way for the Kara Native to take him.

The best situation now is to communicate with this whale, but this is obviously impossible.

Since it was impossible to communicate, then violent means, Su Xiao quickly ran in the esophagus of the whale, and he quickly ran to the end and came to a closed meat wall.

After confirming the position, Su Xiao smashed on the meat wall.


The deafening sound wave came, although the whale made big sputum, no gas exhaled in the throat. This sperm whale has mutated from having lungs to breathe. Otherwise, it cannot survive under the ice.

At the end of the big battle, Su Xiao slammed into the ground, his ears creaked, and his health dropped by a third.

Struggling to stand up, Su Xiao walked sword that had just been thrown out. Regardless of the blood, he rushed out of the wound.

Su Xiao drilled a layer of meat and came to the mouth of the whale. The sea came entered the whale’s mouth.

The flow of water in the mouth of the whale is very violent. If he caught by it, Su Xiao might go out of its mouth

Su Xiao didn’t want to go back to the sea. If he did, he would die soon. Even in the mouth of the sperm whale, he felt the huge sea pressure.

The hook lock on the arm guard pops up, the hook lock flies rapidly in the water, and is nailed to the upper jaw of the whale.

Tightening the thread, Su Xiao was taken to the upper jaw of the whale.

Lifting Dragon Flash, Su Xiao directly struck and immediately covered his ears.


The whale screamed, and the flow of seawater in the mouth skyrocketed. This sperm whale has already noticed that there are creatures in its body.

Although Su Xiao was dizzy and uplifted by the quake, he still clenched the thread.

After a few seconds, the sound wave receded, and Su Xiao shook his head and spat out a string of bubbles.

Taking out a lunch box-sized object, Su Xiao had some meat pain. This thing was exchanged from a newcomer contractor when he went to the trading market. It was only white quality, but the other party was not clear about the value of this thing. Su Xiao only Change it with a white weapon.

Put the lunch-like object into the wound of the sperm whale and fix it.

After doing all this, Su Xiao pulled the hook from the upper jaw of the sperm whale, or used the hook lock to return to the throat of the sperm whale, and drilled into the wound of the meat wall and returned to the esophagus.

Su Xiao took the small oxygen cylinder at his waist and took a breath.

one two Three……

Su Xiao silently calculated in his heart, about a minute, followed by a dull bang, the body of the whale was shocked.

Looking at the current location through the screen, it is still six kilometers away from the setting of the coordinates.

After the explosion sounded, everything around it began to tilt. This whale was not killed but was stunned. A bomb shouldn’t have an effect on this giant, but if its the upper jaw of its mouth, then it is different, as it is very close to the brain, not to mention Su Xiao also ‘closed’ the wound, increasing the impact of the contact surface.

The whale began to sink in the deep sea, and the unknown deep sea was dark and full of dangers.

For Su Xiao, it is a great thing to be able to reach the deep sea without receiving water pressure. His original plan was to find a big fish, let the big fish swallow him, kill the big fish, let the big fish sink into the sea, if the fat fish wasn’t too small, he wouldn’t have left its body.

Although this whale is not dead, Su Xiao will not continue to attack it. Under that impact, this whale can at least be stunned for more than ten hours.

The whale slowly sinks into the deep sea and gradually disappears into the darkness.

Under the somewhat crazy plan of Su Xiao, the Kara Natives’ chance of finding him can’t pass the 10%. The world coordinates do not need to be guarded, and they can sink into the deep sea.

There are still seven hours to complete the coordinate arrangement. The completion of the coordinate arrangement represents the victory of the war, and the derivative world will end immediately.