Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 285: Dika

Su Xiao is in the belly of the whale, holding the world coordinates in his hand.

Looking at the battlefield through the screen, the contractors were standing back to back, their goals have been unified, and that is to live.

Seeing this situation, Su Xiao was relieved. If the contractor collectively flees, he will face a penalty of all attributes -10.

This will not work. Once the contractor can’t hold it, there will be a lot of deserters, and what Su Xiao was worried about is that Silver Flash has arrived at the edge of the battlefield.

The head of the team has to escape, and the members of her guilds will not stay for a long time. A group of adventurers will flee, although the number does not reach 50% of the total number of survivors, this will greatly increase the risk.

Su Xiao also has the ability to interfere with the battlefield indirectly. Now, these three opportunities are crucial.

Su Xiao does not need these contractors to deal with Kara natives, as long as these people can not escape, he began to edit information on the war channel, as follows:

Introduction: All contractors can’t leave the coordinates within 30 kilometers. If they treat the war negatively, they will always be abandoned in the parasite world and face the rejection of the world.

The maximum number of participants: 113 people.

Time limit: 7 hours.

Purpose: Survival.

Hint: The world coordinates have been placed in the deep sea, and the contractor does not need to defend against world coordinates. Guarantee your survival with maximum ability, and you can hide in the ice or fly to the sky

Speaker: Arbiter!


Su Xiao did not choose to let the contractor drag the Kara natives, as these contractors could not do it.

The contractors are not fools. If Su Xiao releases the order to let them go to death, they will run away.

Su Xiao did not let them go to fight, but can’t they hide?

The goal of the Kara natives is the world coordinates, not to kills the contractors. Moreover, as long as the contractors don’t escape, Su Xiao didn’t care.

Su Xiao only needs to ensure that the contractors have more than 50% of the survivors in place, not to guarantee the safety of the contractor.

This message was released on the war channel, and the god king’s leader and Adams were overjoyed. They saw the hope of life.

Silver Flash has already stopped at the edge of the battlefield. She also knows that once she flees, she will be left in the parasitic world forever, and will face the punishment of the reincarnation Paradise.

“God-king, Adam, what do you two think.”

Silver Flash said on the war channel, and her voice seemed very tired.

“Do you still think about it, of course, find a place to hide, silver flash, bring your people back, they all follow you.” The king of God responded with anger.

“If I didn’t guess wrong, this is a turning point. The goal of the Kara Natives is not us, but the world coordinates. As long as we hide, we will be able to escape this.”

Adam’s hoarse voice appeared.

When she heard the words of these two, Silver Flash stood in the same place and thought.

“Golden ghost, how long can you last?”

silver Flash looks at the golden ghost in his hand.

The golden ghost lowered his head, and the luster of the pupil began to dim. He said intermittently: “Seven… seven hours… no problem.”

“Then, we will hide.”

silver Flash made up her mind and opened it in the war channel.

“Our three adventure groups are hiding in one place. From now on, everyone ensures his survival.”



The God king’s leader and Adam opened their mouths separately. As for the survival of the scattered people, the three did not consider it. They were likely to die in this place.


In the deep sea under the ice layer, Su Xiao nodded with satisfaction after understanding the situation of the contractors through the screen and the war channel.

He is not prepared to let these contractors escape, nor is he prepared to let these contractors live! The reason is simple.

When he first boarded the spacecraft, Adam recognized Su Xiao. Through Adam’s introduction, Shen Wang and Silver Flash also saw Su Xiao.

In the giant world, Su Xiao’s performance is very eye-catching, single-handedly the other side of the flower adventure group, dragging dozens of contractors,

This has exposed his strength.

After entering the war world, Su Xiao has never been exposed. Adam and the others would doubt him.

Su Xiao has two choices. The first is to pretend to look at the appearance and give up the pseudonym of Byakuya. The second is to destroy the contractor and kill the people.

At the end of the war, the identity of Su Xiao’s arbiter will disappear. At that time, if there is a chance, he will kill them. He is best at dealing with the contractors.

These will be dealt with after the war, as the reincarnation Paradise will not allow him to kill the contractors now.

Furthermore, if the status of the arbiter is so easy to expose, then the so-called protection measures in the reincarnation Paradise are too low.

The contractors have their strengths, some of them made holes in the ice, and some are flying high if there is no way to hide in the snow.

The war began to change unexpectedly, and the contractors collectively hid, the scene is very lively.

Compared with these contractors, Su Xiao’s position was the hardest to find. He hides in the deep sea. This is the place where the Kara Natives won’t be able to find him.

The coordinates will be successfully placed in 6 hours and a half, and the parasite world will end along with it.

Just after the first six-hour passed, the Kara Natives arrived.

A dark ‘spaceship’ floated over the ice. The spaceship had a strange shape and was black, like black corals in color. The overall shape is somewhat similar to sea urchins.

The Kara Native’s spaceship stopped at the height of several tens of meters above the ice. The bottom of the spaceship opened suddenly.

An overwhelming number of Kara Natives jumped out of the spaceship, the number could not be counted, they were black and dark, with rough scales, and the whole shape was human, with a lizard-like head.

“Gul aqi coe, sprike Tassen…”

A roar came out from the spaceship, and a silver-scaled Kara Native appeared, and it floated in the air.

The appearance of this Kara Natives is very similar to that of the Tuka (T/N: It seems like the Arbiter of these Kara people is named Tuka, not the entire race, sorry got that wrong). It was taller, and its name should be Dika if it was translated to normal language, who is the grandfather of Tuka.

The high bloodlines of the Kara Natives are not passed down from generation to generation, and there are often cases of intergenerational transmission. The birth of Tuka has cheered the entire race, as they have their next king.

The Kara Natives with that bloodline have absolute control over ordinary Kara Natives, not because of power, but because of genetics.

Even if the high Kara Natives let the ordinary people die, those ordinary Kara Natives can’s retaliate, which is very similar to the Zerg.

The Kara Natives with the silver scales are somewhat similar to the ant queen, which are very important to the race.

The current king of the Kara Natives was ‘Dika’ who was floating in the air. He was not floating but more like stepping on the air.

At this time, Dika’s eyes were full of hatred, as he already felt the death of his descendants, Tuca.