Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 286: Fury and Revenge

The development of the war was a bit strange. It has changed from the original survival to personal grievances. Dika can still survive for fifteen years. After the fifteenth, the Kara star people will lose their king, and civil war will start.

This situation has already occurred once in Kara star. At that time, the Kara star people were at each other’s throat. After decades of turmoil, they barely stabilized because a new king was born.

Now, the reincarnation Paradise is robbing this derivative world.

Dika has already understood that the Kara Star people have lost, and even if they can destroy those coordinates, the Human Alliance will clear them out of the Earth.

Fifteen years are too short. When you are in the sky, Kara star people can’t survive with no leader.

They will become extinct, and Dika chooses to turn the strive for survival into personal hatred and kill the human being who is the Arbiter. He could still feel the energy left by his descendant on the one who killed him, and it’s about to dissipate.

Dika screamed at the ice below, and the spaceship behind him roared.


A gun barrel emerged from the spacecraft. The unevenly shaped cannon was aimed at the ice surface, and many creatures were screaming inside the muzzle.


Black and red spheres were shot out and kept changing form as they moved forward. The power behind that canon wasn’t great at all.


The black and red spheres spread out on the ice. If you look closely, you will find that it is a pile of small-sized creatures that looks like ants.

This is the weapon used by the Kara Star people to break their enemy’s defense. These creatures can almost penetrate any defense, whether it was an energy shield or a strong metal.

The sound of crawling and chewing came as the ant-like creatures began to eat the ice layer quickly. After a few minutes, a large crater, several tens of meters wide, appeared. The seawater appeared in the pit, as it surged upward.

Dika looked at this scene coldly, his enemy was deep in the sea, and he was getting there no matter what.

Dika’s figure flashed. He directly reappeared above the crater. It seems like the Kara Natives or the ones from the king’s descendants could teleport.


Dika screamed at the sea below the ice cave, the meaning behind his word is obvious; he wanted the Kara People to jump down there.

All of the Kara star people had fear in their eyes. The sea below is too cold. If they jump, they will freeze to death.

Dika didn’t give them a choice as he used some kind of energy and made the lizard-like people jump down whether they liked it or not.

Splash! Splash!

The Kara Natives directly jumped down into the water.

The water level in the ice cave rose rapidly, which added the water pressure.

The Kara natives were crazily jumping into the water, as the water level rose again, they almost blocked the entire cave.

When they touched the water, the Kara natives didn’t dive directly, and they formed groups to resist the cold using the heat from their bodies.

The Human Alliance saw this scene as they all thought that Dika was crazy.

Dika wasn’t crazy, and this was an effective method used by their race to survive even space, let alone some freezing water.

The Kara Natives had creatures that could dive into the sea, but it took time to create them, as they are germ like creatures.

The groups of Kara Star people formed directly joined each other, and their numbers started getting bigger and bigger.

The sphere they were forming expended crazily as more and more of them rushed toward the giant sphere.

The Kara Natives feared the humans, as they didn’t know how they did it, but they damaged them more than any other race they encountered.

The current Kara people were not confident in their victory. The Human Alliance has just beaten them.

The forming of the sphere took about half an hour, and finally, Dika, who was looking at this, made his move, he directly went toward the sphere floating. The sphere opened up as Dika directly went inside before the sphere closed up again.

All of the Kara Natives jumped into the sea and moved. Their only target was Su Xiao, and this was their king’s wish.

The Spaceship was still floating in the air while no Kara Native remained inside.

In the sea, The huge sphere started moving under the ice.

Bubbles started appearing as the Kara Natives were releasing the air in their chest, which caused them to sink.

As the ball started to sink, it became prey to many fishes in the deep sea.

This was their last counter-attack. Their king, Dika, issued the order to use every last of their power just to kill one person.

The number of the Kara Natives were in the millions, if Su Xiao didn’t choose to go down into the deep sea with the world coordinate, it would’ve been destroyed already.

After an hour or so, the Kara star people casualty started increasing due to the coldness of the water and the pressure, but they didn’t retreat at all.

Their numbers were just too much, even as their casualties increased, it didn’t appear to affect them much. And the only thing that would make them go back up was to defend the Spaceship if it was attacked.


The Sphere was going down faster and faster.

At the center of the biosphere, Dika’s eyes were cold, as his space ability allows him to perceive the fluctuations below, which is a coordinate type device being installed.

Once the device is installed, the Kara Star people would be defeated. Dika has no longer care about this. He wants revenge, that human who sentenced them to death.

Su Xiao saw this scene through the screen. He was surprised by the madness of the Kara Natives.

He can’t make a move to guard the coordinates. Otherwise, it will be very bad. Although he can’t guard it, he can move it.

Walking in the esophagus of the whale, Su Xiao came to the stomach of the sperm whale and looked at the stomach acid pool.

He tried to put the coordinate device into the acid, and he discovered that the acid didn’t do anything to it.

So he directly threw it into the pool of acid.

As the world coordinate device splashed into the acid, it started sinking.

There are three hours left until the world coordinates are set.