Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 287: A slippery Enemy!

Two hours later, the huge sphere made up of Kara natives sank to the bottom of the sea. The sphere shrunk compared to before as many Kara star’s people died.

The sphere was a few meters away from the whale which Su Xiao was in.

Fluctuations of space appeared and disappeared in an instant.

Inside the whale’s body, Dika, full of silver scales, appeared in the esophagus of the whale, not far from Su Xiao.

Su Xiao was not optimistic. The Kara Natives’ tenacity was out of his expectation. They have used the power of numbers to reach the bottom of the sea. You could say that the people of the Kara star were almost extinct by this time. There was no meaning to destroy the coordinate device anymore.

Su Xiao saw the Kara native who is similar to Tuka in front of him. He is contacting the reincarnation Paradise and tried to get it to strip off his arbiter’s identity temporarily. But the answer was no.

That was out of the rules, and the Reincarnation Paradise won’t ignore the rules.

“This result is…something beyond my expectations.”

Su Xiao looked at the Kara Native in front of him. He suddenly thought that the other party might not understand the human language.

“Our defeat is a matter of time. The energy of the bio-nuclear has dried up, and the spacecraft cannot return to space. Before we are defeated, I will kill you.”

It was not surprising that the Kara Star native could speak the human language, considering that the other party has been on the earth for twenty years.

“Well? You learned the human language.”

Su Xiao surprised to see this.

“You just said that you want to kill me, let me think about it…”

Su Xiao’s pretense was indulging, and he vaguely guessed something, and his face smiled.

“Before I killed Someone called Tuca, it is very similar to your looks. If you don’t guess wrong, it is your descendant, your son?”

Su Xiao’s words made Dika’s eyes even colder.

“Tuca… my good descendants who should’ve inherited my responsibilities in the future, he should not have died. You are the one who should’ve died.”

Dika’s voice was low and cold.

“It turned out to be the case. Your descendant Tuca is very strong. After I cut his limbs, he still survived for a long time. I wanted you to know how he died in the end.”

Su Xiao’s gentle smile, he deliberately angered the Kara Native before him, so the other side would take the initiative to attack him.

Dika was already furious, as his face turned black from anger.

“I didn’t plan to kill him, I was just on my way to clean a few animals on my way but, he appeared in front of me and attacked, so I just killed him. She should’ve returned to the earth in a very special way by now.”

As Su Xiao’s voice fell, Dika disappeared from his place and appeared above him.

Su Xiao stood still in the same place, as he activated his shield, his strength was 20 now, so his shield ability improved greatly.


Dika slammed his fist on the shield, and Su Xiao’s body flew forward, and the shield shattered.

The power behind this punch was terrifying. If Su Xiao was directly hit, he would’ve been seriously injured.

After rolling two times on the ground, he stabilized his body and squatted on the ground. Su Xiao lowered his head and shook his shoulders.

“Oh, lucky.”

Su Xiao was really happy. He thought that he might fail the mission, but the other party took the initiative to attack him.

However, Su Xiao noticed that his opponent might not have attacked him completely because of anger. It seems he was after him, not the coordinate device.

Compared to directly attacking him, if he destroyed of world coordinate device, it would’ve been simpler, as Su Xiao will not live for too long after that.

Unfortunately, Dika is not aware of this, and his purpose was just revenge.

Su Xiao’s angering him served its purpose, as he no longer talked nonsense. He held Dragon Flash in his hand as he prepared himself for the fight.

The prompts appeared one after another. As the Kara Natives attacked Su Xiao, he could now fight back.

“Arbiter Rule!”

Su Xiao released a low shout,

A ten-meter barrier appeared around them, and unless Su Xiao dies, Dika won’t be able to leave it.

The situation was reversed as Su Xiao turned from the prey to the Hunter now.

There were 43 till the world coordinates would be set, he can stall for that long if he had no way of killing his opponent fast enough.

Dika clenched his fists as space power covered them. If a punch connected, no matter what defense Su Xiao got, it would be penetrated.

Su Xiao took a breath, and he was fully concentrating, as he perceived the situation around him. The enemy was proficient is space ability. He encountered this ability for the first time.


Deca disappeared, Su Xiao lowered his body, held the sword, and his eyes glanced around quickly.

A wind pressure hit the back of his head, and his short black hair was blown up by the wind as he immediately evaded sideways.

The fist wrapped in silver scales gazed his cheeks, as a little blood mark appeared on his cheek.

Su Xiao immediately reacted, as he evaded, he reflexively attacked with his sword.


Suddenly Su Xiao felt pain from his back, and a fist appeared from his chest.

The fist went in from behind and emerged from his chest.


Su Xiao spits out a large amount of blood, breathing became difficult, as his right lung was crushed.

With this kind of injury, Su Xiao couldn’t lose consciousness, or he might die. He relied only on his strong soul as he stayed awake.

Directly, Su Xiao used Dragon Flash as he stabbed his abdomen. The sword passed through him directly, piercing Dika in the process.

Dika couldn’t react in time and was directly penetrated with the sword.

Seeing this, he became furious.


This enemy was fearsome, he directly disappeared. Blood gushed out from the hole in Su Xiao’s chest.

Looking at his injury, he remembered how Akainu pierced ace, and it was the same kind of injury.

Dragon flash’s ‘Bloody fight’ triggered, Su Xiao’s physical attributes temporarily increased by 12 points, this effect lasted five minutes.

Suddenly spitting a few mouthfuls of blood, Su Xiao pulled out the dragon from his lower abdomen, take out a bottle of medicine to drank it.

Instantly, 70% of Hp were restored, and he was cured.

Su Xiao immediately released Bobtney, Bobtney just appeared a little aggressive. Still, after seeing the seriously injured Su Xiao and the enemy’s bloody hand, Bobtney immediately wanted to rush the enemy.

“Retreat to the side.”

Su Xiao summoned Bubutney not to let the other side fight, but to need the halo effect of the goddess, to restore 1 point of health per second.

The enemy was too fast, no, it is wrong to say too fast, the enemy can teleport, fast is not enough to describe it, the enemy could appear behind him, which made Su Xiao couldn’t react to him at all.

Su Xiao released the thread from his gauntlets as if he was making a trap.

Dika slowly retreated as he seemed to wait for something, his hand holding the wound on his stomach.

Although Su Xiao wanted to rush at Dika, he was powerless, and his injury was too heavy.


The enemy disappeared again, Su Xiao immediately jumped forward, and a fist blew the wind from his back, Su Xiao escaped the attack.


The threads tightened, as Su Xiao pulled them.


Blood scattered in the air, as Dika has disappeared again. This guy teleported again.

Dika stood in the distance, with several wounds on his body, as he breathed heavily.

One, two, three… Su Xiao silently calculated time in his heart.

When the number reaches seven, the enemy disappears again. Su Xiao directly waved his sword as the thread immediately tightened at the same time.

Su Xiao’s sword hit air while the thread did not entangle his enemy.

The Puch hit the side of his body, as Dika was on his side.