Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 288: Victory

Dika sent a heavy Punch.


Su Xiao’s left shoulder was hit, and his left arm was softly hanging down.

Enduring the numbness, Su Xiao’s muscle tensed as he activated the gauntlet’s skill.

‘The wrath of the bull Lord, Strength +15 for 10 seconds. ‘

‘Hint: The wrath of the bull Lord cooldown is 10 natural days. ‘

‘Hint: It takes 30% of the HP to activate the wrath of the bull Lord. ‘

Su Xiao’s blood was coming out of his body due to his injuries. His Strength increased to 44 from the 29 that he had, and this will continue for ten seconds.

Su Xiao’s body moved as his eyes were lit with fire from activating the skill.

His long sword attacked and broke any object that blocks its path.


The Sword cut a little bit of Dika’s skull, who directly screamed and teleported away.

Tick, tick!

Blood dripped down his fingertips, as Su Xiao gasped, while the effect of the skill subsided, and the power disappeared from his body.

Looking up at his enemy, Dika’s right cheek was slashed, revealing his skull.

You could even see his brain from the injury he received.

Dika pulled a piece of cloth from his body with one hand and wrapped it around his head. This is to prevent his brain from falling out during teleportation.

Dika’s right arm was cut off, and only one remained. The threat he previously posed on Su Xiao was greatly reduced.

Su Xiao has a big hole in the chest. His left shoulder is injured, and his left arm was hanging softly. It is no longer possible to use the thread on the gauntlet.

After two rounds, both parties were greatly injured.

Su Xiao directly retreated toward the edge of the Barrier and leaned against it.

He didn’t believe that Dika could teleport out of the enchantment, This barrier was, after all, made by the Reincarnation Paradise.

“Let’s continue.”

Su Xiao’s mouth bled as he spoke. The person in front of him was similar to him, and he was after revenge.


Dika clenched his fist as he prepared for the next attack. The Kara Star People respected a few, and these few were the strong, whether it was Tuka or Dika, both respected Su Xiao.

At the beginning of the fierce fight, Su Xiao has been on the defending side, never actively attacking, the enemy can teleport, and active attack is a waste of Stamina.

Bubtney hid not far away, ready to help Su Xiao if needed. He didn’t dare join the fight, and he wasn’t as strong as these two. He could only activate his aura, healing 1 Hp every second, and wait to activate other skills to heal Su Xiao.

Su Xiao didn’t launch any attack after seriously injuring Dika, even though he might kill him if he did, he would die along with him. He was afraid of death, but it wasn’t worth it fighting Dika.

Su Xiao didn’t get close to Dika, because he was afraid that if Dika could teleport him out of the whale, they would both die.

The fight continued as Dika tried everything while Su Xiao avoided him, the Aura of the goddess aided Su Xiao heal as he waited for his enemy to attack. After Dozen of Minutes, Su Xiao recovered a great chunk of his health.

Two minutes before the coordinates would be set, Su Xiao was leaning against the barrier with blood coming out of his side, and there was a big hole in his lower abdomen. Three times, He was almost moved to the sea by Dika, but at the most difficult time, he would use his sword and attack Dika disrupting his teleport.

It takes at least 2 seconds for Dika to teleport, which was long enough for Su Xiao to counter.

Dika can teleport every 7 seconds. In the three seconds after a teleport, he can teleport again with the help of fluctuation of the previous teleport.

Su Xiao constantly gathered the enemy’s information in the battle as he couldn’t read Dika’s status.

At this time, Su Xiao could not get up, as he used all potions he had, Bubtney was laying in the distance injured.

Dika is not easy, even with one arm is cut off, one-third of the head is missing, and more than ten deep scars on the torso, he could still fight.

Even with a hole on his chest that made his heart and other organs visible.

Dika’s intestines landed on the ground as he was struggling toward Su Xiao.

The barrier was full of blood smell, as the place was filled with gore.

Every time he took a step toward Su Xiao, Dika paused for a while, leaving a large amount of blood in the esophagus of the whale along the way.

Su Xiao tried to sit up, he tried several times but failed. He directly stored Dragon flash into the inventory. The broken elf appeared in his hand. He only had the strength to raise his arm.

Trembling his arms and lifting the broken elves, Su Xiao fired a few shots, but because the hands were not stable enough, only one hit made its way toward Dika.

Dika was shot in his shoulder and was stunned for a long time.

Su Xiao and Dika no longer had any strength. Bubtney wanted to stand up and protect his master. He tried but failed several times. Its legs were flat on the ground, as the blood stuck his original smooth fur together. His eyes were full of unwillingness.

Unlike the ordinary Teigu creatures, Bubtney is more inclined to normal creatures, with flesh and blood.

Su Xiao was leaning on the barrier, and he put the broken elf away, only ten seconds left for the coordinate to be set!

Su Xiao shook his arm and took out a cigarette. The blood on his finger covered the cigarette as He took a deep breath.

“I won.”

Smiling and looking at the enemy, Su Xiao exhaled the smoke.

Dika didn’t hear what Su Xiao is saying, as his brain was hurt too much, causing serious damage to his hearing function.

All the surviving contractors received this prompt, they rushed out of the hiding place, cheering, screaming, and some even covered their faces and wept.

The space battlefield is hell, it is the Shura field, it was filled with flesh and blood, but it finally ended.

The contractors were sent away one after another and entered a temporary space.

Su Xiao also received a lot of tips. In his not far away, Dika made an unwilling roar, and his body was gradually decomposed. This is the forced execution ability of reincarnation Paradise.

Su Xiao’s arbiter ability disappeared, the screen floating around him disappeared, and his attire returned to normal.

He wondered why the reincarnation Paradise would allow him to join the contractor in a cabin to the world.

The memory of Adam and the others who saw Su Xiao before were being replaced, and eventually were replaced by some other things, such as chatting with a contractor in front of the cabin.

The revised memories are all about the Byakuya’s identity, not the existence of the arbiter.

In the memory of surviving contractors, the Arbiter disappeared into thin air.

A: 50,000 paradise Coins.

B: Purple treasure chest × 1

C: Gold Honor Scroll

Note: Gold Honor Scroll: It can improve the skills of a class, skill class ability, basic, proficient, specialized, mastery… insufficient authority, cannot view the following levels.

Note: Gold honor scrolls can increase the ability of ‘specialized’ to ‘mastery’.


When seeing option C, Su Xiao’s heart thumped, his “Sword specialization” is the ability to specialize the sword skills. If he gets this, his sword specialization will be promoted to the mastery of the sword!

What is the concept of a sword master, Su Xiao was not sure, but he will find out soon enough.