Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 289: Return

When seeing option C, Su Xiao has decided to give up the first two options. The Sword was his core skill, and this could help him improve greatly, he wasn’t going to miss this chance.

After choosing C, on Su Xiao’s hand, a shining scroll appeared.

It held no grade, but the words “precious” was marked on it with gold.

Su Xiao will be living in this space. His current state is really bad. If he exceeds an hour like this, he will die due to excessive blood loss.

After selecting the reward, the reminder of the reincarnation appeared one after another.

The power of space wrapped Su Xiao, as the reincarnation paradise gained absolute control over the ‘parasite’ world.

Su Xiao appeared in the Human alliance territory in a street filled with people

Everything seemed to stop still.

Su Xiao snorted, he needed treatment now, instead of arriving at a safe place.

The reincarnation Paradise is not prepared to send him back immediately. As an arbiter and contractor, he has the right to appreciate the fruits of his victory.

A light blue transparent curtain was formed around and spread rapidly around the entire derivative world.

All the objects and buildings that the curtain passed through were changing rapidly. Some old people become young, some buildings disappear, and some buildings appeared out of thin air.

The time of the entire derivative world began to fall back and returned to the initial stage of the parasite world.

The difficulty of the derivative world began to decline, from the original Lv.10 to Lv.3, the same difficulty as Tokyo Ghoul, but the parasite world is weaker than Tokyo Ghoul.

The air becomes fresh, and the pungent smell disappeared.

The feeling of being transmitted appeared, Su Xiao became dizzy; this familiar feeling made him spit blood.

World of War: Parasite

Difficulty: LV.10

The source of the world: 30%.

The number of completed tasks: 2.

Comprehensive evaluation: S-

Start collecting the source of the world…,

The source of the world is collected, and the rewards are started.

Rewards: 16 attribute points, 13,000 Paradise coins.

The overall evaluation is S-, and therefore for the world of war, hunter’s level +0.

Once the settlement is completed, the reward would be automatically deposited into the hunter’s inventory.

Tip: The hunter has received two S-level evaluations, and the third S-level evaluation will be rewarded.


Su Xiao slammed into the floor of the exclusive room, lying next to Bubtney.

Su Xiao chose to recover together with Bobtney. Two green lights appeared in the exclusive room to wrap Su Xiao and Bobtney.

Su Xiao floated in the air, surrounded by emerald green spots around his body. These green spots gradually disappeared into his body, his injuries recovered at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, the bloody hole in his chest and lower abdomen healed, and his shoulders that were sent flying had re-grown. Su Xiao sighed as his body finally returned to normal.

After five minutes, the green light disappeared, and Su Xiao and Bobtney’s injuries all recovered.

Su Xiao landed smoothly while feeling tired. He had not rested for 36 hours.

Su Xiao heard a thud as he looked aside, he found Bobtney asleep, this fellow fell asleep while he was being healed, and even after being dropped down, he didn’t wake up.

Evenly breathing sounds, it seems that Bobtney will not wake up for a short time.

Su Xiao also felt dizzy; he directly threw his body on top of the bed and fell asleep.

He was really tired as he was asleep as soon as he laid down while the room was quiet and peaceful.

The inability to directly participate in the war made him highly tense, and the strong enemies encountered in the arrangement of coordinates were difficult to deal with. Still, the three world coordinate devices were successfully arranged.

At the third world coordinate, Su Xiao dragged down more than 100 contractors. Those contractors have nothing to do but hide, so their reward should be cut by a third.

As it could be said that they only participated in the first and second attacks.

At the end of the war, Su Xiao knows a little about the reincarnation Paradise. It didn’t break the rules no matter what.

There is still a lot of unknown secrets in the Reincarnation Paradise.

The contractors returned to the Reincarnation Paradise, and the tense atmosphere was lifted. The measures made on the workers were also lifted, and the prices quickly returned to normal.

The survivors of the war have become stronger, and the number of the three adventurous groups has decreased drastically. Although the number of people has decreased, their combat effectiveness has increased.

Although the war is cruel, it is also the fastest way to become stronger.


Su Xiao was sleeping for more than ten hours. Bobtney awakened him. The latter was Hangry.

After getting healed, having a good sleep, and washing the blood away from his body, Su Xiao felt refreshed.