Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 290: Stronger and Stronger

Leaving the exclusive room, Su Xiao went straight to Xia’s restaurant. He didn’t eat much in the last 36 hours, and he felt he could eat a cow.

Xia stood bored on the counter as she sighed.

“This shop is broke, sigh ~.”

Xia took out a tablet, but before she could do anything, she was surprised by Su Xiao, who just entered the restaurant.

“Huh? You survived.”

Xia looked at Su Xiao in surprise.

“Is it strange that I survive?”

Su Xiao picked up the menu on the table, ordered more than a dozen dishes, and threw the menu to Bobtney.

Bobtney’s dog’s face seemed happy as his furry paw fluttered on the menu choosing dishes.

Although a dog choosing his order was a bit strange, Xia still kept a note of what Boutney ordered.

After Bobtney ordered dozens of dishes, Xia’s face began to feel bitter. It was a good thing to have customers, but having someone who eats this much was a blessing.

“Do you have what you wanted?”

Su Xiao looked at Bobtney.


“up to you.”

Su Xiao can already understand some Bobtney’s dog words, and beast language is about 6 levels, the max level is 10 ~.


Xia laughed and interrupted Bobney’s ordering.

“I don’t have sufficient ingredients; I only have these.”

Xia was slightly embarrassed; she does not store too many ingredients; after all, there are usually no customers.

Bobtney looked at Xia and said clearly: ‘What a restaurant. ‘

Xia felt that she was despised by the dog, although the dog looked mighty, and its IQ was not low.

Xia glanced at her thin arms and legs, and then looked at Bobtney’s body shape, and decided to bear it.

Xia began to prepare dishes in the back kitchen, and Su Xiao and Bobtney sat down waiting.

An hour later, Xia leaned on a seat as she was completely exhausted, and sweat poured out from her body as if she run ten kilometers without rest at full speed. It seemed that she and Su Xiao had done something indescribable, but the truth is, she was just cooking.

“I feel so tired just from cooking, God… my waist.”

Sweat stained Xia’s hair as it dropped on her face, but Xia couldn’t help smiling when she saw Su Xiao’s 100 Paradise coins’ tip on the table.

“Generous guest.”


Su Xiao walked in the reincarnation paradise, patted his belly contentedly, as he was headed straight toward the attribute enhancement hall.

His three primary attributes will soon reach 30 points, and the new ability of Shadow of the law will be unlocked.

This time Su Xiao should properly improve Vitality/Stamina, at least to reach 20 points.

Reaching the Attribute Enhancement Hall, Su Xiao paid 100 Paradise Coins to get the right to use an Attribute Enhancement Chamber.

Strength: 29

Dexterity/Agility: 28

Vitality/Stamina: 18

Intelligence: 28

Charm: 3

A total of 16 points can be assigned freely. Su Xiao directly distributed them as followed: strength +3, agility +4, intelligence +4, and Stamina +5.

This time he focused on strengthening Stamina. Stamina should not be too low. Strength, agility, and intelligence attributes should be carried by Stamina. If the three main attributes are too much higher than the Stamina, his physical function will collapse.

It’s better than throwing a punch with 50 points of strength while his stamina is only 10 points. As he punches, his arm would be injured as it won’t be able to sustain the power behind the punch.

Su Xiao ignored the prompt and chose to start strengthening.

The attribute strengthening chamber started doing its job. Su Xiao sat on the ground with his eyes closed, his muscles protruded, and his skin gradually turned red.

Just when Su Xiao was preparing for the severe pain, the unbearable pain did not appear.

Although strengthening attributes is still not easy, it is much better than the previous times as he didn’t feel like dying now.

Su Xiao was a little confused, but then thought of something, perhaps this happened because he strengthened his Stamina/Vitality.

After a long time, the strengthening chamber stopped operating, and the redness filling Su Xiao’s skin receded. He took a deep breath as he clenched his fists.

Kakaka ~.

Enormous power emerged inside his body. But there is no reward for reaching 20 points in Stamina without the effect of his items.

That seemed to happen only with his main three.

His status became like this.

Strength: 32

Dexterity/Agility: 32

Vitality/Stamina: 23

Intelligence: 32

Charm: 3

Although 3 charm points seemed too little, his other attributes were high.

His Stamina was 23 without items, and with the ones he had, his stamina would be 25 points.

His three main attributes all exceeded 30 points. Su Xiao asked the reincarnation paradise about the reward as he didn’t get any right now.

The answer from Reincarnation Paradise was that his three main attributes need to reach 50 points, and the rewards he would get at that time were very different from reaching 20 points. The rewards of each attribute could significantly enhance his combat effectiveness.

Su Xiao looked at the list of skills of Shadow of the law. Sure enough, there was a new skill he could unlock, and that wasn’t cheap as he needed 5000 paradise coins along with a soul crystal.

Instead of unlocking this new ability, Su Xiao left the attribute enhancement hall and returned to his exclusive room.

Returning to the exclusive room, Su Xiao sat on his bed.

At this time, Bobtney was very energetic, with a pair of big black eyes glancing around. The dumbbell was sacrificed, not even the handle was not left. It walked to the sofa, looked at the sofa blankly, and seemed interested in this thing.

Su Xiao didn’t notice Bobtney, and he has to improve several skills to improve the ability of the shadow of the law.

Take out all the soul crystals he obtained and put them in front of you.

Soul Crystal × 2, Soul Crystal × 1. (T/N: Just guessing, the first are small and the second is medium.)

Su Xiao picked up two soul crystals, as he was ready to improve Qing Gang Ying’s ability first. Qing Gang Ying has already reached Lv.7, which was very powerful.

Consuming two soul crystals + 2000 paradise coins, Su Xiao upgraded the Qing Gang Ying skill by two levels.

Su Xiao felt the strange energy growth inside his body, and he could feel that he will experience a qualitative change as this skill reach level 10.

Qing Gang Ying: LV.9

Use: After Activating, 5 mana would be consumed per minute and will automatically deactivate when the user’s mana is below 1%.

Skill effect: After Activating, each melee attack will destroy 34 mana points from the receiver and cause True damage of the same value. The receiver would experience a great amount of pain due to the mana burning effect.


Qing Gang Ying’s damage was getting more and more horrible. Just Imagine doing 34 damage, no matter if you hit the enemy directly or on his defense.

However, the mana cost of 5 points per minute is also a headache. Assuming Su Xiao has no talent ability, his current mana would be only 320 points, and Qing Gang Ying can last up to an hour at most.

After strengthening Qing Gang Ying. Su Xiao picked up the scroll he received from the war, which can raise his sword specialization to sword mastery.

Sword art is Su Xiao’s main attack power. Each level increase will increase his combat effectiveness.

Su Xiao directly decided to use it.