Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 291: The Origin of The Shadow of the Law

The Scroll turned into light particles and entered his head from between his brows.

Su Xiao felt that his head was splitting apart as he roared and suddenly lost consciousness.

Light gradually appeared in his sight again as he saw a sword floating beside him.

This sword was golden in color.

‘The way of the sword is to kill, the hard is firm and will is unbreakable. ‘

An old voice came into his ears, and Su Xiao saw something hazy.

Su Xiao saw a figure dancing in front of an old tree, while the four seasons passed.

Su Xiao worked hard to see the face of that figure. After a long time, the face of that figure became clearer and clearer.

It turned out to be himself.

Su Xiao’s eyes opened suddenly, he was sitting on the bed cross-legged, and Dragon Flash was in his hand without him knowing.

“It turned out that sword techniques were so endless.”

Su Xiao’s understanding of the sword technique was very different.

Su Xiao looks at the sword’s ability.

Skill effect: Increase the attack power of sword weapons by 45%, and greatly improve sword-based skills.

Lv.10 additional capabilities

The rhythm of All things: This ability cannot be strengthened in the reincarnation paradise, but can only be realized by the hunter himself.


The original Sword specialization Lv.14 became the Sword Mastery Lv.10. Although the level dropped by four levels, the increase in attack power increased by 5%, which means that the potential of the Sword Mastery is much higher than that of the Sword Master Too much precision.

The rhythm of all things has also been enhanced, growing from the original intermediate to advance.

He felt different as he waved Dragon Flash. He felt that he can do much more with the sword now.

Picking up the pillow next to him, Su Xiao threw it in the air and chopped it up.

The blade edged across the pillow, leaving a silver chain in the air.

The pillow fell to the floor and was intact.

Su Xiao didn’t will the sword to cut open the pillow. So as he cut the pillow without any intent to cut it, it wasn’t cut and stayed intact.

He can cut anything or nothing whenever he wants.

No matter how sharp Cut Dragon Flash is, as long as Su Xiao doesn’t want to cut that thing, Dragon Flash cannot cut it.

Dragon Flash was his weapon, just a weapon, so Su Xiao can decide what to cut and what not to.

Now that Su Xiao’s sword technique was upgraded to sword mastery, it gave him further possibilities as he can get stronger in the future.

As long as the swordmaster is continuously strengthened, Su Xiao believes that he can stand shoulder to shoulder with Hawkeye and others even stronger than him.

Holding the long sword in front of him, Su Xiao smiled. His sword technique finally reached the next realm, and he can cut metal as if he was cutting paper.

Dragon flash moved through the air as if it was an extension of Su Xiao’s arm.

Put away the long sword, Su Xiao has other things to do. He stays in the reincarnation Paradise for five days, which is a reward after the victory in the war.

Su Xiao picked up the Soul Crystal. In order to unlock the new ability of the shadow of the law, which required a Soul Crystal Medium + 5000 Paradise Coins.

Choosing to unlock it, Su Xiao spent a moment before he was teleported.

This made Su Xiao very puzzled. Why was he teleported to unlock a skill? What’s happening here.

Looking around, it’s vaguely familiar here, and he seems to have been here before.

This is a majestic hall. The hall has been around for a long time. There is a run-down area around it. There are six piles of rubble in the hall.

The more Su Xiao looked around, the more familiar he felt, as he tried hard to remember.

Suddenly, he thought of something. This place seemed to be the hall where he inherited the shadow of the law. Before this place was very majestic and neat, how could it be so ruined now?

He vaguely guessed a possibility. What he saw in the previous inheritance might be a fantasy. Now, this is what the hall looks like.


One of the six piles of rubble was scattered, and a blue human figure floated out.

“Heir, you finally grew up, although not strong enough, but barely able to bear the inspiration.”

Blue ghost said,

The Voice was loud. The figure in front of him held a wide-bladed sword, it was long, and although it was just a projection if he guessed right, it still looked very good, Su Xiao couldn’t help feeling that he wanted to use the devour ability in his sword on it.

“Who are you?”

Although Su Xiao didn’t feel the danger, he did not move forward because he was cautious.

“Hey ~, all of us, the Shadow of law before you, looked like this before. When we saw everyone, we felt that the other party was an enemy, and we were cautious of them.

As for who I am … uh ~, I’m your master, I’m in good shape, I’ve perfected that ability once. “

The blue ghost chuckled slightly.

Su Xiao is the inheritor of the shadow of the low. Otherwise, the other party would not have such a good attitude.

Thinking of his physic, Su Xiao thought of a name, Marvin Waltz.

“Are you Marvin Waltz?”

Su Xiao asked tentatively.

“Well, you actually know my name, a good inheritor, respecting your teacher …”

“Cough.” Su Xiao coughed gently and said, “Your name is written on the introduction to the Devil’s physic.”

Marvin Waltz’s face froze.

“I wrote that I am also your master …”

Marvin Waltz gazed at Su Xiao, Su Xiao’s scalp tingling for a while, this guy’s strength during his lifetime must be terrifying.

As for why Su Xiao knew that the other party was dead … Six stone statues were said to have been passed down, he still vaguely remembered.

“Shadow of the law …”

Su Xiao made a sound.

“What the hell do we have against mages.”

This is what Su Xiao has been curious about.

“Oh, that? Because every mage will destroy the structure of the world every time he casts a spell, although it is very small, it does happen. In the past, we were known as the saint of rules.”

Marvin Waltz may think of those mages who explore the world with their mouths but are actually destroying the world. Mages can do anything for curiosity, just like a crazy scientist.

“Our lineage has been around for a long time. I don’t remember just how long has it been when my master appeared.

At first, the mages were the one who chased us and wanted to kill us, later we became the ones hunting them. You could say we were enemies for a long time.”

The words of Marvin Waltz surprised Su Xiao.

“Don’t look at me like this. Now I am a pure energy body. I understand most of the world’s culture. This kind of wording is to make it easier for you to understand.

When I’m bored, I appreciate the film and television works of the earth, you earth people are geniuses in this regard. ”

Marvin Waltz was a murderous man before his death, but he became a little funny after death?

Su Xiao looked at Marvin Waltz dully, and he couldn’t connect the person in front of him with a sharp-breaker with a sharp blade.

Su Xiao has other questions, and now he finally sees other shadows of the law. He needs to ask.

“I understand that the ability of the Shadow of the law is to deal with the mage. How can such a powerful profession be almost extinct, and now I am the only one left.”

Marvin Waltz sighed at Su Xiao’s inquiry.

“Because we have a few people.”

“few people?”

“Yes, the qualifications needed to become a mage cannot be compared with the shadow of the law. The mage is too many to kill all of them. In the end, the six of us were besieged and killed.

Su Xiao nodded and continued to ask, “How many mages were besieging you.”

He wanted to ask how strong the shadow of the law, which had something to do with his future.

“How many enemies, I think …”

Marvin Waltz thought.

“Probably … tens of thousands. In the beginning, thousands of forbidden spells were bombed down. We killed about 30,000 or 40,000 mages. In the end, we were really powerless to fight again and were killed by the forbidden spell.”

Su Xiao is a little sluggish. These six shadows of the law … seem… very strong!