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R.P Chapter 292: Formidable

“Gossiping for so long is time-consuming, and we don’t have that, we should start now.”

Marvin Waltz floated in front of Su Xiao.

“You are fortunate. Unlike us, those who were born in troubled times, you have a terrifying backer, so be strong, let those mages recall the fear they once had, those who hide in the mage tower. Shivering scum. “

Marvin Waltz laughed.

“I ask you what the most important thing to kill a mage is.”

Marvin Waltz looked at Su Xiao squarely.


“No, it is survivability. If you are not tenacious enough, you will be besieged to death sooner or later. Your current attack ability is far beyond survivability. This development direction is wrong, but this problem can be solved immediately.”

Marvin Waltz pointed at Su Xiao’s forehead, the blue light on his body dimmed.

“I’m your master, that is, your authentic teacher. You don’t need to call me a master. You have to remember that whenever you face a mage, you should take him down, and whenever one is arrogant, you should kick them in the face and ask them again if they would be arrogant in the future, if they said they won’t, kill them. “

Su Xiao frowned, and just wanted to speak, but suddenly felt the power of transmission appeared.

“Remember, balance is important, and don’t allow too much deviation in your body.”

Marvin Waltz’s voice echoed in his ears, and Su Xiao was teleported back to the exclusive room.

In the ruined hall, Marvin Waltz looked around.

“Here … there are too many memories left. It is best to help you get inspiration here. Hey, I forgot to tell him that it is painful.”

Marvin Waltz gave a long sigh but smiled suddenly at the corner of his mouth.

“How many soul stones did my student use? The soul is so strong that he won’t eat that kind of luxury, hey ~, having a backer is good.”

Marvin Waltz looked as Su Xiao’s left.

“The shadow of the law is not as simple as you think. Your qualifications are better than mine. Maybe in the future, there will be a one percent chance to carry that ability and destroy the ability of all realms!”

Marvin Waltz’s figure gradually disappeared, and the silence was restored in the ruined hall.

This hall in the void was once glorious. For the place to look like that, it seems mages used many forbidden spells to bring such destruction.

Su Xiao returned to the exclusive room. As soon as his consciousness returned, he found that the mana in his body was violent.

“This is …”

Without waiting for Su Xiao to understand what was going on, a sharp pain came from all over his body. He fell to the ground in an instant, and his body kept shaking.

His pure mana began to merge into his blood, muscles, and bones.

After discovering Su Xiao’s anomaly, Bobtney started running across the sofa and hurried around Su Xiao anxiously.

The pain made Su Xiao dizzy, and in the end, he almost fainted.

He had never experienced such a severe pain before, and it was deep into his bone marrow and cells.

Half an hour later, Su Xiao collapsed softly and sweat-soaked his clothes.

“What kind of ability needs for me to feel so much pain.”

Su Xiao gasped, and the acute pain in his body subsided quickly. At the same time, he immediately felt abnormal, and his body showed amazing changes. A refreshing sensation filled him, and his body seemed much stronger in some way.

After carefully perceiving his body, Su Xiao found something. Before, his mana was stored in his brain, but now his mana has disappeared from his brain and was fused into his body.

The most fused in his blood, and some in his muscles and bones.

Attempting to mobilize the mana, Su Xiao suddenly found it easier than before and much faster.

Su Xiao took out Dragon Flash, Activating Qing Gang Ying, it was activated in an instant without the usual gap.

Su Xiao looks at the skill list. He wants to see what was the skill he unlocked.

Skill six

Shadow Spirit Constitution

Skill Effect 1: ‘Shadow Spirit Constitution’ is the core constitution of the Shadow of the law.

The mana which is saved in the brain supplement is scattered throughout the body and fused with the body because the mana of the Shadow of the law is extremely pure and can be perfectly integrated with the body, making it a skill for unique to the Shadow of the law inheritor.

Skill effect 2: With the mana merging with the body, the Hp of the body is greatly increased, Hp increased by 30%.

Note: The existing mana points are 753, and the Hp is increased by 226 points. This will continue even after the mana grows. The more mana you got, the more Hp you will have.

Su Xiao understood Marvin Waltz’s meaning just now. It is the key to survive. It is not enough to have the ability to attack.

Seeing the effect of the “Shadow Spirit Constitution,” Su Xiao was overjoyed.

And this ability will continue to grow. The higher the value of Su Xiao’s mana, the more health he has, and the more resistant he is.

Increasing 100 mana is equivalent to increasing the Hp derived from 3 to 4 Vitality points.

Su Xiao probably understood why the reincarnation paradise thought that the shadow of the law was the most suitable profession for him.

Not because Qing Gang Ying will consume a lot of mana; in fact, Su Xiao’s mana is idle most of the time. Increasing the mana won’t increase his strength directly.

But now, the mana has been fully integrated into his body, and increasing the mana is equivalent to increasing the survivability.

The shadow of the law only showed its power in the early stage, but the more suitable it was for Su Xiao in the later stage.

Looking at the list of skills of the Shadow of the law, Su Xiao is more certain of this idea.

Skill 1: Qing Gang Ying Lv.9.

Skill 2: Sword Master Lv.10.

Skill three: Devil’s physique.

Skill 4: Mind’s Eye Lv.10

Skill five: Extreme Blade.

Skill six: Shadow Spirit Constitution.

Special Skill: Meditation Lv.1.

Su Xiao has seven skills. Only two of them were active skills. Only The Qing Gang Ying is activated during battles. The others are used to strengthen his body.

He doesn’t have flashy skills, but each Sword attack adds these passive skills.

Compared to learning various flashy skills, Su Xiao is more interested in enhancing his power. His development method is stronger and stronger in the later stage, and each knife can be comparable to the skills of the enemy.

Even now, Su Xiao’s slashing power is much stronger than other contractors at the same level. Perhaps his thrust damage can be comparable to other people’s super attack. This is the benefit of passive skills.

Su Xiao is ready to continue on this road. One person and one sword are enough. No fancy ability is comparable to cutting off the enemy’s head with one attack.

Su Xiao’s development is becoming more and more balanced. This is due to the situation. He is a lone wolf and has several abilities that must be strong.

Attack power, survivability, speed, and all range capabilities.

Mastering the Shadow spirit constitution, Su Xiao is, even more, looking forward to the follow-up skills of the shadow of the law.

If he wants to continue to learn the ability of the shadow of the law, he needs his three main attributes to reach 50 points, and soul crystal × 10.

This requirement is terrifying, but the power of the ‘Shadow Spirit constitution’ is obvious to all.

With the improvement of his skills, Su Xiao now feels strong, as he has become a lot stronger than before. If he meets Esdeath again, he has a high chance of winning.

Su Xiao took out a skill scroll: purple scroll, rate 120.

If he can’t learn this skill, he will simply sell it, and then he will use the paradise coins to strengthen his equipment.

This scroll will definitely reach a high price in the trading market.