Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 293: Surprise

Su Xiao’s attributes and abilities were enhanced. He was going to sell the [Spirit Shock] scroll in the market.

Although this scroll is not perfect, and it is risky to use, it is very powerful. Su Xiao personally experienced its effects.

“Bob, let’s go …”

Su Xiao was about to step out of the exclusive room, but he suddenly froze.

In the living room, a pile of cotton was scattered on the ground, and a big hole was bitten out of the sofa. Bobtney had disappeared.

Looking closely, a dog head appears in the center of the sofa!

This is the first time that Bobtney pierced a hole in the sofa, then drilled into it. His head was out while his body stayed inside.

At 15 o’clock, the sofa was sacrificed, Su Xiao did not reprimand Bobtney.

“It seems like I need more dumbbells.”

Pushing Bob, who was reluctant to leave, out of the sofa, they both left the space.

Bobtney’s Stamina was large, and it may be a bit boring in the exclusive room.

Before heading to the trading market, Su Xiao went to a shop opened by workers, which sells rations for various animals.

There are many summoning professions in the reincarnation paradise. If those summoning beasts are too hungry, and the charm of the contractor is not high, the beasts would bite their summoners, so it is important to carry ‘rations’ with them.

Although Bobtney won’t bite his master, it is not worthy to sacrifice things each day. Today the sofa was sacrificed. Tomorrow may be the bed.

Upon entering the store, a female worker in a white coat greeted him.

“Guest, do you need anything.”

The female worker was holding an orange cat in her arms. The orange cat was a bit fat, and Su Xiao suspected it to be a pig.

“Do you have any food that is more resistant to bites, like bones?”

After hearing Su Xiao’s inquiries, the orange cat in the hands of the female worker looked at Bob’s appearance and smiled confidently.

“Guests’ dogs have the habit of destroying furniture, and I think I have another solution.”

“Another solution?”

The female worker smiled at Bob, and the latter shuddered.


“Wuu ~!”

Bobtney screamed, his two hind legs clamped, as he backed up in strange little broken steps. Obviously, Bobtney didn’t want to lose his eggs.


Su Xiao was surprised to look at the female workers and then looked at Bob.

“Good Idea.”

Su Xiao smiled at Bobtney, and Bob panicked.

“Then …”

The female worker hasn’t finished speaking, but Bobtney ran away. Su Xiao didn’t stop him, and he was just scaring him.


“You have bones for sale here.”


“I need ten pounds, the best kind.”

Of course, Su Xiao wouldn’t let Bobtney lose his eggs. He just scared the dog now and to make him avoid going to the furniture in the future.

It cost 100 paradise coins to buy a pile of cooked bones. These bones have a lot of meat, which has been roasted and dried. It is the favorite food for dogs.

When walking out of the shop, Su Xiao found Bob waiting for him at the door. Even if he was scared, he didn’t run far. His dog’s head was drooping as he looked listless.


Su Xiao tossed up a Bone, and Bob directly ran up three meters high, pinched the bone precisely, and ran to Su Xiao while shaking his tail happily.

Only then did Bobtney know that he wouldn’t lose his eggs.
Coming to the trading market, there are obviously more contractors here. The contractor has just returned from the derivative world. After the war ended, the Reincarnation paradise adjusted the time for the Contractors to return from other worlds to match the ones returning from the war.

Su Xiao used 10 paradise Coins to use a stall in the market temporarily.

Su Xiao took out the [Spirit Shock] skill scroll, looked at the scroll attributes, and fell into deep thought.

[Spiritual shock]

Quality: Purple

Type: Skill Scroll.

Learning conditions: 30 points of intelligence, 10 points of physical strength (due to the constitution, hunters cannot learn this skill).

Effect: After three seconds, a strong mental shock is released, which will cause a deterrent effect on enemies within 10 meters radius and cause intelligence × 5 damage.

Tip: This skill has a cooldown of one hour.

Tip: Each use of mental shock consumes 200 mana.

Rating: 120 (Note: Purple items are rated from 71 to 150.)

Introduction: This is the secret technique of the Kara Natives. You need to be very careful when using mental shock. Improper use will cause serious brain damage.

The power of mental shock cannot be underestimated, but the mana that would be consumed is large. After hesitating for a while, Su Xiao put the [spiritual shock] for 100,000 Paradise Coins.

The reason is simple. Although it is a purple scroll, it has some disadvantages for its uses and a very harsh requirement to learn it.

The 30-point of Intelligence would dismiss most of the contractors, and the consumption of 200 mana is even more serious. Only a few contractors can buy this thing. Su Xiao intends to sell this thing as soon as possible.

The purple light flowed on the shaft of the spirit shock and soon attracted many contractors.

“Purple scroll! Hurry up and inform the boss.”

“Friend, how about 70,000 Paradise Coins, the cost of this skill is too high.”

“It turns out that the items above the blue quality are purple, good to know.”

The more contractors gather the more bargainers appeared, the more people ask about the source of this skill, as the Spirit Shock Scroll has no place of origin.

After sitting at the booth, Su Xiao remained silent. He would never shoot below 100,000 yuan. If it wasn’t for the high requirement, he would directly set the price to 150,000.

The stall was quickly surrounded by contractors who had just returned from the derivative world. They had a good amount of Paradise Coins right now.

Half an hour later, a contractor bid 90,000. There is still a gap between psychological expectations and prices.

After these contractors had been around for two hours, the crowd gradually dispersed. After all, they didn’t want to wait too long.

Finding the surrounding contractor dispersed, Su Xiao put away the scroll and looked at the remaining paradise coins, which weren’t exactly that much.

He had 13023 paradise coins before. It took a lot to heal his injuries. It also costs more than half to upgrade the skills of the shadow of the law, and now only 1900 are left.

His mana has been restored to a total of 753 points. He is going to start manufacturing [Intermediate alchemy Bomb] to sell them.

[Intermediate Alchemy Bomb] The material requires 100 Paradise Coins, which cost 30 Mana for each production. Because he didn’t have the Paradise Coins needed, Su Xiao can make up to 19 pieces. After selling some, he can continue making them again.

The light flashed in his hands, and the [Intermediate Spiritual Bombs] spawned in Su Xiao’s hands.

For some reason, it is much easier for him to make the [Intermediate Alchemy Bomb] today. In the past, it took about two minutes to make one. Today it only took about 40 seconds.

Soon, 19 [Intermediate Alchemy Bombs] appeared in his hands, and Su Xiao felt strangely good. This feeling of manipulating the mana was very refreshing.

It’s like Su Xiao used to drive a van. After possessing the Shadow Spirit Constitution, the van was directly upgraded to a Bugatti Veyron.

Holding 19 [Intermediate Alchemy Bombs] in his hands, Su Xiao was surprised to find that the size of the [Intermediate Alchemy Bombs] has shrunk a lot, from the thickness of the thumb to the thickness of a little finger, and about two centimeters in length.

Looking at the specific attributes, the explosion range of the [Intermediate Alchemy Bomb] has been increased from 5 meters to 6 meters, and the explosion damage has been increased from 90 to 100.

[Intermediate Alchemy Bomb] improved along with his comprehension of mana, it became more portable, and its range and power both increased, which must be related to Su Xiao ’s special mana value.