Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 294: I Don’t Believe It

The price of [Intermediate Alchemy Bombs] is 400 Paradise Coins, and today’s [Intermediate Alchemy Bombs] is definitely worth the price.

The purple scroll [spirit shock] is very eye-catching. After the contractors were attracted to it, they found that the price was high, and they cannot afford it.

When these contractors were about to leave, they suddenly discovered that there was also an alchemy bomb on the booth. This alchemy bomb was extremely small and good.

Within an hour, 19 [Intermediate Spiritual Bombs] were sold out, and Su Xiao received 7,600 paradise coins With a net profit of 5,700 paradise coins.

He made another 6 [Intermediate Alchemy Bombss], and he didn’t sell them as he reserved them for his own use.

See the list of skills in ‘Alchemy’.

[Alchemy bomb manufacturing: Lv.3 (Proficiency 36/50)]

It will take 15 [Intermediate Alchemy Bombs] to reach the next level. Su Xiao guessed that after the upgrade of Alchemy bomb manufacturing from Lv.3 to Lv.4, there would be new formulas.

Although he was curious about what the new formula was, he now had only 3 mana left and couldn’t any more bombs.

Su Xiao breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, the prompt of a reincarnation paradise appeared.

[Spirit Shock Scroll sold successfully, you got 100,000 Paradise Coins. 】

Su Xiao Yi looked up and found a man in a black robe and black hood who bought the Psychic Shock Scroll and even bought it without bargaining.

Looking at the back of the hooded man, Su Xiao frowned, and the other side gave him a very uncomfortable feeling, a natural disgust.

“Dark mage.”

The Shadow of the Law hated mages, but what they hate the most were dark mages.

Many disasters were caused by the Dark Mages, and even though they won’t destroy the structure of the world, they would destroy the world itself with their magic.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Su Xiao. He just disliked the guy because he was the inheritor of the Shadow of the law, he wouldn’t just go and kill him.

“So … equipment enhancement hall, here I come.”

Su Xiao got up with numb legs. He sat here for a long time.

Taking a deep breath, Su Xiao went to the equipment enhancement hall as if he was going to his death, which made many looks at Su Xiao with amazement.

His pace came steadily to the door of the Equipment Enhancement Hall. The derivative world had just ended, and there were many contractors entering and leaving this place.

Some people were red from anger, some were grumpy, and some were gritting their teeth.

There are more messages at the door.

’60 thousand paradise coins for + 5 blue equipment. ‘

‘I failed 7 times! Ready to die in the next world! ‘

‘If God gives me another chance, I will definitely choose to do it again. ‘

A large number of messages were written on the ground at the door. Su Xiao mourned for a few seconds for the one who failed in getting +7 equipment, He did not want to be in his place, or so he hoped.

Entering the equipment enhancement hall, with an area of

several thousand square meters. The hall is golden and brilliant, and its ground is bright and flat, even showing Su Xiao’s reflection.

A precision machine is placed beside the wall, and these machines are embedded in the wall.

There are many contractors in the equipment enhancing hall. Most of them are staring at the machine in front of them.

Moving to the corner, Su Xiao stood in front of a machine as if it was an enemy, and pressed his hand on the screen.

[Welcome, the No. 233 equipment strengthening machine, users have 107600 Paradise coins, please place the equipment that needs strengthening. 】

Taking out his equipment, they were respectively:

Dragon Flash +5 (purple) primary weapon

Broken Elf (green) secondary weapon.

Mikasa’s Heart (Blue) Necklace

Mithril Ring (Purple) Ring

Bull Head Arm Guard (Purple)

Destiny Redemption +7 (Blue) Decoration

Eye of Hawa (green) detection class

There are four items that need strengthening.

They are Dragon Flash +5. Broken Elf, Mikasa’s heart, and the Mithril Ring.

Su Xiao is not ready to strengthen Destiny Redemption +7, and He would die if it failed. As for the eyes of Hawa, there is no value in strengthening it.

First of all, take out [Mikasa’s heart] and place it on the tray of the strengthening machine.

[Mikasa’s Mind]’s core skill is shield, Shield (active): quickly generate an invisible shield to resist attacks, the shield durability is equivalent to 70% of the holder’s maximum HP, and its lasts 10 seconds.

Tip: It takes 10% of the mana to activate the shield.

Tip: Shield cooldown is 24 hours.

[Equipment review …, the review is completed, and the cost of each enhancement is 3200 paradise coins. 】

Su Xiao’s eyes jumped, it was more expensive than when Dragon Flash was Blue quality.

“Start the Enhancement.”

[Enhancement starts, please wait five minutes,]

Rumble …

The equipment-enhancing machine was operating with a loud sound. From time to time, an electric noise erupted.

Five minutes passed quickly, and the equipment strengthening machine gradually stopped working.

A hot stream of steam was released from the machine.

[Mikasa’s heart +1 strengthened successfully, continue the strengthening yes / no 】

Su Xiao chose to continue, at least it needs to strengthen +5 to have obvious changes.

The equipment strengthening machine continued to run, and another five minutes later, a steam burst.

[Mikasa ’s mind +2 fails, the previous enhancement disappeared, continue to strengthening. yes / no 】

Su Xiao was felt numb, +1 to +2 failed again. He had this kind of experience before.

“Brother, What luck you have there.”

When he looked behind him, he found a strong-looking man that looked like Li Kui, the Black Whirlwind.

“Oh, this is normal.”

Su Xiao experienced this before, and in his view, this is normal.

“… normal?”

“Is that not normal?”

Su Xiao stared at the eyebrows in front of him.

“You luck, this piece of equipment can be strengthened to +5, and I will eat Feces on the spot.” Said the browed man as a joke, very optimistic about Su Xiao.

Su Xiao stopped talking and chose to continue strengthening.

[Mikasa’s heart +1 success. 】

[Mikasa’s heart +2 success. 】

[Mikasa’s heart +3 success. 】

[Mikasa’s heart +4 success. 】

[Mikasa’s heart +5 success! 】

Success five times in a row, exactly the same as before when strengthened the lucky flames.

“I…” exclaimed voice came from behind.

Su Xiao looked sideways, the eyebrowed guy’s eyes widened as he looked very funny.

He laughed aloud.

“Good, you can eat the feces now ~.” A contractor who looked excited at this said.

The expression on the eyebrowed guy was not very good, and after hesitating for a few seconds, he started to unfasten his belt, and those around him were shocked.

“Hey, Mad Cow, what are you doing?”

A frowning friend quickly stopped him. There were three people in total.

“Mad cow there said it. I didn’t.”

Mad cow struggled hard, his face flushed, and looking at his posture, he was really ready to eat, and it was the kind of “self-produced and sold”.

Several friends of the Mad Cow smiled apologetically at Su Xiao, pulling hard and pulling the Mad Cow out of the equipment enhancement hall.

Although Mad Cow’s behavior is ridiculous, he was a man who acts on what he said.