Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 295: From Today on, You can call Me the Luck Emperor

Su Xiao took out [Mikasa’s heart +5] from the equipment strengthening machine. +5 is enough. It is not worth the risk.

The skill effect of Mikasa’s heart should increase as it reached +5.

Shield (active): Quickly form an invisible shield, the shield durability is equivalent to 80% of the holder’s maximum HP (+5 increase effect by 10%), and the shield can last for 30 seconds (+5 Increase the duration by 20 seconds).

Tip: It takes 13% of mana to activate the shield. (+5 increase mana consumption by 3%)

Tip: Shield cooldown is 10 hours. (+5 decrease cooldown by 14 hours)

Mikasa’s heart ability, Shield, increased significantly as it reached +5. Su Xiao directly removed it from the machine and put Broken Elf inside.

[Equipment scan …, the scan is completed. The cost of each enhancement is 1200 Paradise Coins. 】

Su Xiao chose to enhance it again.

He was surrounded by several contractors who wanted to see if the enhancement is successful, but they couldn’t see the item’s information.

[Broken Elf +1 success. 】

[Broken Elf + 2 succeeds. 】

[Broken Elf +3 fails. 】

The paradise coins were used as if they were stone by the side of the road, after ten times, The broken elf was successfully strengthened to +5, and the accompanying skills also changed.

Equipment effect: Gaze fire (active), After activating, you need to stare at the enemy for 3 seconds (+5 reduced the time by 2 seconds). During this time, the user’s movement speed is reduced by 50%. After 3 seconds, six bullets are shot with quick succession. If all six bullets hit the enemy, the damage is increased by 40%.

Tip: After the 3 seconds of staring at the enemy, the latter will be locked, and the bullet will track him.

Tip: Gaze fire costs 50 mana.

Tip: Gaze fire (active) cooldown is 12 hours (+5 reduces cooldown by 12 hours).

The time required to stare at an enemy is significantly reduced, and the additional effect of is good, the 12000 Paradise coins used weren’t gone in vain.

At present, only the [Mithril Ring] and [The Dragon Flash] are not enhanced.

You can see the purple quality of the Mithril Ring. He did not put the Mithril Ring in the equipment strengthening machine but first put the Dragon Flash into it.

[Equipment Scan …, the scan is completed. The cost of each enhancement is 12,000 Paradise Coins. 】

Su Xiao took a deep breath of cool air. Each time he wanted to strengthen the Dragon Flash, it would cost him 12,000 Paradise Coins.

Now that he has 73,200 paradise coins left, it seems that [Mithril Rings] cannot be strengthened for the time being, as the skills attached to [Mithril Rings] are not urgently needed to be strengthened.

Sacred Heart (Passive) + 10% skill cooldown reduction.

Equipment effect: Mithril Burns (active). Use this skill to release the control effect on the wearer. (the user of the Control skills must have below 35 intelligence for it to take effect)

Tip: Mithril burns (active), consumes 100 mana.

Tip: Mithril burns (active) cooldown: 18 hours.

The role of the Mithril Ring is used against control skills. The gain from this ability enhancement won’t be that great.

Made up his mind, Su Xiao wore all the items back, but only the Dragon Flash was not strengthened as for the [Mithril Ring] He will not strengthen it for a short time.

Now that Dragon Flash is +5, Su Xiao is preparing to at least get it to +7.

After hesitating for a while, Su Xiao chose to strengthen.

Rumble …

The equipment-enhanced machine started to run, and five minutes passed in an instant, and the machine stopped working.

[Dragon Flash Enhancement +6 failed, and it dropped to +4.]

12,000 paradise coins gone just like that, this was like a heavy hammer hitting Su Xiao’s chest.

Strengthening is risky; unlucky people like him needed to be cautious.

After calming down, Su Xiao chose to continue.

[Dragon Flash Enhancement +5 success. 】

[Dragon Flash Enhancement +6 success. 】

[Dragon Flash Enhancement +7 Success! 】

Success three times in a row,

The gloom in Su Xiao’s heart was swept away As if he just met the goddess of fortune.

Su Xiao began to hesitate whether to continue or not. It is very good to reach +7. If he failed to reach +8, Dragon Flash might break.

Whether to continue or not.

After thinking about it for a few minutes, Su Xiao took out an ore from the storage space and put it in the machine. He also took out ‘Destiny Redemption +7’, and used it directly as it was already charged.

A cigarette was lit, as Su Xiao took a deep breath, then exhaled a light golden smoke two seconds later.


Su Xiao chose to start strengthening, the equipment strengthening machine began to operate, and his heart accelerated at the same time.

The ore he just put into the strengthening machine is called [Montalaya ore]

[Montalaya Ore]

Quality: Special

Type: Rare consumable ore.

Effect: If you add ‘Montalaya ore’ when strengthening equipment, it will greatly reduce the chance of failure as well as negate damage to equipment if the strengthening fails while the equipment is below +10.

Rating: None

Brief introduction: A unique ore on Kara star, the Kara star added this ore to the core of the spacecraft, and the core became strong and durable, which can last more than 1500 years.

With this piece of ore, even if the Dragon Sword’s strengthening fails, it will not be damaged.

Failure of +7 to +8 will cause equipment to break, which was really to nerve-wracking.

The machine was running, and Su Xiao’s heart couldn’t calm down. These paradise coins were all obtained the hard way.

But there is a law of reincarnation paradise, and it was either become stronger or die. You can only choose one of the two.

The five-minute wait was long for some reason, the equipment strengthening machine gradually stopped, Su Xiao’s heart was beating fast.

Alas, a large stream of steam was released.

[Dragon Flash Enhancement +8 Success! 】

There was a breath of cool air coming from behind, as it was extremely rare to strengthen +8. Funds and luck were indispensable.

Su Xiao’s luck is pretty good today. The strengthening of Mikasa’s heard was smooth, but the broken Elf needed ten times.

Dragon Flink has been strengthened five times from +5 to +8, costing 60,000 paradise coins, which can be used to purchase a superb blue equipment.

Take the Dragon Flash from the machine, Su Xiao turned around and left.

The nearby contractors looked at him coldly. Strengthening a weapon to +8 caused greed to fill these people.

Su Xiao didn’t want any meaningless trouble, but just glanced at those greedy covenants and turned away from the equipment enhancement hall. Those covenants were rigid, and no one dared to talk to Su Xiao.

Back in the exclusive room, Su Xiao took out the Dragon Flash.

A glimpse of purple awn appeared, and the entire long sword was cold, exquisite, and the brilliance of the blade changed from the original lilac to dark purple.

Looking at the attributes of the Dragon Slash, Su Xiao was stunned.

Dragon Slash +8 (0% for next upgrade)

Origin: Shadow of the law

Quality: Purple

Durability: 80/80 (up by 5 points)

Attack power: 54 to 97 (up by 11 to 13 points)

Equipment requirements: Shadow of the law Inheritor

Rating: 100

Extreme Blade Effect 1: Sharpness +7

Extreme Blade Effect 2: Bloody Battle (Passive): When Hp is below 30%, the Vitality is increased by 10, and increase the attack speed increased by 20% (the effect lasts for half an hour).

+5 additional effect: increase penetration

+8 additional effect: sharpness +2

Introduction: Lost, met, fought, reborn, growth, legend.

Price: Untradeable.

The enhancement from +5 to +8 made a qualitative change for the sword.

The changes in the skill ‘bloody battle’ (passive) were not small. More importantly, the sharpness has been increased by 2 points.