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R.P Chapter 296: Picking up a Treasure

Time passed quickly, and the five-day in Reincarnation Paradise was passed quickly, and Su Xiao returned to the real world.

Lying in the bathtub, Su Xiao raised his head and closed his eyes.

With his strength now, he can sneak into that place.

Picking up the phone, Su Xiao dials a number, and he wants to determine the truth of something, although he can also contact the “Scavenger” who works for the country, Su Xiao is not prepared to do that, he didn’t know whether to trust them or not.

After dialing this number, Su Xiao waited for a long time.

Toot … toot …

After a long wait, the call was answered.

“Yes … Su Xiao? Is this your number?”

A woman’s voice replied. The woman’s voice is a bit lazy. It seems like she is indifferent to everything. The laziness in her voice was apparent, but lazy people can be aggressive at times.

“it’s me.”

It took time for her to answer Su Xiao.

“Contact me … Explain why you still have to go there. We should use the law …”

Women seem to know Su Xiao’s identity and his want for revenge.

“Laws are only used in their own country, and the people there are not lawful. They only believe in bullets, armored vehicles, and tanks.”

Su Xiao’s words silenced the woman on the other end of the phone.

This woman used to be Su Xiao’s lawyer, named Mu Yun, who is well connected in the capital. She helped Su Xiao handle his parents’ case. Unfortunately, the case was too complicated and involved a lot of people.

A few of them were arrested, and most of them pleaded guilty for various valid reasons, or there was no clear evidence, and they were set free, but they were really guilty.

Those people have nothing to do with Su Xiao’s parents, which is also something Su Xiao has been puzzled about.

His parents were just ordinary people who set up a small shop to support their livelihood, but they were killed suddenly one day.

Of course, the police will not let it go. Several fugitives were arrested, and those fugitives are already in prison now.

If the case is closed, as usual, Su Xiao won’t become an avenger.

It may be that under pressure, one of the fugitives said a name, a businessman’s name, during the trial.

After investigation, the businessman was indeed suspected but only suspected.

In the tragic death of the husband and wife, there are no clues in this case. The police didn’t let go. After the businessman entered the sight, things became more and more complicated, and more and more personnel was implicated.

One day, the police investigation stopped abruptly, and it seemed that they couldn’t investigate anymore.

Until now, Su Xiao still remembers the helplessness of the police captain’s face.

That was a rigid and fair-minded policeman. He grabbed Su Xiao’s arm and said five words.

‘Sorry, I am… sorry. ‘

Su Xiao, who was still ignorant at his age, only understood what happened vaguely, but now he fully understands.

It rained that day, and it was so heavy that he couldn’t see his parents’ tombstones.

Since that day, Su Xiao has understood one thing, justice may exist, but it will not stretch by itself. Everyone has his view of Justice, and everyone should get him with his hands.

Su Xiao was sober from the memories, and the conversation with Mu Yun continued.

“Hello, are you listening to me? Hello.”

“I’m listening.”

Mu Yun fell into silence for some reason.

In a law firm in the capital, a mature woman in her late thirties is sitting in the office and holding a mobile phone. She is Mu Yun.

Mu Yun was wearing professional clothes, wearing red-rimmed glasses, and her sexy lips opened and closed several times. She seemed to want to say something.


Mu Yun spoke again but was interrupted by Su Xiao’s voice.

“I called this time just to ask the authenticity of those data.”

Su Xiao lit a cigarette and took a deep breath.

Mu Yun did not answer Su Xiao but asked:

“It’s been a few years. All the merchants and lawyers involved in that case are dead. Did you … do it?”

Mu Yun’s throat was a little dry after questioning. If she really imagined it, the person talking to her would no longer be the ignorant teenager, but a sly and brutal murderer.

“Perhaps retribution, who knows, but thanks for the information you provided to me, it seems that the information is true.”

Su Xiao hung up the phone, and Mu Yun at the other end of the phone looked blank, she said nothing.

No need for her say it, Su Xiao has already got the information he wants to know from her. Mu Yun is not comparable to those cunning people …

Mu Yun took the coffee next to her hand, moisturized her throat, and remembered something in her head. The police investigating the case said:

‘He doesn’t know if the merchants are guilty, but this boy will definitely commit crimes in the future, as his eyes are very close to those of a murderer. ‘

Mu Yun’s white hand trembled for some reason. If she really imagined it, the man talking to her just now is a serial killer.

Thinking of this, Mu Yun was even more afraid and took a few sips of coffee.

“He won’t come to me …”

Su Xiao was lying in the bathtub silently. He was going to leave here to go to a war-torn country and kill a person he could never reach before.

“Oh ~, I let you live for so many years, and when it comes to paying off debts, blood debts and blood repayments are justified.”

A red light appeared in Su Xiao’s pupils, and he was preparing for some action.

Su Xiao began to plan the next plan. In the real world, there is no equipment bonus, and he can only rely on personal attributes to fight.

It takes time to rush to that country. Su Xiao doesn’t think that revenge can be completed within seven days, he would need to go to a few more world before he reaches there.

Su Xiao doesn’t need to buy a hot weapon, and he just needs to go out of the country with his sword. With the temporary inventory, he could bring his sword with no problem.

In addition to the sword, he also needs one thing, that is, money, you can buy everything with money.

Out of this villa that has been living for a while, Su Xiao suddenly felt a little bit reluctant.

He had contact with his neighbors nearby. A pair of old people impressed him. The old man sometimes played chess with Su Xiao at the beach.

He will come back here after completing his vengeance as this place was relaxing.

Three days had passed shortly before the preparation, and when Su Xiao was about to go to the airport, a reminder of the reincarnation park unexpectedly appeared.

[Hint: As the hunter participates in the world of war, there is a deviation of time for the contractors. This time, you will enter the new derivative world in advance to maintain the timeline. 】

It is not surprising that Su Xiao received this reminder. The length of his stay in the real world is not fixed, sometimes one week, sometimes ten days.

[A new derivative world is about to open. The hunter will return to the Reincarnation Paradise, and please make sure there are no witnesses nearby. 】

[Transferring … Transfer is complete. 】

When his consciousness restored again, Su Xiao was already in his exclusive room.

The revenge plan was temporarily suspended because of this accident. Su Xiao was not frustrated. The more he gains in another world, the stronger he would become, and the more secure his revenge plan would be.

Checking the remaining paradise coins he had, Su Xiao found a total of 13,200 points, and these paradise coins would be used on potions and restoration items.

Coming to the trading market, it is very hot here, because the timeline has been unified, and the contractor must enter the derivative world at this time.

A large number of workers are setting up stalls, and some of them were contractors.

Going around a few times, Su Xiao bought two bottles of medicine.

[Strawberry Juice]

Origin: Toriko

Quality: green

Type: Restoration

Effect: Quickly recover 21% of HP.

Rating: 15

Introduction: Maybe another bottle after this one?

[Strawberry Juice] A bottle cost 2600 Paradise Coins, it can be consumed continuously. Su Xiao has bought two bottles.

Just as he was going to continue to his purchase, a booth caught his attention, with a torn drawing on it, which had been burned and was mostly incinerated.

Looking at the properties of the drawing, Su Xiao’s pupils tightened.

“This thing … I want it for 6000 Paradise Coins.”

The stall owner is wrapped in black mist. This is an incidental function of the stall. Few people will open it, most of them are newcomers.

“No, at least 7000 paradise coins.”

The stall owner was resolute and refused to give up.

Su Xiao didn’t bargain anymore and bought it directly. The price was 7000 paradise coins, and the stall was obviously stunned.

This thing is extremely rare, although the quality is not high, if it is sold to a guild, it can definitely sell for more than 20,000 paradise coins.

This thing has only one function, which allows people to enter a specific derivative world.

“My current strength is already qualified to venture in this derivative world.”