Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 297: Gathering of the strong

After the purchase is completed, Su Xiao waits for the prompt of reincarnation in the trading market.

Because the derivate world he will enter was modified, The Reincarnation Paradise didn’t prompt information about it.

Su Xiao took out the tablet and looked up the information about the next derivative world.

“Huh? That kind of ability is very suitable for me. It is slightly more difficult to obtain, but it seems to be planned.”

After looking at the information, there was still one hour to enter the new world, and he just checked his supplies.

Life supplies have been brought together, and items were repaired. Thirty-one intermediate-level alchemy Bomb was placed in the corner of his Inventory.

Alchemy bomb manufacturing reached the full proficiency, but Su Xiao did not rush to raise its level.

Although there are surplus Paradise coins in his hand, and his mana has been restored, Su Xiao will never create an alchemy bomb before entering the derivative world, because it is very irrational.

The derivative world is full of dangers, and it is necessary that he entered with his full power.

The long wait started, and after completing a few puzzles, the nearby contractors clamored.

“Coming, It’s a new derivate world. I hope we can come back alive.”

“Are there anyone who will enter the world of Date A Live, I’m a worker seeking protection?”

Noisy shouts came at the same time as a reminder of The Reincarnation Paradise appeared.

[It’s about time to enter the derivative world: One Piece. It is an open world.

[The space coordinates are stable, and the power of time and space is 0.021 ounces.]

[According to the time and space consumed, the contractor’s lowest evaluation in the world needs to reach C-level.]

[Open world: Hunters can encounter very powerful enemies in this world, please be careful.]

He was about to be teleported again. Su Xiao stroked his head; he was desperate and could do nothing.

Just when Su Xiao was ready for the familiar dizziness, it did not appear.

[Preparing for Open World Teleportation… Be ready]

Ready? Su Xiao’s brow froze. He suddenly thought of a possibility. The open-world might refer to some larger derivative worlds, and the transmission would be more difficult.

Su Xiao’s face froze. “It can’t be…”


Su Xiao was hit suddenly. If the previous feeling was just dizziness, then what he just experienced was like a big hummer hitting his head.

The force of space surging, the reincarnation paradise’s transmission is complete.

Inside a planet in the void, which wasn’t an area of

the Reincarnation paradise.

It is a small planet that inhabits hundreds of thousands of creatures, and it held a race that was similar to the Kara star people.

This race is not the same as the Kara natives; they look like Orcs and will plunder other races in the void.

At this moment, the scene on this planet was complete hell, the place was full of corpses, and the blood flows into rivers without exaggeration.

The sky had turned red. There were several kilometer-long cuts on the sky, and the atmosphere weird.

It can be seen that this cut was made from the outside of the planet, and it directly cut through the outer energy shield and the atmosphere of the planet. The entire planet was cut by a third as if it was an apple.

“Wha … what did we do wrong, and why did you slaughter us?”

A three-meter-high half-orc laid on the ground. It is the leader of the planet. It is extremely powerful and infamous in the nearby galaxy. At this time, his body is covered with sword marks.

“What did you do wrong?”

The voice of a man came, and the man was sitting on the towering corpses. The corpses were dried as if they were drained.

The man sat on the corpse and drank alcohol while the smell of blood lingered in the air. Inhaling this bloody smell can even kill.

“Someone asked me to destroy Trang Star.”

After speaking, the man drunk again,

The wine is full of fragrance, even in the void, this is the best wine.
“T … Trang Star?”

The leader of the planet was dull, and the murderous half-orc shed tears.

“We are the Kaba Star! Trang Star is ten light-years away, although it is very close and lives the same race, but here is not Trang Star, not Trang Star!”

The planet leader cried with a headache.

“Oh ~, not Trang Star?”

The man on the corpse was slightly surprised and took out a star map to check.

“On the left, thirty-five degrees … Um ~, it really isn’t. It’s wrong. Throwing your shoes to find the way really doesn’t work.”

The man stood up with a nervous smile on his face.

“Since you made a mistake … then let me get you out of the way. Such shameful things must not be spread. I originally thought that there were tens of thousands left. Forget it.”

The planet leader is desperate. This guy was vicious.

Suddenly, the man’s face changed while he stood on the corpses and holding his sword.

“Someone’s home again, right.”

The man closed his eyes and opened them after a long time.

“That turned out to be the case. It seems that the original contract was still valid.”

The force of space wrapped Su Xiao, and it took a while for him to feel the wind again.

Su Xiao suddenly opened his eyes, and the oncoming wind made him want to close his eyes subconsciously.

He was falling, falling down.

Below it is the azure ocean, sparkling.

He directly hit the water as he took a few mouthfuls of the salty water while the bubble formed around him.

Su Xiao directly swam up to the surface of the water.

He burst out of the water, wiped the seawater on his face, and panted.

Although he came to the One Piece world, it didn’t have to throw him directly into the sea.

Looking around, he looked around and found that he was in the middle of nowhere, it was the endless sea.

The reason why Su Xiao was teleported to mid-air and eventually fell into the sea was the protection measure for the contractor in the reincarnation paradise.

If Su Xiao is teleported with the contractors, it would be very dangerous in this open world.

In the open world, the contractor has a 60% chance of dropping a scarlet card, so it is also called hunting ground, and that’s the name for the strong, as for the weak, it’s hell.

Those who are confident in their powers can’t wait to enter such a world, and others would be too afraid of it.

At this point, Su Xiao didn’t know what his mission was and where he was.

[World: One Piece]

World difficulty: LV.3?? (Open world’s different regions have different difficulties)

Source of the World; 0%,

World briefing; wealth, fame, power, the vast sea is full of Marines and pirates, Haki, Devil fruits, and many other powers.

Haki: An advanced technique for the development of the body.

Devil Fruit: A secret treasure in the sea. After eating it, you can get magical abilities, and it has a weakness toward seawater and Kairoseki (sea stone).

World Government: This is the world’s largest organization, which has led the world for more than 800 years.

Marine: The largest armed force organization under the world government, responsible for security.

Pirates: adventurers on the sea, explore the world, burn and plunder, and vicious.

Main mission: Go to Water Seven(You’re in an Area near Water Seven).

Hunting mission: Kill the offender No.9740.

Tip: The offender No. 9740 is strong, the hunter must be cautious.

Tip: When the hunter enters within one kilometer of the offender, the hunting function will be automatically activated.

Warning: Do not mention anything about the Reincarnation Paradise. If the warning ignored, execution will be forced!

Tip: It is detected that the hunter does not master this world language, and will automatically consume 100 Paradise coins to master this world language.

World, start!