Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 298: Victims

“Am I really near Water Seven? It doesn’t look right.”

Su Xiao was very upset at this time. The scroll did have some instructions. The place where he should be at was Water Seven, and the plot started six days ago.

But he wasn’t teleported to water seven. Instead, he was teleported in the sea beside it.

Compared with other time points in One piece world, the current time was perfect for Su Xiao. There are no Logia Devil fruit and no enemy that is too strong for him.

Although Qing Gang Ying may be able to hurt the Logia Type, that kind of enemy is not what he can deal with now.

For example, in the case of Akainu, Su Xiao has no chance of winning against enemies of that level.

Su Xiao moved up and down the sea, and he received the approximate location of Water Seven.

Although he was a little speechless, Su Xiao thought of it as a way to protect him, and his mood gradually improved.

His trial world was One Piece. At that time, he was too weak and could only use conspiracy to complete the task.

If current Su Xiao was there, he would go kill them directly. This is not unwise. Why is it so troublesome if he already has the strength?

Isn’t strength what is needed to complete tasks easier? If you have the strength and still hold back, it doesn’t make sense to become strong.

Swimming in the clear sea, a fire was lit in Su Xiao’s heart as he roared in his head: ‘One Piece World, I Su Xiao, I’m back! ‘

After swimming for a long time, He still couldn’t see the land, which would most people feel helpless, But the Reincarnation Paradise indicated that he was close to the shore.

Taking a deep breath, Su Xiao continued to swim toward Water Seven. In the sea, he has always been vigilant. The sea in Pirate World is not safe, and various giant creatures coming to swallow you is a common thing.

The sun was shining, white seagulls flew over the sea, and a ship was sailing moving forward.

The Ship was wooden and about 20 meters long. This is a fast boat. The only ones who use this type of boat are pirate!

This type of fast ship has extremely poor carrying capacity but can be extremely fast, which is ideal for chasing cargo ships.

The sea breeze blew the black sail. The black sails were full of holes. These holes were as thick as a finger and were densely spread on the sails. They should be holes left by the bullets.

This pirate ship was sailing very slowly at sea, the hull was covered with scars, and the whole ship crunched and creaked and seemed as if will fall apart at any time.

This group of pirates has been fighting for a few days, some parts were roughly repaired, and the sails were patched, so the boat moved slowly.

On the mast, which is the highest point on the boat, a one-eyed pirate opened the telescope in his hand and looked into the distance with the narrow and ferocious one-eye.

“… Captain, how long will it take to reach Water Seven? The evil wolf can’t hold on.”

One of the pirates on the lower deck asked timidly, and there were dozens of pirates standing near him, all eyes were full of expectations. These pirates were dressed differently, but they all had a characteristic, their skin was yellow, they were all wounded, and a few of them had some missing limbs. Some pirates’ wounds are started to be infected, and their only solution to that was cutting the flesh around the wounds.

“Shut up.”

The one-eyed captain’s voice was low, and his throat must have been hurt.

The one-eyed captain opened his mouth, and the pirates recoiled, their heads dropped immediately.

To become a captain requires strength, or extreme brutality, or charisma.

The one-eyed captain obviously belonged to the former. He ruled the ship with brutality. He would look much more like a pirate if he added a hook in his hand aside from the eye patch.

Eight days ago, the ‘Hungry Wolf Pirates’ met another group of pirates at sea. The two sides directly greeted each other with artillery shells without negotiation. This is the etiquette of the pirates.

After the launch of the ‘friendly’ fires, the Hungry Wolf Pirates didn’t want to take its chance to engage. So, they directly fled.

The Hungry Wolf Pirates successfully escaped and started drifting on the sea.

Food and water have long been consumed,

Even more frightening was that the captain’s room had been blown up, and the preserved food was stored there.

What is most important at sea? The answer is freshwater and food.

Freshwater comes first, and food comes second. If they couldn’t eat for some time, they would die, and they mostly need vitamin C right now.

Vegetables and fruits contain vitamin C, but vegetables are not easy to preserve, and their price is high, so pirates will choose to bring fruits, apples, and oranges are good choices.

At this time, the hungry wolf pirate group fell into this situation, and their wounds were infected, they didn’t have fresh water, no fruit, no bandages, and insufficient medicine.

Fortunately, they were not far away from the Seven Waters, which kept the pirates from rioting. Otherwise, even the one-eyed captain couldn’t hold back these pirates.

The life of a pirate wasn’t good, let alone if they were in this kind of situation, the ship was like a piece of cheese full of holes, it would fall apart with even with a slightly strong wave.

Several pirates came out of the cabin with blood on the corners of their mouths.

“Captain, we found someone.”

A shout drew the attention of all the pirates on board.

“Men or women?”

The one-eyed captain said both men and women have a role in the current group of hungry wolves and pirates. If it was a man, they would eat him, and if it was a woman, she would have a greater role.

“It’s a man, about twenty years old, without a weapon.”

“A man …”

The one-eyed captain’s tone was a little disappointed. The only magnetism he saw when he went to sea for a month was a news bird delivering a newspaper.

“Pick him up and put him in the cabin. They didn’t have much food. And they didn’t know how much it would take them to reach Water Seven. They were in the right direction, but they didn’t know how far they were.

The man would be their emergency food, while women would be played around with and later become emergency food as well.

These pirates will eat people when they are hungry, to be precise, they are now eating, eating those who are more injured.

In the sea, Su Xiao was still swimming forward with all his strength. Suddenly, he felt a presence behind him. Turning his head, a ship was approaching him.

After seeing the flag, Su Xiao’s face changed, black flag, pirates.

The strength of the other party is unknown for the time being, but one thing is sure for him, they didn’t come to him with goodwill.

Su Xiao took a deep breath and sank into the sea.

The scene changed, the surrounding area was blue, the seawater was clear, and occasionally fishes passed by.

The bottom of the sailing boat came into view. After hesitating a little, Su Xiao did not choose to destroy the ship. This was a good ride, although it was a bit shabby.

On the pirate ship, several pirates stood on the side of the ship and looked down. They seemed to be looking for something. They were holding long hooks. These people were going to use this thing to hook Su Xiao to the boat. Did they want to kill him directly?

“Did you kill him? Did he get crushed by the boat?”

“No, the boat is not fast, at most he will be knocked out, we should leave him alive, dead meat is not fresh and tastes bad.”

These pirates can no longer be called humans. They were beast. Maybe even beasts would feel humiliated by comparing them to these humans.

Just as the pirates searched for Su Xiao with an iron hook, a hook lock suddenly broke out of the sea and was firmly nailed to the side of the ship.

In the sea, Su Xiao tightened the threat from his armguard, his body was pulled upwards, and the Dragon Flash appeared in the hands, and Qing Gang Ying was directly activated.

The strength of the enemy is unknown, so caution is a must, this is One Piece’s World after all.

Su Xiao rushed out of the sea and boarded the ship directly. He grabbed the outside of the ship with one hand and turned over to jump on the ship.

“Quick, this guy is not easy. Kill him!”

A pirate roared, and dozens of pirates swarmed forward carrying swords pointed at Su Xiao.