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R.P Chapter 299: The Wicked Pirates

Stepping on the deck, Su Xiao stared at the pirates in front of him while holding Dragon Flash.

Dozens of pirates gathered around this. This is small to a medium pirate group. From the ragged clothes and yellow complexion, anyone can see that they were out of a fight and with a loss at that.

“Drop your weapon and lay on the deck.”

A pirate pointed at Su Xiao with a gun and swallowed subconsciously. There was not much ‘meat’ on the boat, and the rest of his companions had weapons on them, which meant they couldn’t be eaten.

Su Xiao looked around, and a strong smell of sweat hit his sensitive nose.

A one-eyed man wearing a black headscarf stepped out of the crowd, while the pirates made way for him. This was the captain.

The one-eyed captain looked up and down Su Xiao, and his eyes finally stopped Dragon Flash in Su Xiao’s hand, and greed filled his eyes.

“What do you think you’re doing, our ‘Breaking Wave Pirates’ never hurt innocent people, put away weapons.”

The one-eyed captain snapped, and the pirates immediately drew up their weapons and tried to show a friendly smile on their faces. Their hungry wolves’ pirates became the ‘Breaking Wave Pirates’ again. This situation has been staged several times.

“Sorry if we scared you just now. The hull is damaged and cannot control the direction. You aren’t hurt, right?”

The one-eyed captain took off a small bucket from his waist and threw it to Su Xiao, which contained freshwater.

“Drink some water and rest for a while, and we are rushing to Water Seven.”

Bang, the barrel fell on the deck, Su Xiao didn’t even look at it.

“Don’t be ignorant, only a few pirates like us speak to people in goodwill.”

A pirate looked unhappy.

The one-eyed captain turned his head, and when he looked at the pirate, his eyes were extremely cold, and the pirate quickly apologized and smiled.

“It is good to be vigilant, but we are not malicious.”

The one-eyed captain waved and motioned for the pirates to step back.

It’s normal for pirates to bully the weak. Su Xiao knew what the one eyes captain wanted, and he saw him look at Dragon Flash in his hand and knew he was scheming to take it, he thought that Su Xiao was just another youngster who faced a storm in the sea and his boat was destroyed. He thought that Su Xiao was easy prey.

“Really, I happen to be going to Water Seven as well.”

Su Xiao secretly thought about how to dispose of the captain. But it looked like the other party wants to attack now.

“Then we have the same destination. It is fate to meet in this vast sea, but …”

Captain Cyclops turned sharply, his eyes narrowed.

“Although we don’t take the initiative to hurt civilians, we still have to get out pay for a ride on our boat. It’s better that you give out 1 million Berry. We will take you to Water Seven. You can’t swim to till there as you don’t know how far it is.”

Su Xiao sneered in his heart. He had already guessed what the other party would say now. He will say that he had no money, and he should use his sword to pay for the ride or pay the money…

“Unfortunately, I have no money with me.”

Su Xiao clenched the handle of the Dragon Sword, and he was about to start.

“It’s hard to do. Maybe you can use your sword as pay …”

The one-eyed captain stopped talking and looked at Su Xiao’s left hand blankly, his eyes to turn green with greed.

Su Xiao was holding a meaty bone in his left hand, which was a snack for Bobtney.

“Bring that meat here right away!”

The one-eyed captain no longer continued his act in front of the temptation of food.

“I was really hungry.”

Su Xiao threw the flesh and bones in his hands into the distance, and the eyes of dozens of pirates moved with meat and bones.

As it fell on the distant deck, the pirates swarmed upon it.

“It’s mine, and it’s mine.”

“do you want to die?”

“Ah !! Don’t bite my hand.”

The pirates were in a mess, just like a group of hyenas who were attracted to meat, gnawing at each other, kicking each other, and someone even used his sword.

Captain Cyclops’ face changed dramatically, although he also longed for food, his status as a captain was more important.
“Stop it now!”

The one-eyed captain roared, but it had no effect.


The dull gunshot sounded, and a pirate was directly shot in the head.

Smoke was blown away by the sea breeze, which came from the captain’s gun.

“Stop now, or I will kill all of you!”

The one-eyed captain raised his gun and shouted; the muzzle moved towards the heads of dozens of pirates.

“Captain, behind you!”

A pirate showed horror, as he yelled, but it was too late.

Alas, the one-eyed captain’s body was leaning forward, his eyes widened, his pupils tightened, his mouth wide as gasped for breath.

He looked down, and a blood-stained blade was sticking out of his chest, and the blade was dripping with blood.


Captain Cyclops fell to the deck, and Su Xiao pulled dragon Flash out, stepped on the head of the one-eyed captain, and cut open the artery on his neck.

The blood flew a few meters away, and Su Xiao ducked sideways, stepping on the head of the one-eyed captain while looking up at the pirates.

“Who wants to be the next.”

The pirates were silent, and all bowed their heads.

“Brothers, we …”

A pirate pulled out a sword from around his waist, but at this moment, more than a dozen swords were drawn.

Puchi! Puchi…

The sound of swords cutting through flesh was heard. After ten seconds, the pirate who talked was pierced by many swords.

“This young swordsman, we didn’t want to do this, we wanted to kill that captain for a long time already.”

“Yes, he cut my arm just because I bumped him while looting the village.”

“You have to go to Water Seven. We have the same purpose. Even if you have the power to kill us, you can’t drive the ship alone.”

Unlike the brainless background characters in the anime, these pirates have some logic in them.

Su Xiao groaned for a while and nodded.

“Yes, you are responsible for driving the boat, but don’t even think about trying anything.”

These pirates make sense, without them, Su Xiao could not sail with a normal boat, not to mention this broken ship that could fall apart at any time.

Pirates breathed a sigh of relief, but did not relax, and remained vigilant against Su Xiao. Su Xiao could quietly approach behind their captain and had already demonstrated his strength.

Pirates threw the body of the one-eyed captain into the cabin, as some of them would go in and kick him a few times.

This is the disadvantage of using his brutality to rule over others, if someone found him when he is weak, they would kill him without mercy.

Su Xiao no longer cared about the pirates. This broken ship will fall apart at any time. He does not believe that the pirates would be able to turn it around now. The direction is guided by the ‘Eternal Pose. This is a specialty of the pirate world, similar to a normal compass, and it can only point to a fixed direction.

The pirates returned to their posts, controlling the sails. Even though the ship moved slowly, it was still faster than Su Xiao swimming pace.

Su Xiao walked toward a cabin with a hole that was patched up with wooden boards. This is the captain’s room. He will see what was inside it.

Just entering the captain’s room, a burnt smell greeted him. The area of

the captain’s room was small, about ten square meters long.

One of the walls of the captain’s room was black, and the ground was very humid. It seemed like it caught fire and they extinguished it with seawater.

The captain’s room is simple in structure, with a display rack, a wooden table similar to a desk, and a bed.

Su Xiao first searched on the display rack, but after searching for a long time, all he found were bottles of inferior wine. One of them was the most conspicuous, transparent wine bottle with something moving inside of it.