Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 25: Specialized in Various fields (Edited)

The little girl ran to Su Xiao in a few steps, looking at him with a smile.

“Yes, it’s me, Kanna! How about it, am I cute?”

The little girl’s character was very lively, and she also turned around in front of Su Xiao.

Su Xiao scrutinized her carefully and noticed that the little girl in front of him was not Kanna.

“You are not Kanna.”

“You already found out? Sure enough, I should pay more attention to intonation.” The little girl was not cute anymore.

“How about it, do you want to make a deal with me? I will help you understand the Reincarnation Paradise if you pay me 50 paradise coins.”

Su Xiao was now in need of understanding of the Reincarnation Paradise, and the fake Kanna in front of him was undoubtedly the best choice.

“Okay, how can I hand you the paradise coins?” [E/N: Remember, they are purely digital thus far.]

Su Xiao’s straightforwardness surprised the little girl.

“Aren’t you afraid that I will lie to you? You should know that there are many cheaters in the Reincarnation Paradise.”

[Dragon flash] appeared in Su Xiao’s hand, and he looked at the little girl with cold eyes.

“If you lie to me, you will die.”

The little girl chuckled.

“No wonder you don’t know as a newcomer, but besides in the arena, in the Reincarnation Paradise, contractors can’t attack each other. This is an absolutely secure zone.”

“Oh, then I will do it in a different world.”

Su Xiao’s chilling eyes made the little girl take a few steps back.

“Hey, hey, we are not enemies, you know, I won’t lie to you.”

Su Xiao’s cold eyes unnerved the girl. The guy in front of her shouldn’t be provoked. He was the kind of cruel person that won’t blink when killing people.

She quickly thought about it and decided to leave without doing business with Su Xiao.

[You receive 50 paradise coins from contractor 13013.]

The little girl’s face immediately changed, and she nervously looked at Su Xiao.

“There are a lot of people here. Let’s just go to a coffee bar and talk.”

The little girl sighed helplessly, walking in front of Su Xiao and Su Xiao followed.

“Sigh∼, I didn’t want to do business with you anymore, but since you have already paid, let me introduce myself. My name is Xi Lo Lo, and I am a worker of the Reincarnation Paradise.”

A Worker? Su Xiao was puzzled but did not speak.

Soon, Xi Lo Lo took Su Xiao to a coffee bar. The name of the coffee bar was a bit strange, and it was called [cat and dog].

“Welcome to… Hello little Xi, did you bring a new customer?”

A mature woman wearing a sexy dress greeted her. The woman’s boobs were full, her legs were slender, she was wearing black stockings, and with the high heels she was wearing, she was even as tall as Su Xiao.

“Boss, I want watermelon juice. What do you want to drink?”


Su Xiao was just playing along, and he would not drink the drinks provided by strangers.

“Don’t worry. We are workers, not contractors, and we won’t do bad things.”

Su Xiao’s finger was tapping on the table, and he asked: “What is a worker?”

Xi Lo Lo cleared her throat and began to answer Su Xiao.

There were mostly two kinds of people in the Reincarnation Paradise. The first one was the contractors, and the other were workers like Xi Lo Lo.

Contractors needed to execute dangerous tasks frequently, but workers were different. They were service personnel in the Reincarnation Paradise, selling goods and the like.

Workers were contractors who had lost their jobs because of failure in their first world’s mission. Without these workers, the contractors would even have problems finding food.

It should be noted that the Reincarnation Paradise did not provide functions of redeeming items, so these workers were required for daily needs.

There was an advantage to being a worker, that is, they only needed to enter another world once every two months.

The reason why Xi Lo-Lo was afraid of Su Xiao was that she had to enter another world sooner or later. If she were to encounter Su Xiao, unfortunately, she would have no possibility to survive against him with her strength.

Xi Lo Lo took out a transparent tablet and handed it to Su Xiao.

“This is the specific information of the Reincarnation Paradise. You should check it first. This is notarized by the Reincarnation Paradise, so it won’t be wrong information.

Su Xiao took over the tablet computer. This was some high-end technology, and it could project 3D images.

He gradually understood the general situation of the Reincarnation Paradise.

The Reincarnation Paradise was vast, and the population wasn’t really counted, but there were definitely more than 100,000 people.

The reason why no one ever did a census was that the mortality rate of the contractors in the Reincarnation Paradise was extremely high.

According to the information given by Xi Lo Lo, the contractor’s mortality rate was 80% in their first world, 60% in their second world, 50% in their third world, and there were a lot of details behind. Su Xiao did not check it in detail.

From this horrible mortality rate, one could see how hard it was for the contractors to survive in the Reincarnation Paradise.

In the Reincarnation Paradise, most shops are opened by workers who are necessary to maintain the daily life of the contractors.

In the center of the Reincarnation Paradise, there were more than a dozen buildings built by the Reincarnation Paradise, including the Attribute Enhancing hall mentioned earlier.

These dozens of buildings were very important to the contractors if they wanted to improve their strength.

After reading the last message on the tablet, Su Xiao put down the tablet.

“It’s mentioned here that contractors can stay in the Reincarnation Paradise for three days, then return to the real world and wait for the next mission. Is it possible for me to return to the real world?”

Xi Lo Lo bit the straw and put away the tablet.

“Yes, after each contractor has the experience, in other words, he can stay in the Reincarnation Paradise for three days, and then the reincarnation will send the contractor back to the real world.

After returning to the real world, it will take about a week or so until contractors receive a call from the Reincarnation Paradise, return to the Reincarnation Paradise, and begin the next task.”

When she talked about this, Xi Lo Lo’s face became bitter, and she looked at Su Xiao with envy.

Workers were different from contractors, and they could only return to the real world for three days each month.

“I miss my family.”

Xi Lo Lo, who was resting her chin on her hands, pouted.

“Right, there is one more thing. You can hide your appearance in the Reincarnation Paradise. In case someone wants to take revenge on you in the real world, they might also be a threat to your family.

My current appearance was modified through the Reincarnation Paradise by spending 500 paradise coins.”

Su Xiao just sighed and didn’t care.

“Didn’t you hide your appearance? You can do it now.” Xi Lo Lo looked at Su Xiao strangely.

“No, I don’t have a family anyways.”

Hearing Su Xiao’s response, Xi Lo Lo no longer spoke. This smart little girl didn’t dare to open Su Xiao’s wound again.

“You’ve already seen the information, so our deal is concluded. Ah, let me kindly remind you, don’t provoke the Sorcerers in the derivative worlds; those guys are monsters.”

While she said this, Xi Lo Lo showed a scared expression.

“Sorcerer? Are sorcerers in the Reincarnation Paradise very strong?”

Seeing that a smile appeared on Su Xiao’s face, Xi Lo Lo shook her head.

“Not just very strong, they are super strong, any adventurer group will unrestrictedly recruit sorcerers. You know, I have experienced two derivative worlds, and I paid for the protection of a sorcerer.”

Su Xiao nodded, and his heartbeat did not calm for a long time. His current occupation was [the Shadow of the Law], after all, the nemesis of the sorcerers.

He suddenly had some wicked thoughts, whether those sorcerers would still be so strong when facing him.

Su Xiao just accepted the inheritance of [the Shadow of the Law]. He did not grasp the full power of this profession yet.

It should not be in question whether a Sorcerer is strong in front of him or not, but whether a Sorcerer can survive after meeting him.