Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 3: Lone Walker! (Edited)

Personal information:

Contractor N. 13013 (To protect The Hunter’s identity, this is a fake contractor’s identity, and no one can know the real one)

Name: Su Xiao (Hunter)

Level: LV.1 (Level one, nothing will be added when upgrading levels, there is rank up every ten levels. The Hunter’s authority will increase as his rank increases. When that happens, the world difficulty and task difficulty will increase.)

Health (Hp): 100% (This cannot be calculated completely. The value changes by the severity of the injury.)

Mana: 60. (Intelligence*10. The speed of Mana recovery is 3 points per hour.)
Strength: 6. (Related to attack power.)
Agility: 7. (Related to movement and attack speed.)
Vitality: 5. (Related to defense, abnormal status resistance, and health.)
Intelligence: 6. (Related to magic attacks and perception.)
Charm: 3. (Related to socialization and summoning.)
Luck: 1. (Related to obtaining objects and success rate of making items, this is hard to upgrade, please cherish the opportunity to upgrade it.)

Remark: the standard for an adult male is 5 points, and luck is 1 point.

Soul eater talent: killing an enemy, you will devour his soul and permanently increase Mana by 1 to 15 points.
This talent can only get 100 Mana points at most per world.

“Personal information is useful for the Hunter to estimate his personal ability conveniently. It doesn’t reflect the Hunter’s fighting power. Those abilities will influence The Hunter’s body, but attributes do not only determine fights, please remember this.”

Su Xiao checked this information discreetly for few times in order to memorize his personal information.

He was LV.1; needless to say, the level equals his power in “the reincarnation paradise.”

The world difficulty of ‘one piece’ which he entered is LV.6, but his level is only LV.1, which means it will be very dangerous for him to stay in this world.

Usually, ‘the reincarnation paradise’ would not send a contractor to a world with difficulty five levels above the person’s current level. He was sent here because of his trial.

What are the benefits of this hunter rank anyways? Su Xiao wasn’t informed of the benefits and could only see the danger it brought him.
Entering the LV.6 world and accepting LV.3 task as a Lv.1, this ‘game’ seemed a bit hard.

And according to the introduction of ‘the reincarnation paradise’, he needed to help ‘it’ clean up some ‘renegade’ contractors in the future. It most likely means that the other contractors will be hostile towards Su Xiao. Once they find out his identity, they will probably attack him.
After all, how can they know if they are not targets on his list?
Who can say that ‘the reincarnation paradise’ won’t give a mission for his elimination? Can he trust ‘it’?

It’s not all bad news. At least his abilities were better than ordinary people. It’s the result of his hard work. Although this kind of ability is not that impressive in ‘the one piece world’, it gave him a better starting point.

Su Xiao’s ability is not only presented by those attributes, but he also had another talent – he knows how to fight and wouldn’t panic during a battle.

Although he is not someone exceptionally intelligent, he had a mindset of a person that is not afraid of getting hurt or killed. It’s not that he is fearless. It’s just that he has more courage than most other people.

At this point, Su Xiao could only do what the ‘the reincarnation paradise’ told him to do. Sometimes, a brave heart is far more important than a strong body.

“So, let me see how dangerous this world is.”

Su Xiao ran towards the window.
He put his foot on the frame of the window, then jumped using the momentum from the run-up to grab the top of the wall. After grabbing the wall, he put some strength in his arms and pulled himself up to see outside.

When Su Xiao tried to check the situation outside, he heard a sound.


It was a gunshot, Su Xiao observed the situation.

“bang, bang, bang….”

The gunshot sounds burst out. This was a fight between two sides in the “Gray terminal”. They both have a dozen or more people fighting with guns in the distance. The people in both groups were thin and wore old clothes. They all seemed like homeless bums in Su Xiao’s eyes.

“Toby, this is our turf. What is the meaning of this? We’re all poor guys living by collecting garbage, and you are going to kill us?”

The gunshots ceased, and they started loudly arguing.

“Your turf? I have more guns than you now, so I’m taking your turf over. After I earn enough money, I will leave this shitty place an’ become a pirate.”

“Roger, surrender, and I will let you join my crew…bang.”

Before Toby could finish his words, he was interrupted by a gunshot. Su Xiao climbed back down to the garbage mountain.

Su Xiao saw the guy who was speaking. His name was Toby. He was a bearded muscular guy.

Toby stood behind a pile of garbage with a smile. Both groups didn’t seem to want to succumb to each other.

Toby looked different from the other people he was with. The others were famished and weak looking while he was tall and muscular.
Su Xiao sighed in his heart. He finally realized how dangerous a LV.6 world was.

If he were to leave now, he would definitely be beaten like a dog. And this is just the beginning. Su Xiao realized he could die at any moment.

While Su Xiao was waiting for those people to leave, a person suddenly jumped into the house that Su Xiao stayed in.

“hoo, I finally found a safe ….”

The person hadn’t finished his words. He saw Su Xiao, who was hiding in the house.


The person just started speaking. Su Xiao had already started moving towards him. Su Xiao lowered his body and smashed his feet into the ground. A few leaves flew because of the wind Su Xiao created as he closed to the person like a swift cheetah.

The person was about to say something, but it was too late.
Su Xiao punched the person’s stomach, which made the person bend over. As his victim was about to scream, Su Xiao’s hand covered the victim’s mouth and nose.
He didn’t finish there. Su Xiao covered the person’s mouth with one hand and attacked his chest aggressively.


A unique sound was heard as he slammed on the person’s chest.
Su Xiao could feel the person’s soft chest? The latter’s face was full of panic and could only release a weak moan.
Su Xiao felt a very soft feeling when his finger attacked the person’s heart.

“A woman?”

He did this is because he couldn’t judge whether the person is an enemy or not, so it was better to attack.

“don’t, don’t hurt me.”

A tiny and small sound came. She pleaded with tears in her eyes. Su Xiao checked the person for weapons. Dust covered her face, but her cheeks were white, and she wore linen clothes. She was a thin young lady.

“Who are you?”

Su Xiao could roughly guess the purpose of her coming here. It was to
avoid danger.

“My name is Mia, and I don’t have any intention of harming you. Please don’t attack me.” Mia’s sound was tiny.

She felt dizzy after her heart was attacked and could not move straight away as she needed a few seconds to catch her breath after the scare.

“Be quiet, or I will kill you.”

Su Xiao was ready to kill people if they endangered his life. He still didn’t execute his revenge.


Mia, who was only 15 or 16 years old, swallowed.

“Okay, I promise to be quiet. Please don’t hurt me, sir.”

Mia suddenly felt that staying here will not be any safer than staying outside. The gunshots outside gradually faded, the fight was about to finish. Su Xiao was waiting. Once the fight ended, he wanted to scavenge around the area of the gunfight. Although it was dangerous, it was also an opportunity to get weapons.