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R.P Chapter 4: Weapon and Currency!

The gunshot gradually stopped, while there was mourning sound from victims.

Su Xiao observed a little. He thought the time was ripe, the muscular guy Toby had already attacked and the homeless already left.

Homeless’ strategy of fighting was nothing after they shot randomly, they just started attacking fecklessly.

Jumping out of the house, Su Xiao landed on the ground steadily and lowered down his body immediately.

He saw huge mountains of trash and the smell was too strong.

Su Xiao didn’t care about this, his eyes stared at a gun on the ground in the distance, that’s a short gun, even though it was a bit old, it was a weapon which can kill people.

The owner of the short gun was dead, he was shot on the throat, the scene was terrible.

Maybe because that person’s appearance was hideous, so the muscular Toby didn’t pick up the gun. Otherwise, in this ‘Gary terminal’ which lacked arms, they will never leave this ‘old smashing short gun’ here.

Su Xiao started lowering his body and closing to the gun.

But at this time, a thin homeless had already run toward the ‘old smashing short gun’ and grabbed it using his hands which were full of dust.

Su Xiao wrinkled his eyebrow, it was not because of the person took the gun before him but was afraid that if the guy shoots him, the others will appear again.

Su Xiao randomly picked up a stone as huge as his hand and threw it.

The stone with strong power harshly hit the homeless’ arm.

The homeless screamed and moved at the same time.

Su Xiao ran to the person and put his knee on the spine of the homeless’ back harshly.

The homeless bowed in front of his body and threw up water, but he still moved for few steps instead of lying down though he was hit harshly.

Su Xiao was surprised, how strong the body of those humans in one piece world, and this is just a homeless person.

But he could not focus on those things. Su Xiao found out that the homeless was angry and looked like a monster who was aggressed with his strong yellow teeth.

If ordinary people see this situation, they will definitely faint, but Su Xiao was different, he had experience, he knew that if he runs in this situation, he will mostly get shot on his back.

Su Xiao clenched his fist and punched the homeless’ jaw when he hadn’t recovered from the attack.

Human’s jaw distributed a lot of vessels, if it’s suddenly hit, it will not provide enough blood to the brain, so it will cause coma temporally because of lack of oxygen.

“pong.”Some yellow teeth with blood flew far away.

The homeless fell down straightly like a wooden stick after he was punched harshly by Su Xiao.

Ordinary people will faint for ten or more seconds after their jaws got hit, but the bodies of those people in one piece are mysteriously strong, so Su Xiao threw the homeless’ body and hit the back of his neck again.

A snoring sound was heard, and the homeless fell, whether he was alive or not, no one knew.

Su Xiao grabbed ‘the old smashing short gun’ on the ground and text immediately appeared in front of him.

He hadn’t checked the text as some people ran In his way from a far place, they were part of Toby’s group.

Su Xiao knew that if he is found out at this time, he will not have any chance to speak. He will be beaten to a pulp instead.

Su Xiao looked around the environment for a bit, the position he stayed in was surrounded by high garbage mountains, those garbage mountains formed a circle, covering the surrounding.

Su Xiao did not dare to climb on those unsteady garbage mountains, there was a possibility for those garbage mountains to go down, he could not be sure what was hiding inside those mountains, if he were hit by harsh arms in this dangerous situation, he would die by blood loss or infection.

So Su Xiao got into the old house, and the girl called Mia looked at him with fear.

This time Mia spoke automatically, she did not need Su Xiao reminded her.

“I won’t talk.”

Mia perceived she had already spoken, she put her hands on her mouth immediately, but she stared at ‘the old smashing short gun’ which is held on Su Xiao’s hand.

After Su Xiao entered the house for a while, some noise was heard from outside.

After some kinds of arguments, the environment gradually became quiet. It seemed those people came back for the loot, but they did not find much. Obviously, they sounded angry.

Su Xiao became less nervous, starting to check the notice that appeared.

“Acquired ‘the old smashing short gun (white)”

Old smashing short gun (white)

World: one piece

Durability: 6/30

Number of bullets: 4/6 (Shooting incessantly is one of the special technologies in one piece)

Attack power: 2~13 (Depends on the distance)

Equipment requirements: 1 point in strength, 3 points in agility.

Rating: 3 (Remark: white equipment point from one to nine, equipment with 10 points can be considered as ‘rare’ which will have an additional attribute on them.)

Introduction: This is a ‘gun’ that wasn’t taken care of which made it drop from 9 points to 3 points, please use it discreetly, maybe the next shot is its last shot, it’s also your last.

Price: 150 park currency. (This thing cannot be brought outside of one piece world.)


[Hunter gains equipment for the first time, starting the introduction of the equipment system.]

[The equipment are separated as white, green, blue…., cannot receive more information because your level is too low, please discover them by yourself.]

[Hunter interacts with park currency for the first time, starting the introduction park coin.]

[Using park coin, you can purchase from the reincarnation paradise or other contractors this is the only currency in ‘the reincarnation paradise’.]

[Warning: Please use every park coin discreetly because it’s the capital for the living and becoming stronger.]


Su Xiao nodded his head as he thought. It seemed the ‘the reincarnation paradise’ has a strict mechanism. It not only marked every kind of arm but also had complete currency system.

Though Su Xiao knew he will experience a lot of dangers, he had a bit expectation in his mind, expecting the ‘the reincarnation paradise’ to help him become stronger.

Though he didn’t know how to become stronger now, he knew there was a way, or he will not able to finish those harder tasks in the future.

Su Xiao smiled after checking [the old smashing short gun] on his hand carefully.

He finally got a weapon.

But compared to guns, Su Xiao preferred to use cold weapons, such as swords, those with narrow and sharp long edges.

If he had his sword with him, his power would at least be higher by fifty percent.

Su Xiao had already understood the basic situation, now he needed to complete the task in seventy-two hours which is the time he was given.

Su Xiao did not want to understand what will happen after failing the task, so he could only focus on completing the task.

But it will not be simple to kill a king in a kingdom, so he needed some other methods to at least to get closer to the king.

Su Xiao had not had the thought of getting in the palace privately because there was a thing called Haki in one piece world.

According to on Su Xiao’s memory, this king must have a relationship with government,

Depending on his ability, the difficulty of a task to kill a king will not be LV.3.

In the real world which was full of sensor equipment, Su Xiao could fulfill his revenge plans, So it should be easier in one piece as the technology wasn’t that developed.

But it was too early to think about this, the primary thing was to understand the position he was in. The ‘reincarnation paradise’ did not have the map function, he needed to discover everything by himself.

After perceiving Su Xiao’s sight, the girl Mia rolled up her body.

“What are you gonna do?”

The voice of the girl was trembling. She kept hiding her gender because being a woman is dangerous in the ‘Gray terminal’.

“Are you hungry?”

Su Xiao looked at the girl with a mild smile, but there was some coldness in his eyes.

He was not a kind person. Hatred had already taken away the kindness in his heart.



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