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R.P Chapter 4: Weapon and Currency! (Edited)

The gunshots gradually stopped. All that was left was the sounds of suffering from the victims.

Su Xiao observed the situation. He deemed the time was ripe, the Toby person had already attacked, and the homeless people already left.

After some gunfighting, Toby’s opponents started running, and of course, Toby and his men ran after them. Su Xiao suspected there was no such chivalry like taking prisoners for Toby. Death is probably the only thing awaiting those that get caught.

Climbing out of the house, Su Xiao jumped on the ground softly. He remained in a crouching position to avoid being spotted.

He saw huge mountains of trash, the smell of which was foul enough to make him want to stop breathing.

Su Xiao chose to ignore it for the moment. Instead, his eyes spotted a gun lying on the ground in the distance. It resembled a Flintlock pistol, which pirates on earth used during the 18th century. Nonetheless, it was an object capable of easily ending a human’s life.

The owner of the pistol was dead. A bullet blew a part of his face off. The scene left a bad taste in Su Xiao’s mouth.

Toby probably didn’t take the gun because he had to chase after the other fleeing gunmen. In the ‘Gray terminal,’ all guns were valued highly. Under normal circumstances, a working gun, no matter how old, would never have been left lying around like this.

As Su Xiao reached for the gun, grab a thin, dirty hand of one of the gray Terminal residents snatched it away. It was a young man who seemed to be suffering from malnutrition.

Su Xiao frowned. Not because the person snatched the gun but because he was afraid that if the guy shoots, it will attract Toby and his men’s attention.

Su Xiao randomly picked up a stone the size of a baseball and threw it at the person’s arm holding the gun.

When the stone hit, it had enough force behind it to make the homeless men scream in pain.

“AUU!! AHH!!!!”

Despite the pain, he didn’t drop the gun.
Su Xiao ran towards him before recovering and used his knee to hit the man’s stomach. The homeless man bent forward and threw up a little “Hack Barf,” but he refused to fall or drop his gun.

‘Why isn’t this bastard going down?’
Su Xiao was surprised by the strength of humans in this world. This was a person who was most likely suffering from malnutrition or some kind of disease, not a healthy fit individual, which was even more of a shock for Su Xiao.

But he had no time to focus on those things. The homeless man was angry and looked like a monster that had many missing teeth. Any teeth that he still had were stained yellow and were very ugly to look at.

If ordinary people were to see him, they would faint, but Su Xiao was different. He didn’t allow himself to get scared because he knew that he would most likely get shot in the back if he runs in this situation.

Su Xiao clenched his fist and punched the man’s jaw before the man could point his gun at him.

“POW!.”Some yellow teeth and a few drops of blood flew out of the man’s mouth.

The homeless man’s brain was rattled, and he fell straight like a chopped down tree. Ordinary people would faint for ten or more seconds after such a precise punch to the jaw, but the bodies of the people in one Piece are mysteriously strong, so Su Xiao made sure to give the man a chop the back of the neck to knock him out completely.
A comical snoring sound was heard after Su Xiao hit his neck.

Su Xiao grabbed the pistol from the ground, and text immediately appeared in front of him. He hadn’t checked the text as some people started running towards him from a distance. It seemed to be Toby’s group.

Su Xiao knew that if he were to be caught, they wouldn’t listen to his excuses. He would be beaten to a pulp instead. They were still pretty far, so Su Xiao had time to look around the area for a bit. The position he was standing in was surrounded by heaps of garbage resembling small mountains. These mountains encircled him, not leaving any kind of escape route.

Su Xiao did not dare climb these extremely unstable trash heaps. They could collapse at any time. Plus, who knows what kind of disgusting shit can be found inside Gray Terminal. If he were to be injured and fall into the trash, he’d probably die from some type of disease.

So without any other option left to him, Su Xiao went back inside the old house. The girl called Mia looked at him with fear as she spoke.

“I won’t talk.”

Mia realized she had already spoken, so she put her hands on her mouth and stared at the pistol which Su Xiao held in his hand.

After entering the house, Su Xiao heard some noises outside. People seemed to be arguing…

…after some time, the surroundings gradually became quiet. It seemed Toby’s group came back for the loot, but they didn’t find much. They were angry.

Su Xiao finally relaxed and decided to check the notice that appeared.

“Acquired ‘Shabby Flintlock pistol (white)”
Shabby Flintlock Pistol (white)
World: one Piece
Durability: 6/30
Number of bullets: 4/6 (Despite being a flintlock pistol, it can be fired rapidly, unique to the world of One Piece)
Attack power: 2~13 (Depends on the distance)
Equipment requirements: 1 point in strength, 3 points in agility.
Rating: 3 (Remark: white equipment point from one to nine, Equipment with 10 points can be considered ‘rare’, which will have an additional attribute.)
Introduction: This is an old gun that wasn’t maintained properly. That made its rating drop from 9 to 3 points. Please use it sparingly, and maybe the next shot is its last shot as well as your last shot.
Price: 150 paradise coins(PC). (This thing cannot be brought outside of one piece world.)
[Hunter gains Equipment for the first time. Proceeding with the introduction of the equipment system.]
[Equipment is separated into the following colors according to quality- white, green, blue…., cannot receive more information because your level is too low.]
[Recorded the Hunter interacting with paradise coins for the first time. Proceeding with the introduction of paradise coins.]
[Using PC’s, you can purchase things from ‘the reincarnation paradise’ or other contractors. This is the only currency in TRP(The Reincarnation Paradise)]
[Warning: Please exercise caution when using PC’s. Investing randomly might lead to DEATH.]

Su Xiao nodded his head as he thought. It seemed that ‘TRP’ was an intricate system that had data of all the Equipment in these foreign worlds and some kind of currency.
Though Su Xiao knew he would have to face a lot of danger, he had big expectations. ‘This system can probably be used to make one stronger,’ Su Xiao thought.

Though he didn’t know how to become stronger, he knew there was a way since the system talked about levels and stats.
Su Xiao smiled after checking the [Shabby Flintlock pistol (white)] in his hand carefully.

He finally had a weapon.

But compared to guns, Su Xiao preferred to use bladed close combat weapons, such as swords or knives with long sharp edges. If he had his knife with him, he would feel more secure.

Su Xiao had already understood his situation. Now he simply needed to complete the task within seventy-two hours.
Su Xiao did not want to know what would happen after failing the task, so he decided to focus on completing the task.

But killing a king will be a difficult task. He needed a way to get close to the king in order to fulfill his task.

Su Xiao didn’t even consider trying to sneak into the palace because there was a thing called Haki in the world of One Piece. According to Su Xiao’s memory, this king was on good terms with the celestial dragons, but even if there is someone with observation Haki guarding the king, it shouldn’t be an impossible task to assassinate him.

Su Xiao could assassinate people in the 21st century Earth. He saw no reason as to why he wouldn’t be able to kill someone in One Piece where cameras and similar security devices don’t even exist.

But it was still too early for him to think about killing the king. First, he needed to grasp the layout of his surroundings. The ‘reincarnation paradise’ did not have a map function, so he needed to discover everything by himself.

After receiving Su Xiao’s cold gaze, the girl Mia got frightened.

“What are you gonna do?”

The voice of the girl was trembling. She hid her gender because the Gray Terminal was dangerous for women.

“Are you hungry?”

Su Xiao looked at the girl with a mild smile, but there was some coldness in his eyes. He was not a kind person. Hatred had already taken away the kindness in his heart.