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R.P Chapter 5: Gunfire!

Mia nodded her head, but then shook her head.

There was one thing that was lacking in ‘Gray terminal’, that was food. Those homeless lived depending on collecting garbage, they were basically starving.

Su Xiao took out some compressed cookies from his bag. This is emergency food he brought with him.

He saw a forest not far away, and he already has a gun, so he was not worried about food.

Mia took the compressed cookie with fear, she never seen this kind of food.

In the instruction of Su Xiao, Mia took out the compressed cookie and bit it carefully.


The girl was hungry for a whole day, she ate those cookies quickly.

“You are called Mia, right? Bring me out of here, and those cookies will be yours.”

Mia had eaten all the compressed cookie on her hand. She stared at those compressed cookies on Su Xiao’s hand and swallowed.

“Ok, but you cannot hurt me.”

Su Xiao did not reply her as went out of the old house. Mia followed him after a bit.

“Where are you going? You are not the resident of ‘Gray terminal, right?”

Su Xiao stopped walking, and some cold appeared in his eyes, then he threw a compressed cookie in his hand to the ground and stepped on it.

“Lead the way out, don’t ask me anything.”

If Mia did anything abnormal, Su Xiao would point the gun at Mia’s forehead without hesitation.

Mia was shocked because of Su Xiao’s actions as she retreated a few steps.

“Ok, okay.”

Mia didn’t dare to say anything and quickly led the way.

“Bring me to the entrance of the ‘Goa Kingdom’”

Su Xiao checked the surrounding carefully, he could see those homeless staring at them. When they noticed the gun in Su Xiao’s hand, they put away their greed with a sigh.

Memorizing the information he got from the anime, Su Xiao started thinking about the next steps.

The ‘Gray terminal’ is like a huge garbage place. This place was formed by ‘Goa Kingdom’ who threw their trash outside of the town.

Those homeless were residents in ‘Goa Kingdom’, but they were ticked out because they committed serious crimes or had some problems with nobles.

After that, the garbage began to produce a kind of toxic blue smoke that eroded the homeless’ lives all the time.

He could tell this because of the drop in his hp, which went down from 100% to 98%.

There were no doctors or food, so crimes and diseases were normal in the ‘Gray terminal’, this was a place without law, everything is determined by people’s power.

Through Mia’s lead, Su Xiao went out from ‘Gray terminal’ quickly and arrived in front of a high wall.

The high wall built using black rocks. A gate which wasn’t that big appeared in Su Xiao’s sight.

“We can only arrive here, that’s the law in ‘Goa Kingdom’, homeless cannot get into the town, or they will be killed.”

Even though Mia was talking to Su Xiao, she kept staring at those compressed cookies in Su Xiao’s hand.

After giving those compressed cookies to Mia, Su Xiao did not talk to Mia anymore, and Mia ran away immediately. She brought Su Xiao to the town only for the food and nothing else.

The gate of ‘Goa Kingdom’ opened, there were few soldiers stood on each side of the gate.

This is only a side door for throwing garbage conveniently.

Those soldiers looked lazy, but their eyes were cold, they often killed those homeless who wanted to get in the town.

Su Xiao was hiding in the side instead of being eager to get into the town, he was waiting for the best timing to get into the city.

He could not fight with those soldiers. The bodies of those residents that lived in one piece world were abnormally strong. Even a girl, Mia was hit by him harshly and recovered in a short time. It made Su Xiao aware of this.

Su Xiao suspected those soldiers had more than ten points in strength at least.

One hour, two hours, until three hours later, it was almost at noon, the temperature increased quickly, the weather became hotter. The chance which Su Xiao was waiting appeared finally.

A horse carriage which was full of trash drove out from the town, a disgusting smell came out of it. Those soldiers did not look at it but intentionally went back a few steps.

“Do you need to check it routinely?”

The diver stopped the carriage, he was afraid of those soldiers.

“Go quickly, it’s so stinky.”

Those soldiers shake their hands with annoyance, they had no intention to check at all.

Su Xiao saw this scene in the distance and quickly followed the horse carriage.

After the horse carriage entered the Garbage Mountains, the driver found an empty place to throw trash. The coward driver had a dagger on his waist. This is a rule of ‘Gray terminal’- Strength is all that matters.

The driver lit a cigarette to cover the odor. He put the shovel and began to clean the horse carriage which was full of garbage.

While the driver was busily working, Su Xiao walked quickly behind the driver quietly likes a cat. When he prepared to hit the driver, he suddenly stepped on broken glass.

“kala” a crisp sound came, the driver was shocked.

Su Xiao was shocked as well, there was a heavy layer of garbage under his feet in this messy ‘Gray terminal’, so he can barely know what’s under his feet.

At that time, Su Xiao jumped toward the driver.

But the driver reacted quickly. He suddenly took out the dagger on his waist and stabbed toward Su Xiao direction.

The ferocious expression of the driver made Su Xiao realize, the driver wanted to kill him.

Su Xiao’s eyes began cold, if you treat rivals kind, you will be cruel to yourself in this task world because there was only one person can alive.

Su Xiao took the gun on his hand and pointed it into the driver’s head.

If ordinary people had a gun pointed at them, they will stop their actions or walk back, but the driver was different, he surprisingly walked toward Su Xiao.

Su Xiao shot the gun with no expressions, the bullet behind was like a meteorite, and some fire appeared on the barrel. It was fired in a narrow space, bursting out with strong momentum which made the bullet seems like fire.


Smoke rose with a kind of stinky smell was spread, a bullet directly pierced into the driver’s forehead, and the driver was suddenly thrown back, after spasming for two times, he dead.

[Notice: You killed a merchant from the black market.]

[Your talent as a ‘Psychic‘ is triggered, adding 5 points to Mana, now you have 65 Mana points.]

[You gained a treasure chest (white).]

[This is the first time for you to kill an enemy, storage space opened (2 Square meters), your storage space can be upgraded by using paradise coins.]

The remind from the reincarnation paradise made Su Xiao understand, the person is not a driver but a merchant in the black market, he was supposed to do some traffic in the gray terminal by using the identification of a driver.

After the merchant in the black market dead, there was a wooden chest on his body, the chest which is white, as big as his hand.

Su Xiao tried to take the wood chest which was full. Even though it’s only as big as his hand, it was quite heavy

[Treasure chest (white), open: yes/no]

Su Xiao didn’t open [the treasure chest], but put [the treasure chest] and [old worn smashing gun] into the storage space.

If Su Xiao willed it, [the old worn smashing gun] will appear in his hand, he was satisfied by this new storage space, this is a very practical function. If he can use this kind of ability well, it will be a huge help for him to finish the task.

This place wasn’t safe, so Su Xiao didn’t choose to open [the treasure chest], once the chest shine with golden light when he opens it, he will get in trouble. So the first thing he needed to do is getting into the capital of ‘Goa Kingdom.’

Su Xiao took off his shirt and changed to the clothes of the merchant in the black market.

Su Xiao hesitated for a bit then jumped into the dirty water on the ground, a stinky smell came covered his clothes and face, making people unable to see his face clearly.

Su Xiao sat on the horse carriage and drove the horse and moved into the town.

Now he got a dagger which belonged to the merchant in the black market. The dagger was a bit different from what he imagined.



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