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R.P Chapter 301: Iceburg!

Su Xiao and Rob Lucci looked at each other for several seconds before looking elsewhere.

Su Xiao turned to look at a cabin, which seemed like a reception.

Inside, there was a square table with a worker behind it.

“Hello, is the Galley-La company still recruiting?”

Su Xiao used all his effort to maintain his smile, which wasn’t working out as he didn’t use this method on plot characters before today.

“Un?” The worker just looked at him before continuing his work like it was nothing.

This was the power of his 5-charm attribute. The characters didn’t interact well with him.


Su Xiao sighed. He didn’t excel in Negotiation.

He waited for several minutes for the worker to finish the papers in his hands, and finally, the latter took off his glasses, took a look at Su Xiao before he said.


“East Blue.”



The worker made the basic document for Su Xiao before saying: “You were caught in a shipwreck and ended up in Water 7… Ok, then.”

The worker put the document down and said: “Dock No.3 is in need of workers with good physical power, the pay will be 4,000 Berry a day, you can go there.”

His meaning was obvious, you will be working hard for the 4,000 berry, you’re just a temporary worker, and that’s if you’re strong enough.

Su Xiao groaned a little before checking whether Rob Lucci was here or not, as he looked around, Lucci left already.

So he directly pulled an iron rod from a scrap pile and directly crushed it in his hand while the worker’s eyes bulged out.

He continued to crush it until it was just like an iron ball. The worker looked with mouth agape at Su Xiao.

The Worker’s attitude took a complete change, as he said.

“Come here, please sit down.”

The worker pulled a chair over and gestured to Su Xiao to sit down.

“How strong can you place yourself if you’re facing pirates?”

And of course, the best way to describe someone’s strength in this world would be the bounty system.

“Between 50 and 100 million.”

With Su Xiao’s power, it wouldn’t be hard to deal with pirates of that level, and he should be as strong as Zoro or slightly stronger now. (T/N: Of course, the Zoro of the timeline he was in, not the current Zoro.)

However, If the two were to fight, Su Xiao would win, because Zoro didn’t have what it takes to kill someone, he is one of the Straw Hat pirates, so he would kill his opponent, unlike Su Xiao.

Hearing this, the worker wasn’t convinced.

“This… Can I ask what is your fighting style?”

The worker asked Su Xiao politely, and his previous attitude disappeared completely. His strength completely erased the disadvantage of his lower charm.

Su Xiao directly drew out Dragon Flash from his Inventory, making it directly appear on his waist, then raised, indicating that he is a swordsman.


In the world of One Piece, whoever has an edged weapon is a swordsman, and it didn’t matter if he had a Saber or a Sword. Su Xiao didn’t say anything as he nodded.

“Come with me then!”

The Worker gestured for Su Xiao to follow him toward the center of Water 7.

“Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself yet, my name is Angus, From the Galley-la’s Dock No. 1.”

Angus looked 30 years old wearing pants and the same shirt as the workers.

“Byakuya, what kind of position are you interested in?” Angus started chatting with Su Xiao and trying to tempt him.

What was the most valuable thing in this world, was it gold? Money? No, none of them can compare to strength, with power, you can truly be respected in this world. The strength he showed when he crushed the steel didn’t belong to the people in the first half of the Grand Line.

“What position… a guard, I suppose. I was an escort for a small country’s king in the East Blue, but that country was captured by the Revolutionary army.”

Although Su Xiao wasn’t someone who act, he didn’t assassinate a king and was familiar with the world, so he can lie as much as he wants.

He killed the king, but no one knew this, as the pirates were attacking the castle then, and most people would relate the king’s death to the pirates.

What’s more, even if his identity was exposed, he was in the Galley-la Company, and they weren’t marines. They didn’t delve into the identity of their employees, which is mainly the reason why Su Xiao didn’t join the world government.

Angus leads Su Xiao while Bob followed.

“Is this your dog?”

Angus looked at Bob with surprise as he seemed eager to touch Bob’s head, but seeing the bared fangs, he quickly retracted it.

“Yes, I raised it for a few years now, it’s a hybrid between a dog and a wolf.”

Angus tried remembering someone with the same details as Su Xiao, someone in his early twenties, a swordsman, named Buakuya and has a very special dog with him. He used to be an escort for a king.

After running through all the bounties he could remember, he didn’t find anything about Su Xiao. At least he didn’t have a bounty even if he was a pirate.

Finally, Angus was satisfied, so he decided to introduce Su Xiao to someone.

The medium-sized Bull they were riding was quite fast. It didn’t take them long before reaching the center of Water 7.

Finally, they reach the rare area that had land and no longer needed the Bull. This land was obviously artificial.

Those who lived here are the so-called nobles of Water 7. Their destination was the Mayor’s office.

After entering the building, Angus directly led Su Xiao to the fourth floor.

Knock, Knock, Knock!

Angus knocked on the office door. After a second, both of them heard: “Come in.”

Angus pushed the door open. The office was quite big with all kinds of furniture around.

A tall, middle-aged man with blue hair and similarly colored lips, wearing a red and orange striped jacket over an unbuttoned orange shirt with a wide collar, was lying in a chair sleeping.

Su Xiao directly recognized this person, and he was Iceburg, the Galley-la company’s president.

From the viewpoint of the anime, and the Straw Hat pirates, He was a good Character.

But was that really the case? Of course, it wasn’t.

He may be a good person with a good personality, but the business he was involved in wasn’t clean. He was selling ships to the pirates and helping them repair their ships.

In the world of One Piece, Ships was the main mean of transportation, so his business would not be unpopular.

And adding to that, Iceburg was the apprentice of Tom, the fisherman who built Gol.D.Roger’s ship, which made the world government go after him, if it wasn’t for his craftsmanship, he wouldn’t have died.

As a direct Disciple of Tom, Iceburg was in control of Water 7, and the world Government allowed it, which is the problem as it wasn’t something that would happen normally.