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R.P Chapter 302: Cowboy!

Iceburg’s problems aren’t limited to just these. At the end of Water 7 Arc. Lucci didn’t kill Iceburg, which meant that the world government didn’t want him dead and still left the governing of water 7 to him.

This can describe Iceburg: Doing illegal business by helping pirates, holding to a high position, which is the Mayor, and getting rich with all the money he was getting.

Su Xiao wouldn’t believe that this kind of person is a believer in justice. Moreover, the Galley-La’s company recruitment didn’t discriminate between pirates or normal people.

Thinking about this, Su Xiao already had a plan, and Iceburg is playing a major part in it.

Iceburg took off his blindfold and looked at the ones entering the office.

“Oh! Angus, what’s the matter?”

Angus immediately bowed as he placed his right hand on his chest.

“Iceburg-sama, this is a new employee Byakuya.”

“Oh.” Iceburg was still in his chair as if he wanted to return to sleep.

“Byakuya can face pirates with 50 to 100 million bounties on their heads.”

Iceburg, who was casually sitting down, changed his posture to a more upright one as he looked up and down at Su Xiao.

“Byakuya…” Iceburg said before looking at Angus.

Angus hurriedly moved forward and whispered something in Iceburg’s ears, which made the latter nods his head.

Su Xiao stood bored beside the door as he thought about his plan.

Water 7 can lead toward Enies Lobby, and the main mission should be related to this Judicial Island.

Thinking about Enies Lobby, Su Xiao was excited. Although it was really dangerous, there were many opportunities over there.

Su Xiao was interested in the Soru from the Rokushiki (Six techniques of the Marine). The ability to approach the enemy at extreme speed is something he lacks right now.

After some time thinking, Iceburg’s voice interrupted Su Xiao’s thoughts.

“Hi, Byakuya. I’m the president of the Galley-la Company, Iceburg.”

Iceburg stood and stretched his hand to shake Su Xiao’s hand. It seems after Angus introduced him, Su Xiao’s image in Iceburg’s mind was that of wild strong rare man.


Shaking his hand, Su Xiao could tell that Iceburg didn’t have any kind of training before.

“I understand your situation, Galley-la is a company for shipbuilding and repairing, if you don’t understand how to do that, it will be slightly difficult…”

Iceburg was thinking about where to appoint Su Xiao while Su Xiao wasn’t worried that he wouldn’t employ him.

“Well, in the next few days, you are responsible for the safety of Dock No.1. We often receive pirates there. Although the workers can maintain order, it would affect the efficiency of the work. I already considered hiring security before.”


Su Xiao simply agreed, he just needed to join, there was no specific position he needed to be in.

“Good then, the Galley-la company welcomes you. Angus, help with Byakuya’s paperwork and come in the evening too for his welcoming party.”

“Yes, Iceburg-sama.”

Angus took Su Xiao out of the office with enthusiasm. He was boasting about the beauties in Water 7.

Su Xiao went to complete the formalities, which was simple. He only needed to sign the documents.

Su Xiao noticed that Galley-la was actually like a branch of the World Government; it was self-governed. So the status it had was not exaggerated.

[You completed the Main Task: joining a faction. Faction Choice: Galley-la company (completed)]

[Complete the Main Quest: {Yes} {No}]

Su Xiao directly completed the Quest as a new one appeared.

[Main Quest: Reputation.

Difficulty: Lv.9

Introduction: Gain Reputation through the Galley-la company

Information: Current reputation: Neutral 70/400 (This give you the right to move freely in Water 7)

Duration: 15 days

Reward: The Reward is based on the Reputation Level

Failure Penalty: None

The current stage is for Su Xiao to move freely. During this period, he may encounter a mission or fight powerful enemies.

Su Xiao was pleased with this. Water 7 was a prosperous island and had many places to explore.

There are mainly three things he wanted in this world: Famous swords, Rokushiki, Devil fruits.

His chance to get a Devil Fruit is small, but once he obtains one, it would be his fortune.

Having made up his mind, Su Xiao directly went out for a walk. Just as he was going out of the door, a man with a cigar appeared.

He looked like a thirty-something-year-old man. He held a cigar and cowboy’s hat. A revolver around his waist, he looked very much like a cowboy.

Su Xiao and the cowboy both stopped.

The other party was a contractor, and Su Xiao was sure that he was strong.

Time froze as both looked at each other while staying five meters away from each other.

After a minute, Su Xiao put a hand on his sword, smiled, and walked forward slowly.

The other party had the experience, and it’s impossible for him to get close so easily.

Sure enough, the cowboy directly put a hand on the revolver and stepped back slowly.

This scene caught the attention of the staff working there.

The cowboy retreated from the building while Su Xiao stepped out. Both didn’t speak as Su Xiao directly walked away.

The cowboy spat the Cigar out of his mouth and stared at Su Xiao’s back.

Su Xiao walked with a quick pace while glancing around as if he was looking for something.

Taking a long walk, Su Xiao reached a vacant shipyard, which was used as the Ship cemetery.

“You already followed me for so long. You can come out.”

Su Xiao directly pulled out Dragon Flash and looked ahead.

A figure came out from behind a house. It was the cowboy from before.

“You are ready to kill me already?”

The other party was following him since they met. So Su Xiao directly chose a less populated pace as a battlefield. It wasn’t his style to avoid a fight.

“You killed Carl?”

As the cowboy spoke, Su Xiao frowned, Carl? From the Phantom Brigade!

Looking at the cowboy again, Su Xiao noticed the revolver, before he suddenly thought about Carl’s words when they were fighting: “I have never seen anyone like you except the Crazy revolver, No.7 from the Phantom Brigade.”

The cowboy before him was probably the guy Carl talked about.

Thinking about this, Su Xiao’s heart sank. Carl was already so strong, and this guy is most likely stronger.

“Did you do it or not? The Brigade numbers may have little interaction with each other, but you have killed someone belonging to us, which would stain our reputation for some time.”

The Cowboy looked at Su Xiao with no hate in his eyes.

“If you’re talking about the one playing with tarot, then yes, I did.”

Qing Gang Ying was directly activated. Today, Su Xiao might die!