Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 303: No Injustice or Hatred, Just because…

The Sun was shining above the sea as the cool breeze passed by blowing Su Xiao’s black hair.

Qing Gang Ying was activated while the blue energy was passing through Dragon flash and Su Xiao’s whole body. Su Xiao’s muscle tightened as he clenched Dragon Flash and directly jumped forward.

Su Xiao was like a cheetah as he burst out with power.

“I’m here today… Not for Revenge.”

The Cowboy spoke with a husky voice while Su Xiao didn’t answer.

“It’s inevitable to feel an itch when you meet someone strong. The sound of my bullets penetrating your flesh would be pleasant to the ears.”

The cowboy moved his hand around his waist, and he started doing the common cowboy clenching a fist and releasing it. It was the movement a Cowboy did when they were about to grab their guns and shoot.

If this continued, Su Xiao would be in front of this guy in just two seconds.

The Cowboy’s hand stopped for a second before it blurred near his revolver.


Three bullets were shot in an instant toward Su Xiao.

That’s right. Three bullets were shot from one gun at the same time. This was a revolver and not a Shotgun, or a rifle. Shotguns can shoot small bullet-like things, but it mostly used from a close distance, while rifles would shoot several bullets in a short time. But this was a revolver, and the only explanation is that the cowboy was just that fast.

The cowboy can shoot very fast. It should’ve been 0.3 seconds for a shot or maybe even less.

The first two bullets directly hit Su Xiao’s body, while the last one was blocked by his skill, Shield. He wanted to block all of them, but he wasn’t fast enough to activate the Shield.

Su Xiao touched the ground with his hands as he stabilized his body. The Reincarnation Paradise’s warning directly appeared.

[Tip: You took 23 real damage, due to your inability to resist the attack, the real damage doubled.]

[Tip: You took 24 real damage, due to your inability to resist the attack, the real damage doubled.]

Blood started pouring out of his abdomen while he felt as if he was being burned from inside.

Su Xiao directly plunged his fingers into one of the wounds and took out a silver bulled.

Green smoke was coming out of it. It was a poisonous bullet that would make the wound widen with time.

Su Xiao threw the bulled in his hand as he stared at the cowboy.

The latter held the revolver in his hand as he changed the magazine. Within seconds, he reloaded his gun again before the previous cartridge hit the flour.

Su Xiao took a deep breath. If he was hit by the two bullets before, half of his Hp would be gone, But now, his Hp was as high as a tank, these two shot didn’t do much damage.

He was already back on his feet. Su Xiao no longer approached the cowboy in the same way, as he was thinking about his opponent’s fighting style.

The cowboy’s main weapon should be the revolver, which seemed to have an ability to deal with True damage along with a Judgement toward his resistance. If he failed the Judgement, he guessed that the damage could grow from 2 times to 10 times.

And he guessed that because the shield he activated was directly shuttered after one shot, which didn’t have any resistance at all.

Su Xiao’s pupil contracted. He raised his dynamic vision to the limit as he wanted to capture the trajectory of the next bullet.

Su Xiao raised his sword as he moved forward slowly. The cowboy seemed to wait for something and didn’t shoot immediately. Instead, he slowly retreated. It seemed as if he was afraid that Su Xiao would rush forward.

The distance shrunk after ten seconds, and Su Xiao could tell that the next shot is here.


A crisp gunshot sound came along with a bullet. This bullet was longer, and it didn’t seem like a bullet from a pistol.

The bullet flew through the air at high speed. Su Xiao’s energy, spirit, and every part of his perception were on the bullet. He successfully captured the trajectory of the bullet.


Su Xiao’s face changed as he heard the explosion sound. The bullet exploded from its tail, causing a second acceleration.

The target of this bullet was Su Xiao’s head. If this hit him, he won’t come out alive.

And it’s too late to dodge.

Still, Su Xiao didn’t plan to dodge from the start. He believed in the sword he had and also believed in his skills with it.

The Sword moved toward the bullet that created a few airwaves on its path.


Some sparks flew as Su Xiao’s hands turned numb from the collision. But a smile appeared on his face as the bullet was split in half.

The cowboy was stunned as he looked at Su Xiao with surprise. Perhaps, this was the first time someone stopped his bullet in this way.

“Kenbunshiku Haki? Impossible, that advanced ability isn’t something we can get at this stage.”

The cowboy pulled the trigger, which created the afterimage of his finger.

Bang! There was only one sound once again, and this guy’s hand was so fast that he can make people go mad.

This time, five bullets were shot. This time, they formed a line, so there was no possibility of them being split.

Su Xiao could split a bullet, but five in a row was impossible for the current him.

Su Xiao rushed forward, and he met the bullets without blinking.


The five bullets hit Su Xiao, but the latter ignored the pain and continued forward.

He was two meters away from the cowboy, and he was in his range right now.

Directly, Su Xiao slashed at the cowboy. Blood splashed out as he cut at his shoulder.

Su Xiao’s power made the cowboy terrified. He wanted to jump back immediately.

However, being approached by Su Xiao wasn’t a trivial matter. It was impossible to retreat without a few slashes.

Dragon flash started dancing in the air like a net formed around the cowboy. Wounds kept appeared on his body, but lucky for him. He was wearing armor, a strong one.

The cowboy screamed as the Qing Gang Ying energy started burning his Mana. At this time, Su Xiao directly used the wires on his Armguard to entangle the cowboy.

But suddenly, Su Xiao was shocked as he hurriedly closed his eyes when he noticed a ball being thrown.


A flash bomb directly exploded.

Su Xiao’s ears were humming, and his eyes were in pain as tears flowed out. But even with this, he still held on to the wires around the cowboy.

The cowboy directly fell to the ground and rolled around. When he stopped, his revolver was already reloaded.

The cowboy didn’t shoot Su Xiao immediately, and he just stepped back quickly. He made his mind. He would never allow this guy to approach him again.

At this moment, the cowboy was in a dilemma. His opponent could resist his attack, was fast and had great power as well.

Although he had great offensive power, his body wasn’t tough. He would be chopped to death if Su Xiao was to get near again. Even for that short moment, every step he takes now left a red stain on the ground from the blood.

As the stinging feeling disappeared from his eyes, Su Xiao directly scanned his body for the damage he received. He wasn’t heavily injured, which was good.

Putting the metallic wire away, Su Xiao once again moved toward the cowboy slowly, and the latter directly moved back.

Su Xiao can’t be careless, because if he was to be hit in the head or heart, he would directly die.

It didn’t mean much if his Hp was still high if his head is penetrated.

The Cowboy also knew this, so his gun was already aiming at Su Xiao’s head.