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R.P Chapter 304: Men’s Pain!

“It seems that Carl’s death wasn’t a coincidence. I should take this seriously.”

The cowboy stopped retreating and put two fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly.

A bald eagle swooped down from the sky and landed on the Cowboy’s shoulder.

The eagle spread its wings and shook its body resulting in dozen or so feathers to fall down. These feathers glowed with white light before disappeared in the air.

As the feathers disappeared, the Cowboy disappeared as well.

Su Xiao looked around, he couldn’t see anything, but he could still feel danger. He could tell that it wasn’t a space ability; the cowboy just disappeared.

Closing his eyes, Su Xiao extended his senses and focused on hearing the cowboy’s footsteps.

But his ears couldn’t hear a thing.

Su Xiao suddenly rushed directly at the position the Cowboy was in before and slashed his sword.

He could feel the sword touching something. The Cowboy was really there, and he just turned invisible. What a terrifying ability!

Su Xiao directly narrowed his senses to five meters. In this range, he could feel anything, and even if the cowboy shot at him, he could still dodge the bullet.

Su Xiao immediately discovered something strange. All the bloodstains of the cowboy disappeared from the ground.

This is no longer invisibility because people can hide, but the blood they spilled won’t disappear when they do.

The only explanation is that the cowboy blocked Su Xiao’s perception of him. So at this moment, the cowboy isn’t in his perception, not the sight, not the sound.

However, there is a loophole in this ability. Su Xiao’s perception increased several folds when he narrowed his range. If the cowboy was withing Five meters of him, Su Xiao would be able to find him.

When Su Xiao was preparing to look for the cowboy, the wind behind him whistled. Su Xiao immediately turned his head around.


A bullet passed close to Su Xiao’s cheeks and even cut a few strands of his hair.

Su Xiao’s face was ugly. The bullet didn’t exist in his perception only when it reached the five meters range.

The Bullets would turn invisible as well until it reaches his perception Range.

Suddenly, Su Xiao was in a tough spot, which left Su Xiao speechless. He could tell that the cowboy wasn’t here to get his scarlet card or take revenge for Carl; he wanted to fight him simply. No wonder other people were afraid of the Phantom Brigade!

Su Xiao could tell that Carl was a normal person in the Brigade.

The battle continued, and Su Xiao couldn’t let this pass. The enemy came to him, and the best way to deal with him is cutting his head.

The cowboy didn’t shoot again, as he saw Su Xiao dodging his bullet. He just waited for a skill to finish its cooldown.

Su Xiao quickly moved around using his perception range to search for the Cowboy. The blood on the ground was the best guide for him.


Blood splashed from Su Xiao’s back as he was shot.

Su Xiao moved his shoulder as he groaned in pain. As long as he didn’t get shot on the head or heart, he wouldn’t die. His Hp was high, and Bob’s Aura kept healing him.

Su Xiao wasn’t worried about Bob’s safety as the other…

Suddenly, Su Xiao thought of something, the cowboy disappeared from his senses, but couldn’t Bob see him?

Quickly, Su Xiao ran toward Bob, who quickly moved toward Su Xiao.

“Bob, can you see the enemy?”

Su Xiao’s question made Bob startled. Bob was wondering why his master was circling around the enemy and turned a blind eye toward him, which resulted in his being shot once.


Suddenly, blood burst from Bob’s hips as he screamed. The cowboy wanted to kill Bob.

Bob could see the cowboy, Su Xiao, was sure now.

“Bob, hide behind me.”

Su Xiao’s intention was obvious. He would let Bob stand behind him and guarantee his safety while Bob would show him the cowboy’s position and help him dodge the attacks.

Bob directly hid behind Su Xiao while the latter directly rushed toward the cowboy.

For a second, an arm with a gun appeared in his perception, he finally sensed him.

But at this moment, the arm disappeared again. Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped, and Bob quickly ran behind him.

Su Xiao whispered a few words to bob and took something to show him. Bob directly barked twice.

Su Xiao once again started moving around aimlessly as if it didn’t matter if he was shot.

At this time, the Cowboy was confused. He didn’t know what Su Xiao was doing, but he could smell a conspiracy.

“Biǎn máo (Flat Hair), how long can this continue?”

The Bald Eagle, Biǎn máo, made two sounds. The cowboy directly nodded his head. He understood what was said as his Animal Language was high.


Blood spurted again from Su Xiao as his Hp was in the red zone. The cowboy no longer shot toward his head as Su Xiao could avoid them. But the body was larger than the head, so it will be hard to dodge.

Just as two bullets hit Su Xiao, Bob barked twice.

Su Xiao was so happy for waiting for so long. Finally, the time for revenge is here.

“Explode!” Su Xiao murmured.


Several explosions sounded like the fire shot toward the sky. The impact spread around along with the fire. Su Xiao detonated exactly Seven Alchemy Bombs, all of which were in different directions.

This was their plan.

Taking several bombs from his inventory, Su Xiao covered them with his blood as he was shot and threw them on the ground.

When the Cowboy approaches the bombs, Bob will Bark.

Bob barked just now, which lead to Su Xiao decisively Detonate the bombs.

The bombs exploded in an instant. The cowboy was falling down from the sky with a tattered armor and a blown arm.

After looking at where the cowboy was falling, Su Xiao’s face changed. The Cowboy was falling into a water canal that leads to the ocean. It would be almost impossible for Su Xiao to find him if he falls there.

His current trajectory wasn’t a coincidence. The bald Eager was flapping its wings and changing the direction of his fall.

Su Xiao couldn’t give up, even though he was shot several times.

Wrapping the Wire from his armguard on Dragon Flash, Su Xiao directly spread his legs, and the muscles on his arm tensed.

Taking a deep breath, Su Xiao used all of his strength to throw Dragon Flash.


Dragon Flash directly penetrated the Cowboy’s lower abdomen, exactly his male part. The Cowboy’s Feature paled.

The Cowboy fell into the water, but before he fell, Su Xiao could hear a shout coming from him: “Men’s pain!”

Su Xiao pulled on the Wire directly. This caused even further damage to the cowboy.

The Water started turning light red as the cowboy was going crazy as the energy from the Qing Gang Ying penetrated his genitals. What made him even crazier was that his mana was dropping for some reason.