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R.P Chapter 305: Controlling the Secret Agent!

When the cowboy fell into the water, Su Xiao hurried to the edge and looked.

But He couldn’t find anything as many buildings were submerged underwater.

Su Xiao suddenly saw the figure of the Cowboy moving away. The Guy was swimming awkwardly. His hand was on his lower abdomen as his legs swayed slightly while moving away.

Su Xiao gave it a thought. If he jumped, all the wounds on his body would sting due to the salt in the water, especially since they were gun wounds.

Su Xiao decided to jump. He took out broken elf and dived in. He aimed at the cowboy directly and shot.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bullets didn’t make much sound underwater, which surprised Su Xiao. After moving several meters, the bullets sank down.

Su Xiao couldn’t believe this, he shot another three times, but the same happened.

This made him puzzled before he remembered that he was underwater. The water resistance was high, and probably, he would need a skill that would let him shoot bullets underwater.

The cowboy disappeared into the buildings, which made Su Xiao give up his pursuit.

It’s not so bad, actually. Since Su Xiao defeated the Cowboy today, the latter wouldn’t appear in Water 7 for a while. Otherwise, he knows that Su Xiao would kill him.

Su Xiao couldn’t sense him under the sea, but if that guy is close, Su Xiao would be able to feel the energy from his Qing Gang Ying.

Su Xiao closed his eyes and started looking for that energy, but it wasn’t nearby. It seemed that seawater interfered with his senses toward that energy.

Confirming that his enemy fled, Su Xiao directly returned back to the ground and fell down, he could no longer hold on.

That explosion aroused the attention of the residents nearby, and they directly notified the mayor who directly sent some of the Galley-la company who were responsible for the safety of Water 7.

Iceburg directly brought Paulie and Kalifa with him.

Paulie was dressed as a sailor, he had nothing special about him, although he can fight with ropes.

The identity of the other person was a bit special. She was Kalifa, one of the CP9 while she was working as Iceburg’s secretary while undercover.

CP9 was an organization under the world government that took orders only from them, unlike the Marine. They are like special forces whose task was mainly assassination and destroying whoever disobeys the world government.

Kalifa’s power was just so so. Of course, if we are talking about someone like Paulie, then she could finish him in just three minutes.

These three were followed by a large number of workers who directly separated to investigate the situation.

Iceburg walked toward Su Xiao and looked at his body covered in bullet wounds.

“What happened?”

Iceburg’s face wasn’t good. Su Xiao just arrived today, and he already caused such a big explosion.

“A group of pirates sneaked in and wanted to take a ship from here.”

Su Xiao sat up and pointed at a ship in the cemetery.

“Someone comes to steal a ship? How many people?”

“Three people, two of whom I injured and fled.”

The bloodstain on the ground was a good proof for what he said. Su Xiao was now a member of the Galley-la company. With his explanation, it seemed as if he did his job by repelling the ship thieves.

If someone did something for you, but you interrogated him, no one would follow you anymore.

Iceburg groaned a little while thinking that Su Xiao just arrived today, it was unlikely for him to find enemies so quickly.

“Good work. Kalifa, help Byakuya deal with his wounds, he is losing too much blood.”

Kalifa came over, and when she looked at Su Xiao’s wounds, her pupils shrunk. Being alive after receiving such wounds made her extra careful around him.

Su Xiao was shocked when he heard Iceburg telling Kalifa to deal with his wound. She was a CP9, and it wouldn’t be smart for him to have her treat his wounds.

“Thank you, Iceburg-san, this is only a minor injury, I can handle it myself.”

“Byakuya-san, please don’t move, you’re badly hurt!”

Kalifa pressed his shoulders, which made Su Xiao’s face ugly. This woman was dangerous. He could feel her killing intent.

Finding that Iceburg already moved far away, Su Xiao whispered in Kalifa’s ears: “So urgent to help with my wounds?”

Heat traveled until Kalifa’s earlobes as she turned red.

“You – You… Pervert! Idiot!”

Kalifa directly tore off Su Xiao’s jacket revealing ten gunshot wounds on his chest and back.

“Byakuya-san, don’t move, I will treat your wounds.”

Kalifa’s voice was soft as if she was a good little nurse, but a tiny glass piece scratched her sleeve, which made her stiffen.

“What are you doing?” Kalifa’s voice wasn’t as gentle as before.

“What did I do?”

Su Xiao looked at Kalifa’s finger and smiled.

“Don’t be rude when treating a woman.”

Although Kalifa’s tone wasn’t gentle, she didn’t dare move. She didn’t know when a metal wire was wrapped around her clothes. It wrapped her chest and lower abdomen. Kalifa clearly felt the cold metal on her body.

“Continue helping with my wound without any trick, ok?”

Su Xiao just entangled Kalifa with the wire from his armguard. If she dared to try anything on him, he would teach her a lifelong lesson. As long as he gently tightens the wire, not only her throat, every place in her body would be cut.

“Who are you?” Kalifa’s finger pierced Su Xiao’s back and directly pulled a bullet.

“A wondering Swordsman, my interest is killing, so don’t provoke the S in me.”

Su Xiao grinned as he intentionally scared Kalifa. He immediately tightened the wire, and Kalifa’s face directly turned red, and her body trembled while her breathing quickened.

“Pull the bullets out with your fingers, and I will make sausage for you.” (T/N: This definitively has a perverted meaning!!)

Now that he was exposed, Su Xiao didn’t care anymore. If he didn’t do this to Kalifa, she would definitively poison him. The CP9 would kill the strong people who join the Galley-la company. This what would’ve happened to him.

Even if it wasn’t exposed, they wouldn’t let him go.

Su Xiao looked at the Flushed Kalifa. Even in this situation, she was patient, and it seems she was afraid of being exposed.

The best thing out of this is that he easily controlled a CP9 Agent!