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R.P Chapter 306: You Can Eat a Free Chewing Gum

After taking out the wounds, she stitched his wounds and bandaged them. Kalifa looked very awkward as she helped Su Xiao treat his wounds.

“Let me go. I feel like my chest is suffocating. If I have a scar on my skin, I won’t forgive you.”

Kalifa looked at Su Xiao coldly.

“You can still yell and call me a pervert.”

“Don’t you try and test my patience.” Kalifa shouted as she opened her jacket secretly. Su Xiao was really rude to her.

“Don’t you dare.” Su Xiao said calmly then continued: “The poison in your hand is only used by some secret organizations. How could a Mayor’s secretary have it? Are you from the Marine? The Revolutionary Army?”

Kalifa’s yelling stopped as she closed her jacket back.

“What do you want?”

Sure enough, Kalifa was more afraid of being exposed then Su Xiao. The Latter at most would be expelled from the Galley-la company. However, if Su Xiao said she was a spy, even if Iceburg didn’t believe him, he would still be cautious around her and may even investigate this, which she couldn’t allow.

Su Xiao stood up and relaxed the tightened wire around Kalifa.

“Come with me.”

Su Xiao waited for Kalifa to respond.

Kalifa gritted her teeth and said: “Release me from this damn wire.”

“Are you dreaming?”

Su Xiao looked at Kalifa in amazement while the latter’s heart sunk.

Kalifa stood up while hesitating before sighing. She won’t be able to defend herself like this. Finally, she shouted.

“Iceburg-sama, I will take Byakuya to the Hospital for treatment. He lost too much blood.”

Iceburg was stunned as he looked at Su Xiao and Klaifa dumbly. They stood very close to each other.

Iceburg was puzzled, when did the relationship between these two become so good? Is it love at first sight?

“Go, you, young people have too much energy.”

Iceburg chuckled as he continued the investigation.

Kalifa moved forward while Su Xiao followed behind closely. As long as Kalifa tried anything, he would be able to respond instantly.

He was lucky that Kalifa was the one who approached him. While Kalifa didn’t expect him to be so bold that he would capture her in front of Iceburg while he was seriously injured.

“What’s your purpose? If you want to sleep with me, you will die, even if I die along, I won’t be a cheap woman.”

Kalifa said with determination while Su Xiao frowned.

“I just want to have a ‘talk’ with you.”

Su Xiao relaxed the wire while he gestured for Kalifa to enter the alley.
Su Xiao looked at Kalifa inside the two meters wide alley and hesitated. He didn’t know whether to ask about the Rokushiki from her or just kill her.

However, thinking about the consequences of killing her, Su Xiao shook his head. Rob Lucci and the others would hunt him down. The Galley-la company won’t let him go, and the world government may participate as well. He can’t kill her.

The risk is way higher than what he would get. So, he started thinking about other countermeasures.

Kalifa standing beside Su Xiao was full of cold sweat, she clearly could feel his hesitation, he wondered if he should kill her or not.

“Hurry up and kill me. If you do, you will be a pirate and won’t be able to set foot on this island again, and people will start hunting you.”

Kalifa smiled scornfully, she seemed not to care whether she is alive or not, but in fact, she was afraid and wanted to live.

Su Xiao suddenly thought of a plan. Although it was a rough plan, it should be suitable for this situation.

“Miss Kalifa, do you like chewing gum?”

Kalifa froze, she felt something wrong.”

“I don’t like it. I hate it.”

“You don’t have the right to choose. I will give you one for free today.”

Su released more wires and directly entangled Kalifa.

She directly fell to the ground and couldn’t struggle as she was afraid of the metal wires.

Su Xiao directly moved beside Kalifa.

“You… What are you going to do?”

Kalifa stared at Su Xiao while she gritted her teeth. Su Xiao pressed Kalifa’s back while holding an object like chewing gum in his hand.

It was an Intermediate Alchemy bomb. The range of this bomb is 6 meters, and the damage dealt is about 100.

Su Xiao directly held Kalifa’s jaw and started opening her mouth.

Kalifa’s teeth wouldn’t budge. She felt her mouth tire out, but she still didn’t open her mouth.

After pinching her cheek for a long time, Su Xiao couldn’t open her mouth.

“Open your mouth.”

“Ho (no).” Said Kalifa while still closing her mouth.

Su Xiao sneered and pulled out Dragon Flash. He grasped Kalifa’s cheek and put the sword close to her. It seemed like he was going to open a hole in her mouth to make her eat the gum.

Kalifa was desperate. Her enemy was crueler than she thought.

When Dragon Flash was close to her red lips, Kalifa opened her mouth slowly.

After returning Dragon Flash, Su Xiao directly fed her the Alchemy bomb while his index and middle fingers pushed it into her throat.

Kalifa twitched, as tears rolled down her cheek uncontrollably.

Finally, the Alchemy bomb was swallowed by Kalifa while she was humiliated. So she directly bit Su Xiao’s fingers.

Su Xiao froze. This woman was really fierce, but being bitten wasn’t a problem.

Holding Kalifa’s jaw with his thumb, Su Xiao directly grabbed Kalifa’s tongue with his index and Middle fingers.

After biting him for a little, Kalifa let go. Su Xiao’s fingers were free. He directly wiped the saliva in Kalifa’s clothes.

“I’m going to kill you.”

Kalifa was never humiliated like this before in her life, and what made her even more desperate, she didn’t know what she just swallowed.

“Kill me? Stop dreaming. You can’t.”

Su Xiao directly started activating the bomb. The bomb started swelling before stopping when it reached a certain extent. This is to prevent Kalifa from taking it out.

Unless she performed a stomach surgery, she would never get rid of the bomb within a week. After that week, the bomb would already be corroded by the stomach acid and won’t be effective anymore.

Su Xiao directly released Kalifa from the wire.

“What did you make me swallow.”

“Some dog Feces.”

“Blugg…” Kalifa tried to vomit it back as she saw a dog nearby. The alchemy bomb smelled strange.

“Stop it.”

Kalifa couldn’t the bomb out and directly yelled.

“Rest assured. I’m not that free. I just made you swallow a bomb.”

Su Xiao activated the bomb slight, the surface of the bomb released high temperature, which made Kalifa fall to the ground while screaming.

“It’s too hot!”

Cold sweat filled Kalifa’s clothes as she stood up after some time.

“What is your purpose?”

Kalifa gasped as she realized she couldn’t deal with Su Xiao.

“I don’t have one. If you have companions, tell them that the water from a well can’t stand in front of a river, so don’t provoke me.”

Saying this, Su Xiao directly left the alley. The plot was in the first stage, and it wasn’t time for problems yet.

Kalifa was standing in the alley while trying to vomit using her fingers, but when she realized that she wouldn’t be able to get the bomb out, she collapsed to the ground.