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R.P Chapter 307: Wicked Plan

Kalifa appeared suddenly was bad news for him, but fortunately, he handled the situation well enough for now.

As long as Lucci and the other don’t want Kalifa to die, they won’t provoke him. But there is a possibility that they would just sacrifice her.

If Lucci was really determined to kill him, he would risk their exposure, between just one person being exposed, or everyone being exposed, he would choose the latter.

What’s more, Su Xiao’s previous action would make it seem like he only suspected Kalifa because she was going to use it on him. Nothing about her plans or companions.

Now, it is even less likely for someone like Lucci to come after him.

He could use Kalifa right now, of course not the R B Q one, but as a bargaining chip.

Walking around Water Seven, Su Xiao was in a good mood, but for a while, he didn’t know where to go.

Suddenly, a fragrant smell made its way toward his nose, and his clothes were grabbed. Bob was the one grabbing him.

Bob was sticking his tongue out and looking at a stall, which was surrounded by a large crowd. Su Xiao moved toward them and found that it was the specialty of Water 7, the Mizu Mizu Meat.

Su Xiao bought a few of the special jelly-like meat.

As he took a bite, Su Xiao’s eyes widened, this really deserves its reputation.

Bark! Bark!!!

Bob turned in a hurry as Su Xiao threw a piece at him. The former swallowed it directly swallowed it.

“Wild Dog!”

Su Xiao continued to give Bob a few pieces as he walked forward. He was going toward Dock No.1. After all, that was his workplace now.

But one thing was on Su Xiao’s mind, Iceburg. The latter should be suspicious of him now. As when he said that he fought a pirate, the reputation he had didn’t raise, which means he didn’t believe him.

Su Xiao walked around the Dock No.1 as he got there. As he saw the workers, Su Xiao directly pulled a chair and started watching them.

Su Xiao’s work was maintaining order, which didn’t require him to do anything unless a situation arises. He would be paid 600,000 Berry per month, which was equivalent to 35,000 RMB.

With his strength, the pay was quite low. It was the salary for his probation period after it ends, his salary would increase.

The workers looked at Su Xiao and didn’t know he was sitting there, but no one come forward and asked, they thought that he was just a guest.

Kalifa came back to the old Shipyard where Su Xiao fought the Cowboy after they separated.

Iceburg froze as he saw Kalifa with wrinkled clothes, and his imagination was irked.

“Young people are really open-minded.”

Kalifa stood silently behind Iceburg, and the latter was surprised.

“I didn’t expect you to have such an open side. Although Byakuya is a handsome young man, it’s too fast.”

When Kalifa heard his words, her face darkened slightly before thinking about something, suddenly she smiled and said.

“I just fell down, don’t get any wrong ideas.”

“Well, I’m probably not wrong, but you’re not young either. Although Byakuya just joined, he isn’t weak, and looks really promising.”

Iceburg said jokingly. He was less suspicious about Su Xiao now. He wouldn’t stop the love between his employees. Although Kalifa was his secretary, the two were still his subordinates.

Kalifa didn’t explain anymore. This subject was getting more and more out of hand. At the same time, she had a plan on her mind. Since Iceburg misunderstood that she was in a relationship with Byakuya, then she will drag the bastard down. Her plan would start in a few days. At that time, he wouldn’t be able to gain a foothold in Water 7 and will be hunted.

The more she thought, the more she understood that Byakuya wasn’t weak.

“Iceburg-san, when did Byakuya join the Galley-la company? How old was he?”

Kalifa’s question made Iceburg startled. He was only half-joking about this before.

“Kalifa, you…”

Kalifa turned red as she played with her hair.

Paulie, at the side, looked at Kalifa in amazement. Kalifa’s strategy was a success. As a secret agent, she had some acting skills.

Letting more people know that she was in a relationship with Byakuya. When would she complain and say things about him after a few days, who would listen to Su Xiao? No one will.

After the story spread through the workers, the gossip was like hot cake in the Galley-la company.

Su Xiao didn’t know about this. If he did, he would’ve cut her tongue. That woman was really trying to drag his reputation to the ground.

Spending the afternoon in the No.1 Dock, no pirate came to cause trouble. The workers got familiar with him after knowing he was a new employee and the one who will protect them.

After it got dark, the workers got off work as Su Xiao’s popularity increased by 40 points just this afternoon. This made him a little bit confused. Could introducing himself get him reputation points? That’s too easy.

At about five in the evening, Angus approached Su Xiao. Before Iceburg told him that they would celebrate together in the evening, he didn’t know what kind of celebration but it should be just a party.

Angus patted Su Xiao’s shoulders as his face looked at Su Xiao’s little envious as he said.

“You boy! You’re good! Just one day, and you already have the heart of big beauty.”

Su Xiao was stunned. He didn’t know what Angus was talking about.


“Don’t pretend to be stupid. A lot of people in the Galley-la company already knows about you and Miss Kalifa. That cold beauty could actually fall in love…”

Hearing Angus words, Su Xiao’s face changed slightly. He could guess what’s going on.

Su Xiao immediately guessed that it was Kalifa’s doing.

“Is that so?”

Su Xiao followed Angus toward Iceburg’s home.

There was one possibility of Kalifa’s behavior. She wanted to Drag him down. At noon, he made her eat a bomb, and just in the evening, such rumor spread.

A smile appeared on Su Xiao’s mouth when they were on their way.

Although she wanted to drag him down and mess with him, this was a good situation. At least she helped him increase his reputation by 40 points.

Checking his popularity again, Su Xiao’s found another 30 points added, and it was still growing. It won’t take long for his reputation to reach 200 points.

More importantly, he was in control of Kalifa’s life. As long as he detonated the bomb, she would undoubtedly die.

The issue of raising his reputation is temporary resolved. He should start preparing now, as five days later, the straw-hat pirates would land on this island, and water 7 would become a mess.

It wasn’t necessary to consider everything now. He should focus on benefitting himself to the limit in these five days.

After coming to Iceburg’s house, he found that it was really a luxurious villa. Worthy of the Mayor of this village.

Entering the first floor of the villa, Su Xiao heard a sound along with smelling fragrant food mixed with alcohol. Several long tables were in the hall full of food, and many workers were loudly talking while drinking. It was a lively banquet.