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R.P Chapter 308: Shameless

Walking into the hall, Angus was directly pulled toward some of his colleagues. Before he left Su Xiao’s side, he said: “Enjoy the fun.”

As Angus left, A beauty came toward Su Xiao and held his arm.

“Don’t cause a commotion. Our relationship is ambiguous.”

Kalifa chuckled slightly, looking quite happy with her scheme.

“Really, but you seem to have forgotten something.”

Su Xiao and Kalifa were sitting at a table with a few people nearby.

“What is it?”

Kalifa took a sip of wine as she asked.

“How does it feel to have a bomb in your belly?”

Su Xiao watched Kalifa with interest. Since she was going to act, he would play along. He directly held Kalifa’s hand while eyes all around them looked at him with envy and anger.

Su Xiao’s reputation started rising at an alarming rate since this banquet was full of Galley-la company.

[Your reputation rose by +5]

[Your reputation rose by +2]

[Your reputation rose by +8]

[Your reputation rose by +12]

Notifications sounded one after the other as Su Xiao became bolder while Kalifa stiffened, but she was still smiled to hold up the act.

“Asshole! Let me go!”

Kalifa said with a low voice while she gritted her teeth through her smile. She didn’t want to blow her cover.

Su Xiao ignored her as his reputation would soon reach 400. He would let go of such a good opportunity, would he?

As long as his reputation rose to a certain level, Su Xiao would be able to move freely in Water 7, and he won’t need to defend Dock No.1 to raise his reputation anymore.

Su Xiao came close to Kalifa and said: “I heard that you’d been here for a long time.”

“So what.”

“I’m not curious about your purpose of being here. I can help you with the bomb, in return… I want something.”

Kalifa folded her hands over her chest while Su Xiao’s hands moved under her clothes. Kalifa was afraid that people would see this and felt quite strange. She wanted to kick Su Xiao away.

“Speak your deal and take your hand out!”

Su Xiao chuckled as he ignored Kalifa’s words. He was testing Kalifa’s patience while also feeling good.

“Your target should be something that Iceburg owns. I already have an idea of your identity. It’s like someone from the revolutionary army or the Marine.”

Kalifa pretended that her face changed, but she was relieved that he didn’t know. She was afraid that Su Xiao would know she was from the CP9.

“It can be seen from the way you handled yourself that you are a spy. Otherwise, you won’t endure so much provocation. I understand the way of the revolutionary army. You seem somewhat different, so the only one left is the Marine.”

Of course, Su Xiao knew about her being from the CP9, but she didn’t need to know that. He wasn’t stupid to make the CP9 hunt him.

Kalifa’s face was getting redder as she felt even more strange now. Kalifa didn’t notice this at first, but even if her sensitive places were touched, she wouldn’t have such a reaction.

“Drug… Drug?”

“No, even if I’m not bright, I’m not that insensitive as to give a woman some drugs.”

Kalifa yelled angrily and said: “Say, what is your purpose being here?”

Kalifa was frustrated. Not only was her plan a failure, but she also went to the tiger’s den and was taken advantage of.

“Since you are a Marine, then you should know of the Rokushiki, I want to learn them.”

Su Xiao stated his purpose. Although it was possible to get the Rokushiki by killing her, but extorting it was safer.

“Impossible. Um!”

Kalifa gasped faster.


Su Xiao pulled his hand out of her clothes, and the cold look on his face returned. Since the Negotiation failed, he would kill her secretly later.

Kalifa quietly sorted her clothes and looked around to find Rob Lucci looking at her.

His gaze was clearly asking her what’s going on. Not only him, even Kaku and the others were the same.

Kaku’s mouth was wide, and his nose was like Pinnochio’s, which seemed funny.

Kaku was angry. He didn’t believe Kalifa would fall in love or anything of this.

Kaku first though that she betrayed them, but thinking about her character, he felt that it was unlikely.

Just as Kaku was getting angrier, Lucci came and whispered in his ear: “Kalifa is exposed. Don’t contact her, don’t look for her.”

Kaku knew what’s going on. When he glanced at Su Xiao, he released a little bit of killing intent accidentally.

Su Xiao leaned on his chair silently as he lit a cigarette.

“Are you going to… Kill me?”

Kalifa always believed that she wasn’t afraid of death, but knowing that Su Xiao would kill her, her throat was dry.


Su Xiao’s tone was unwavering. It didn’t seem he was talking about killing someone, and it seemed to be just a job.

“You’re definitively not a king’s guard. It’s impossible for someone who has such a strong killing intent to be a king’s guard. Don’t deny I it.”

Kalifa calmed down as she adjusted her mentality.

The banquet was filled with laughter, so no one could hear what these two were talking about. The life and death negotiation was still ongoing.

“It doesn’t matter who I’m. What’s important that I know your identity and will kill you if you don’t accept the deal. There is nothing else to it.”

Kalifa’s tone changed.

“Help me remove the bomb, and I will give you 30 million Berry, that’s my bottom line.”

“Oh, do you think I care about money. I want to learn Soru from the Rokushiki, that’s my bottom line.”

Su Xiao picked a piece of meat, which was strange. The meat in this world was just some meat attached to a bone, and it wasn’t greasy and tasted very good.

Su Xiao started eating as he drunk a bottle of rum. He was very hangry as he didn’t eat all day.

Kalifa lowered her head and considered something before her eyes flashed.

“I Can do it.”

Su Xiao put down the bottle and looked at her.

“Will you speak of it or write it?”

“I will write it.”

Su Xiao took a pen and a piece of paper from thin air, which caused Kalifa’s pupil to shrink. She suddenly thought about how terrifying Byakuya was, and he planned everything from the start?

Of course, everything was planned, if it wasn’t how would he be so calm after everything that happened.

After five minutes, a piece of paper with the method of training in Soru was handed to Su Xiao.

After looking at it for a few minutes, Su Xiao shredded the paper and threw it on the table.

“What are you doing.” Kalifa was a little angry.

“Last chance, if it is still fake, we’ll end the talk now.”

Su Xiao continued to eat. Kalifa hesitated for a long time before picking the pen again.

This time, Kalifa wrote only a few dozen lines, but the Reincarnation Paradise’s notification appeared.

[You got: Rokushiki: Soru training method (2/3).]

A smile appeared on Su Xiao’s face, and Kalifa was more interesting in his eyes. He looked at her as if she was a moving cash machine.

“Write down the remaining one third. And I will remove the bomb.”

Kalifa moved subconsciously to the side as she felt that the current smiling Byakuya was more terrifying than when he looked cold.

“Yes, but you have to help me with the bomb.”

Su Xiao snapped his fingers, and directly the bomb reacted.

“Two-third of the bomb was dealt with, so keep writing.”

Kalifa gritted her teeth and wrote the remaining third and handed it to Su Xiao.

[You got: Rokushiki: Soru training Method (complete)]

Su Xiao’s raised his hand and directly manipulated the bomb. The alchemy bomb directly disappeared from her stomach.

Kalifa felt the bomb disappearing from her stomach couldn’t help smiling. But the next sentence from Su Xiao made her almost faint.

“The first bomb is removed, let’s talk about the remaining two.”

Su Xiao’s mouth was smiling, and Kalifa’s mouth was twitching. The alchemy bombs were small and tied together, so Kalifa didn’t notice this.

“You shameless dirty bastard!”

Kalifa was desperate, her enemy was sly, and she couldn’t deal with him at all.