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R.P Chapter 309: Probing!

Looking at the angry Kalifa in front of him, Su Xiao didn’t do anything. He was happy knowing that he had the method to use Soru now.

“Don’t get so excited. There are just another two bombs. You can find someone to help you remove them, but let me remind you that anyone touching them will cause them to detonate instantly.”

Su Xiao was, of course, not telling the truth. The bombs were in a semi-active state, as soon as he feels something wrong, he would just activate them.

This is just a precaution. There are four agents in Water 7. Three of them were from Galley-la and the other one who owned a tavern here as well.

The last one is Blueno, who is proficient in the Tekkai of the Rokushiki, and he ate the Door Door devil fruit that allowed him to create doors through anything he touches.

Su Xiao was worried about one thing if Kalifa went to Blueno, and the latter uses his fruit to take out the bombs.

For this, Su Xiao semi-activated the bombs, so as soon as something goes wrong, they will be detonated immediately as he was linked to them, he could tell if something was wrong. In the end, he wasn’t lying completely.

If Blueno dares to take out the bombs, he would most likely die along with Kalifa.

Kalifa considered this and didn’t dare to do anything. She clearly felt the bombs in her stomach, which was the reason she only drinks liquids instead of hard food.

“Then, detonate it, don’t expect to take another one of the Rokushiki from me.”

Kalifa was determined, giving away the Soru is already violating the CP9 rules, but she was in Water 7 for so many years that she didn’t want the mission to end up in failure.

“You got it wrong.”

“What?” Kalifa looked at Su Xiao with suspicion.

“Why am I hostile toward you? What caused the conflict? Think about it.”

Su Xiao’s words made Kalifa think. Yeah, why were they hostile to each other while they didn’t know each other before.

“Because of… The bottle of poison.”

“Yes. I’m not interested in what you’re doing here or what is your status. I was drifting in the sea and arrived here and tried to recuperate. It was you who took the initiative to try hurting me. Don’t talk about taking a few bombs, me not killing you directly is good enough.”

Although she felt that there is some truth to his words, she felt something missing. So she directly recalled all that happened after.

First, she was entangled with a metal wire, then she was pushed to the ground, then she was forced to eat bombs, and finally, now he harassed her.

The more she thought, the more she knew what was wrong, she was the victim all along.

“I won’t believe your words. You’re a liar.”

Su Xiao ate a lot and drank a lot as well. The food here was full of calories, so he felt that he was recovering faster.

“A liar? Whatever you want, but… Do the bombs in your stomach mean so little to you?”

The topic returned to the bombs, Kalifa was sad. She felt that if she didn’t pay anything today, she would die.

She gritted her teeth and said: “Speak… What do you want?”

“Didn’t I tell you? I will charge a technique from the Rokushiko for each bomb.”

Su Xiao lit a cigarette and took a deep breath, which felt refreshing after a meal.

“Why cling to the Rokushiki and not other things?”

It seems like she won’t hand over another technique.

Realizing this, Su Xiao said jokingly: “You can come to my room and warm my bed tonight if you want.”

“I can do that.”

Su Xiao was stunned. He didn’t think Kalifa would agree.

“Don’t look like that at me. I can do the task and rest assured, I’m clean.”

Su Xiao waved his hand as he said.

“I don’t have the habit of forcing women to do this. If a technique from the Rokushiki can’t work… Then give me a Sword from the O wazamono series.”

O wazamono series: one of the most famous swords in the world that contain only 21 swords, each of them is well known.

There are three such sword series in the world or as they’re called Meito. The first one is Ryo wazamono series which contain 50 swords of high quality, the higher grade are the O Wazamono sword series, which contain 21 swords which are one of the best in the world, and last. Best are the Saijo O Wazamono sword series, there 12 swords in this series and they are the best swords known in the world.

The possibility of getting one from the Saijo O wazamono is close to none. But one from 21 swords is very difficult but still possible.

“Are you kidding me?” Kalifa looked dull after hearing his request.


“Each of the 21 swords of the O Wazamono series is a rare treasure. I’m just a spy. It’s impossible for me to get my hands on one. It is easier for me to sleep with you in this case.”

Su Xiao almost slipped. Does this woman want to sleep with him so much? Although she was a very sexy secretary type, she is still a poisonous flower.

“Since I can’t get one from the 21… I want one from the Ryo wazamono Series.”

Kalifa wanted to say another thing, but Su Xiao interrupted her.

“In four days, I want one of the Ryo Wazamono swords in front of me. And remember, I want one the size of my sword.”

Su Xiao pointed at Dragon Flash. After all, he didn’t want a sword that would change the shape of his sword, if Kalifa brought one without him saying this condition, he would be embarrassed.

“Why should I believe you?”

“Do you have a choice?”

“I… Will do my best.”

After receiving Kalifa’s request, Su Xiao put out the cigarette as he thought that he made the right choice not to kill Kalifa. She is more useful alive.

“As a bonus, you’re allowed to eat today.”

Su Xiao snapped his finger, and the bomb returned to a smaller size.


Kalifa gritted her teeth as she took the meat in front of her and bit it while imagining it was Su Xiao.


Kalifa murmured.


Su Xiao looked at Kalifa.

“Nothing, I said you’re handsome.”

Kalifa felt a pang of slight guilt as she really said something offensive.

“If I hear something similar next time, you will be invited to eat another free chewing gum.”

Kalifa was stupefied. She could tell that he meant bomb.

Why do I have a bomb in my stomach that could explode at any moment? From today on, Kalifa’s most hated color is white, the color of the ‘gum’ she ate.

The banquet came to an end with Su Xiao in a good mood.

The workers sang loudly as Su Xiao left with some food and drinks.

Outside the villa, Kalifa waited in a dark corner waiting for her companion.

“What happened?”

A man came behind Kalifa and asked in a cold voice.

“I swallowed three bombs, one is dealt with, but there is still two more in my stomach.”

Kalifa sighed.

“Can you dissolve the bomb?”

“No… Not sure.”

“Go find Blueno. He can do it.”

The man that showed up was Rob Lucci.