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R.P Chapter 310: Explosives!

At night, inside a tavern, you can find a tall man with a rough face and horn-shaped black hair as if he was a bull. This was Blueno.

Blueno was wiping a glass in his hand while staring straight ahead as if he was in deep thoughts.


The door of the tavern opened, making a jingling sound while someone stepped inside.

Blueno didn’t look up as he knew who was here.

“You’re here, Kalifa.”

Blueno’s voice was dull, but his presence was quite overbearing. This was a master of Tekkai.

“I had an accident.”

Kalifa didn’t explain anything much, just the fact that she had a bomb in her body.

“Lock the door.”

Kalifa locked the door before finding a chair and sitting down.

“Where is the exact location of the bomb?”

“In my stomach, here.”

Looking at where she was pointing, Blueno nodded.

“Human Door.”

Blueno put a finger inside Kalifa’s body, and something inexplicable happened.

A small door opened on her stomach without any blood leaking out. This Door Door Devil Fruit doesn’t harm the Human body.

The inside of Kalifa’s stomach appeared in front of Blueno, who directly picked a bottle of alcohol and poured it on his hand then directly opened another door in her stomach.

Blueno looked inside, and his pupil shrunk after seeing what’s inside.

“Can you take it out?”

Kalifa’s voice was urgent.”

“It’s difficult, very difficult.”

“What happened?”

Kalifa looked down inside her stomach, and what she saw made her face dull.

In her stomach, two white gel-like substances formed tentacles that clang to her gastric mucosa as if they were roots of a tree.

Blueno tried to touch them, but as he did, the white things started heating up as Kalifa felt the pain.

“This thing is clinging to your gastric mucosa, with a slight touch, it will explode… Who did you meet?”

Blueno’s face wasn’t good. This unknown enemy was cunning and planned for every scenario.

After groaning for a while, Blueno said: “If you want to take the risk, the chance is 10% or below.”

Kalifa collapsed in her chair as if she was thinking.

“Take it out!”

Kalifa made a hard decision, and she didn’t want to be controlled like this.

“Then, I will try.”

Blueno took a deep breath and slowly pushed the tweezes inside, and as soon as it touched the bomb, the bomb turned red. Blueno stopped as if waiting for the bomb, calm down.

After a long time, the bomb returned to its white color as Blueno continued gently.

One of the Tentacles was cut, which surprised both of them.

“Tekkai Go!”

Blueno immediately used his Tekkai and turned as hard as iron while Kalifa was desperate.

The explosion didn’t occur as the bomb returned to the normal white color.

“It doesn’t seem as sensitive as you think.”

Blueno put the tentacle cut from the bomb on the table, it directly exploded.


As it exploded, the table was directly shattered as splatters flew everywhere. Blueno stood in front of Kalifa.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The splatters hit Blueno’s body as if they were bullets while he used Tekkai Go. He was unharmed, but he was still pushed back.

The explosion subsided. Kalifa’s face was white, and her clothes were sweaty while she felt like collapsing down.

“This is…”

Blueno was puzzled. The bomb didn’t seem like it will explode before.

“I think this bomb is remotely controllable.”

“It can be controlled from far away?” Blueno said dumbly.


The extraction failed. Blueno deactivated his ability, directly returning Kalifa’s body to normal.

“You can only deal with it yourself.”

Blueno directly returned to the bar and threw a bottle of wine toward Kalifa.

Kalifa directly took it and drunk a little.

“If I die, don’t look for revenge, it isn’t worth it.”

Kalifa left after saying this. After confirming that no one was following her, she took out a den den mushi and made a call.

After a while, the call connected.

“Here is Jabra, is this you Kalifa? Aren’t you on a mission?”

A sly voice came from the other side of the Den Den Mushi which was making a wolf-like expression.

“It’s me. I have a request.”

“What is it?”

“If I remember correctly, you got a good sword from the Ryo Wazamono series on a mission 6 years ago. I want it.”

Kalifa’s demand made the Jabra speechless.

“When did I get that?”

“Don’t try to deny it, I saw it with my own eyes.”

Kalifa rolled her eyes. She couldn’t understand this person’s character.

“Well, I already gave it to our superior.”

“Oh? Really?”

“Of course, do you think I’m lying?”

Jabra was apparently impatient.

“Thirty Million Berry, I will buy it.”

“I said…”

“I can still go ask that superior?”

“It’s a deal, will you come to pick it or do I send someone? When did you switch to using swords?”

The voice from the other side of the call was treacherous to the extreme.

“Send someone to deliver it. It must be delivered tomorrow.”


Jabra seemed embarrassed suddenly.

“Come here by train. I will pay for it.”

Kalifa was helpless. That money grabbed was just too much.

“I will tell you first. This stays between us, don’t tell anyone.”

“No problem.” Kalifa agreed.

Hanging up the phone, Kalifa leaned against the wall, full of frustration.

“Just you wait, no matter what it is, whether the Rokushiki techniques or the sword, everything will be returned, along with your life, Byakuya!”

Kalifa didn’t give up so easily, she encountered a lot more difficult things before, and she still came on top.

Kalifa wasn’t the strongest in the CP9, but her patience was the best out of all of them, which led to her being the only female member of the CP9.