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R.P Chapter 311: Rokushiki

As a worker in the Galley-la company, Su Xiao can use the dormitory.

When he walked in, the smell hit his sensitive nose. It was smelly. Sweat, Feet, and wine smells were mixed along with a faint salty smell of the sea.

This reminded him of the high school days.

Dozens of workers were playing cards while shouting.

Su Xiao’s brows wrinkled. This wasn’t a good place to rest. It’s not he was picky, but this place was full of noise.

Turning away, Su Xiao directly left as he looked for a place to stay. He found a nearby hotel, although it wasn’t luxurious, the bed was tidy, and there was no smell in the room.

A sound came from the bathroom… It was just Bob taking a bath.

Su Xiao sat down as he took the Soru training method from his space. Although Reincarnation Paradise recognized the technique, it can’t be directly learned or taken out of One Piece’s world.

[Rokushiki: Sory training Method (complete)]

Quality: Purple

Type: Technique

Learning requirement: 25 Strength, 30 Agility, 25 vitality.

Rate: 141 (Tip: Purple equipment rate vary between 71 and 150)

Introduction: With this method, you can learn Soru, which can be upgraded within the skill upgrade hall.

Tip: This item will disappear as soon as you leave One piece’s world. This was made by Kalifa. You can’t make one yourself.

The paper in Su Xiao’s hand was not a skill scroll. It can’t be learned directly. To learn Soru, he needs to train normally.

Was learning the Rokushiki hard? After looking at the Soru, Su Xiao knew that it wasn’t hard to learn, but the hardest thing was to make the body able to practice the techniques.

The Marine and CP need to perform cruel training before being able to learn any technique form the Rokushiki. The body needs great strength to perform these techniques.

Su Xiao’s agility and Strength already met the requirement, while his vitality barely made it as his current vitality was 25 points.

At least he has no problem learning Soru, but learning Tekkai is most likely impossible now.

Looking at the method, Su Xiao didn’t know whether Kalifa just writes like this usually or if she did it on purpose. Her writing was just too ugly.

Kalifa was acting as a secretary currently, how can her writing be so bad? Then it can only be on purpose.

“Well, she tried to be clever!”

Su Xiao directly spent 10 Paradise coins to change the writing to something easy to read.

After a short time, Su Xiao knew how to practice Soru, which took him about ten seconds.

That’s right. It’s that simple. This wasn’t related to Su Xiao’s IQ. It’s just that practicing Soru was simple.

The main method to use Soru is: Step more than ten times in an instant, exactly 0,36 seconds and use the force generated to move at a speed that can’t be followed with the naked eye.

Although Soru was fast, there were some disadvantages.

One of them is controlling the force you use, or else you will just rush into a wall or directly rush into the enemy’s weapon losing your life directly.

Another one when Soru is used, the user can’t change his course.

After half an hour of thinking, Su Xiao stood bare-footed and stepped on the ground.

But just after two times, Su Xiao moved from hit place directly.

This one was a failure. Su Xiao continued to practice Soru repeatedly without getting tired.

Bob was lying down while looking worriedly.

If Bob could speak, he would say: “Master, when I have money, I will take you to the best Psychiatric to treat you.”

Su Xiao continued without stopping. It was really difficult to step ten times in the same place in an instant while preventing himself from rushing forward.

A rough knocking on the door was heard. Su Xiao directly moved and opened the door only to find a few big men with fierce eyes looking at him.

One of them glared at Su Xiao and said: “It’s the middle of the night, stop making sounds, or I will kick you out.”

The big man said while his chest muscles moved, and his fingers cracked.

“Well, let’s talk like civilized men. Indeed I’m wrong for disturbing you in the middle of the night.”

Su Xiao said gently.

“Ha? Civilized man? I’m…”

Five minutes later, several men could be seen walking down in a hurry while their faces were messed up. Su Xiao shook the blood on his hand as he returned to his room.

If the others talked normally, he would’ve stopped practicing, but since they came to threaten him, then they just experience whose fists were harder.

Su Xiao practiced Soru and progressed slightly.

When it reached 1 o’clock, Su Xiao took a rest as haste would make problems instead of progress.

The next morning, Su Xiao directly washed up and changed into new clothes before heading toward Dock No.1.

After staying for a while, Su Xiao left and started practicing Soru again. As long as he masters it, he can approach his enemies faster.

After warming up and failing, again and again, Su Xiao wasn’t discouraged. He can succeed through Failure.

Sweat soaked Su Xiao’s clothes, so he directly removed his shirt.

Taking a deep breath, Su Xiao stepped quickly in the same place.


As he whispered, Su Xiao made a few afterimages as he rushed toward the sea.

He moved two meters higher than the water before splashing down into the sea.

Swimming back to the shore, Su Xiao was overjoyed. He succeeded just now. Although he still had a long way before he masters it, it’s a good start.

Su Xiao continued to practice, but he wasn’t successful again.

Sitting down in an open space, Su Xiao looked at the see while thinking about the reason for that one-time success. Was it because he said the name out loud?

Closing his eyes for some time, Su Xiao thought about this before opening his eyes.

“Let’s continue.”

Standing up, Su Xiao once again stepped on the ground quickly.

Suddenly, Su Xiao nearly fell as he felt pain in his ankle, which left him puzzled. Is this because I practiced too much, which caused my body to be unable to bear it any longer. It needs physical power beyond what a normal human can use after all.

One piece’s world can’t be underestimated. The physical strength of humans here is beyond normal.

Su Xiao sat down and rubbed his ankle till the pain subsided.

His stomach growled. When he looked up, he found that the sun was in the middle of the sky. He was unknowingly practicing for the whole morning.