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R.P Chapter 312: Magical Cooking

Su Xiao put his shirt on his shoulder and took out a map to confirm where to go.

He was going to eat, but he wasn’t just eating. He was going to look for a master hidden in Water 7. Of course, whether he is a true master or not, it’s up to him to judge.

Half an hour later, Su Xiao arrived on the east side of Water 7. He saw a boat on the shore.

This wasn’t a boat meant to sail the ocean, and it was a restaurant build on the boat.

A dining table was arranged, three people can sit at the same table. On the other end of the table, pots and pans were neatly arranged.

No one was eating. There were no guests. A thin old man who was sleeping and drooling as he leaned on a bed. This old man was 1.2 meters high. His hair was gray, and he was missing a few teeth.

The old slept sweetly while holding an empty wine bottle in his hand. He didn’t seem on guard, but Su Xiao didn’t dare to move too close to him.

This old man was like a lion, although he was old, he seemed strong.

Su Xiao got onto the boat. He didn’t go wake up the old man as he waited instead.

After ten minutes, the old man seemed to have trouble breathing before he spat his saliva and woke up.

The old man opened his eyes stupidly as he raised the bottle of wine and wanted to drink, but unfortunately, the bottle was empty.

“Huh?” The old man looked at Su Xiao with sleepy eyes.

“I don’t welcome guests at noon, come back in the evening.”

The old man didn’t seem interested as he closed his eyes and gone back to sleep.

“I heard there was a super chef here who like to drink very much. I specially brought a good bottle of wine to drink.”

Su Xiao took a bottle of wine with three big words on it: ‘wǔ liáng yè’. (Famous drink distilled from five different grains)

The old man shook his head after seeing the drink in Su Xiao’s hand. He never saw that kind of wine before, but he heard about the drink distilled from five different grains.

“Come back in the evening…”

When the old was about to finish, Su Xiao opened the bottle, and the wine fragrance filled the place.

Compared to the winemaking methods in One piece, the method of making this wine was unique, which made its aroma mellow and attractive.

“This is… What is this wine?”

The old man swallowed as he struggled to get up and walked toward Su Xiao.

Seeing the old man’s pace, Su Xiao was a little bit ashamed. The old man seemed to have it hard and couldn’t move well. His legs seemed about to break.

“Let me taste it, and I will cook for you.”

Su Xiao passed the bottle to the old man who took it with shaking hands then took a sip.

As the liquor passed his throat, the old man’s face turned red immediately as his eyes widened.


The old man directly swallowed a large mouthful of wine.

“Good wine.”

The old man’s body was shaky as he drank almost half of the bottle at the same time.

The old man fell to the ground with a blessed face, but still, the bottle found its way to his mouth. Su Xiao was speechless.

He ignored the old man as he looked inside to see a photo of a man and a blond boy struggling with a face full of bruises.

The man in the photo was this old man, and the blond boy is Zeff.

Redleg Zeff, who once sailed for a year in the Grand line before returning and opening a restaurant.

According to Su Xiao’s estimation, the bond boy was strong, really strong because, in the photo, the sea behind these two was the sea of dreams of all chefs. It was the All Blue!

Of course, this is just Su Xiao’s guess. If he was right, then this old man isn’t simple, he probably knows about the Busoshoku Haki (Armament Haki) and Kenbunshoki Haki (Observation Haki). After waiting for an hour, the old man woke up again.

“You’re already old, and you can’t drink much now.”

The old man shook his head. Maybe he seemed weak, but he definitively wasn’t weak.

The old man trembled and walked to the stove, he picked the kitchen knife and started cooking.

Su Xiao wasn’t very interested in cooking. Even though his cooking wasn’t bad, he didn’t want to take that path.

A few minutes later, a steaming plate of seafood noodles was placed in front of Su Xiao.

“I won’t drink for free, try this.”

The old returned back shakily and sat down. He took the bottle of wine and drank with bliss all over his face. The fine wine from earth conquered this old man.

Su Xiao was hungry. So he didn’t refuse and directly put the seafood in his mouth. He remained still for about three seconds.

He used to think that the food orgasm was just exaggerated, but this food was so delicious if a female ate it, that reaction would definitively happen. This is the most delicious food he ever ate.

“Hahaha, My cooking is good, do you still have wine?”

Su Xiao shook his head. He shouldn’t just give the wine. He should negotiate.

“It’s a pity.” The old man stopped talking as Su Xiao finished his meal and was ready to leave.

“Little devil, you’re here for more than just food.”

Su Xiao stopped on his track as he looked at the old man.

“I’m a swordsman.”

Su Xiao directly moved when he said this.

The old man licked his lips as he tasted the remnant of the wine and was a little bit interested.

“Little Devil!”

The old man shouted, and Su Xiao turned around puzzledly.

“Focus is needed when training the body. You can’t train while you’re anxious. You are too anxious. Your ankle is injured. Come at night. I will make some a meal for you.”

Su Xiao was secretly pleased, but his expression remained the same.

“Thanks for guiding me.”

Su Xiao took another bottle of wine and placed it on the ship’s side.

“Didn’t you say that you don’t have anymore?” The old man looked at Su Xiao thoughtfully before grinning.

“This kind of wine is very rare. I only have a few bottles.”

The old man doubted his words because he had never seen this wine before.

“Come often.”


Su Xiao turned and left. He was determined that the old man wasn’t simple.

Su Xiao continued practicing Soru all afternoon. With the old man’s advice, he started taking breaks after two hours.

At five-thirty in the evening, Su Xiao returned to the old man for the appointment.

Seeing Su Xiao, the old man who was cooking, pulled a large bowl of soup out.

“Try it.”

As he looked at the soup, Su Xiao vaguely saw mushrooms and several other herbs inside.

Taking a sip, it didn’t taste good. It was slightly bitter but not poisonous.

After a few sips, Su Xiao breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, a notification from the Reincarnation Paradise appeared in front of him.

[You drank the secret medicinal meal, your Hp increased by +10 permanently, and your vitality increased slightly. Because it’s less than 1 point, it can’t be displayed. This item can only be used once to increase the vitality.]

Warmth appeared in Su Xiao’s stomach. He felt his body relaxing. His sword ankle was healed as well.

“My medicinal meal is good, even Shiki and Roger would come to my restaurant to eat.”

The old man seemed to sea through Su Xiao’s purpose.

“I like the wine you have very much. You can come every night, I will help you make medicinal meals, and you give me a bottle of wine.”

Su Xiao didn’t care that he was seen through. Instead of lying and all that, he might as well choose mutual benefit. At noon, he gave the old man some benefit, so the old man helped him. Now the old man helped him, so he will give him wine.

He took a bottle of Moutai, which is a top grade drink, and handed it to him. He still didn’t know the old man’s name. He simply gave him a name, the Diet man.

He wasn’t interested in his name or origin. As long as he knows that the other party was strong and can give him good meals, it didn’t matter.

“Oh, it tastes great, although it’s not the same one from before, each had their own characteristics.”

The diet man was very satisfied with the mouthful of Moutai. The same can be said about Su Xiao. He was satisfied that the fatigue from training directly disappeared as soon as he drank the soup.

There are still three days before the Straw-hat pirates arrive here. Su Xiao wants to get as much as he can in before they come. At the very least, he will grasp the Soru.

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