Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 313: Trade!

In the abandoned Dock, a silhouette flashed quickly, leaving behind a trail of wind.


The figure was fast, but it had no control of direction, which resulted in a direct crush into a boulder with a bang.

Su Xiao stood up as he shook his head. Soru was too fast. He couldn’t gain control over it.

After two days, he learned Soru!

It wasn’t difficult to learn, but it was very difficult to use it in combat. It requires a long time to adapt and gain control over the speed, distance, and direction.

After learning it, Su Xiao had a little understanding of it. This technique was one that used the reaction force to rush toward an enemy, if used well, it can be deadly.

When using Soru, the hardest thing was to see what’s ahead of you, because the speed makes it difficult to decern his surroundings.

Shaking off the dust on his clothes, Su Xiao looked at the Soru in his Status.

Rokushiki: Soru: Lv.1 (active)

Skill effect: Move 5 to 18 meters forward at high speed during which the user reaches the maximum speed his agility can maintain.

Tip: Each use of Soru consumes 20 Stamina, and cooldown time is 30 seconds.

Moving forward at high speed, this is the main function of Soru, but what he was confused about is the Stamina. What was stamina? He could only see the Hp and Mp. He didn’t see Stamina before.

After inquiring about it in the Reincarnation Paradise, He was told that Stamina was a value derived from Vitality, and this value was invisible, but he could feel it himself.

Everyone has Vitality. When it reaches a low level, fatigue will be felt. That’s why the Stamina was related to Vitality.

Su Xiao understood that Stamina was the same as Endurance.

It seems that continuous use of Soru leads to fatigue, and because Soru was low leveled, he can’t use it constantly.

Su Xiao didn’t care about that. He wasn’t going to use it here anyway because if he uses such an unpolished technique, he would be looking for death.

If he wants to integrate the Soru in his combat, he would need to increase it’s level to 5 at least.

The training came to an end as Su Xiao moved back.

It has been five days since he entered one piece, and tomorrow, the Straw-hats would arrive. If he remembers correctly, they will cause a commotion here before moving to Enies Lobby.

Of course, this was just the information from the anime. No one knew what will happen when there are new factors in the story.

But one thing was certain, Nico Robin would be taken by the CP9.

The CP9 was strong. He was confident that he could deal with two at the same time, if he faced three, he could only escape, if more came after him, he wouldn’t have a chance even to escape.

Their powers were different. Some were very strong, while others were weak, just like Fukurou and Lucci.
Su Xiao could guess that Lucci could kill Fukurou withing two minutes. In other words, Su Xiao was mostly afraid of Lucci. If he meets him, there is a 30% that he would win, else he would die.

Although his chances were low, Su Xiao still had hope in killing Lucci. His main fighting method was Swordsmanship. As long as he seizes the opportunity, he is very likely to land a few strikes on Lucci. Even though Lucci’s tekkai was strong, Su Xiao can cut steel easily.

Su Xiao returned to the hotel while thinking about this. Many workers were coming off working tired, but you can see the happiness on their faces.

Being able to live a happy life in this world is a blessing in itself.

The sun was at the same level as the sea, turning it red while the clouds in the sky were like fire lighting the sky. The entire water seven was colored pale yellow.

The warm color made people relax. As Su Xiao walked through Water 7, he arrived at an abandoned warehouse.

Many empty wooden boxes stacked inside the warehouse.

Su Xiao jumped on a wooden boxes pile to look around while Bob did the same and stood behind him.

Su Xiao lit a cigarette as he waited.

About half an hour later, a slender figure walked into the warehouse.

When Kalifa entered, her footsteps stopped. She saw a man smoking on a pile of wooden boxes opposite the main door.

“I brought what you want.”

Kalifa held a sword in her hand, and it was obviously a long one.

Kalifa heard a sound of a wire being released, and the sword in her hand directly flew in the air. Su Xiao grabbed the sword and after confirming it’s quality, he put it away.

“I’ve fulfilled my end of the deal, remove the bomb.”

Kalifa’s tone was urgent. She was very hungry. She was living on fruits and juices for days now. She didn’t even dare drink too much. If the bombs were triggered, she would’ve died.


Su Xiao flatly refused. Kalifa squinted slightly.

“You… Don’t go back on your words, or I will fight you.”

Kalifa flickered, and when she appeared again, she was front the wooden boxes.

“What are you talking about? It’s you who broke the condition. I said to come alone.”

Su Xiao didn’t remove the bombs. They were still in her body and can still be activated at any time. His gaze was on the warehouse door.

“Kalifa, calm down.”

A low male voice came from outside, and a two-meter tall man entered, he was Rob Lucci, who stood in front of the door.

Su Xiao slowly got up and put his hand on Dragon Flash.

Su Xiao unsheathed the sword as the sound of a cold metal rang, and a cold light appeared on the surface of the sword.

Su Xiao looked at Kalifa. Obviously, Kalifa brought him a good sword, but she invited someone else, with her IQ, she wouldn’t make such a mistake unless…

“It turns out… You didn’t just come to ‘sincerely’ trade.”

Like the sunset, a smile appeared on Su Xiao’s mouth.