Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 314: Coveted Technique!

Lucci stepped forward, dressed in his work uniform with a white dove on his shoulder.

“We’ve seen each other before,” Lucci said with a blanc expression.

Su Xiao’s face changed.

Two people were outside, one of them was Kaku and the other person, Su Xiao didn’t meet before. Su Xiao guessed it was Blueno.

The warehouse was surrounded. Su Xiao directly took several Bombs in his hand while getting ready to blow the ones inside Kalifa.

Although he was surrounded, he didn’t panic. As long as he detonated Kalifa’s body, the Galley-la company would be alarmed, by then, Lucci and the others could only retreat or stay here and expose themselves.

Perhaps Lucci knew this too and didn’t do anything else.

“I could feel four of you, could it be you’re here to deal with me now? That’s quite stupid for spies.”

Kalifa was a spy. The others came with her, which made it obvious to anyone who didn’t know their identity. Lucci wasn’t surprised by this.

Lucci made a gesture, and the four gathered inside the warehouse. As he guessed, the last one was Blueno.

“Remove the bomb from Kalifa’s body.”

Lucci stood in front of the three. He seemed ready for negotiation.

“Say the deal first.”

Su Xiao sat down on the wooden box and stared at them. He was still vigilant.

Lucci groaned for a while before he nodded and pulled a den den mushi from his pocket and threw it toward Su Xiao.

After receiving the Den Den Mushi, Lucci directly said.

“Someone wants to talk to you.”

Hearing Lucci’s words, Su Xiao thought a little before he finally picked it up.


Waiting for ten seconds, the call connected, and the face of the snail changed to that close to a human face.

“Moshi Moshi, can you hear me?”

An arrogant voice transmitted through the Den Den Mushi.

“Yes.” Su Xiao answered.

“Are you the guy named Byakuya, you’re only a…”

“Shut up, Spandam.” Another arrogant voice interrupted Spandam coldly.

“Why are you ordering me? We have the same position, Ah! It hurts… I’m wrong… Don’t slap me.”

Noises came through the Den Den Mushi for a while before someone spoke again.

“Hello, I’m Zero.”

The person said with a strange voice.


Hearing this name that could be associated with the CP department, Su Xiao thought of something.

“It doesn’t matter who I’m, but you need to know one thing, from now on, you’re a member of the world government.”

Su Xiao frowned. The person talking was forceful.

“Oh? Do you think these four can keep me here?”

“Of course not, you have that kind of bomb that could attract the attention of everyone once detonated.”

The answer confirmed that the other party believed that Lucci couldn’t catch Su Xiao.

“Byakuya, a Native of East Blue, aged 25 to 30 years old. Once served as the escort of the king of the Goa and fled once he killed that same king. Eventually arrived in Water 7.”

Zero read the information as if he was holding a treasure. Su Xiao wasn’t surprised; the world government intelligence gathering was just that good.

What he actually didn’t know, the age and name weren’t real.

“Then? You know what I can do.”

There was laughter from the Den Den Mushi, but it was kind of creepy as if the one laughing was an old witch.

“Of course I know, but are you going to keep being on the run? I have investigated what happened, and I know that your only crime was killing the king, which can lead me to just one possibility, Revenge.”

Su Xiao didn’t say anything. The other party was smart and could think of many scenarios, which is good for him.

“Join the CP department of the world government. You will have a probing period before you can be a full member.”

Su Xiao didn’t know why the other party invited him to join the CP. Weren’t they trained from a young age?

“Will the CP department invite someone with unknown origin?”

“Not under normal circumstances, but the bombs you have are important, these bombs have a great strategic significance, you’re a special talent, so you’re treated specially.”

Su Xiao suddenly realized something.

He remembered the time when The Reincarnation Paradise reminded him of something. It said that when he masters Alchemy, some of the forces of another world will put him as a top priority for recruitment, and if he refuses, it’s very likely that he would get kidnapped because of it.

The world government had research facilities specialized in these things.

“It seems that my bombs make me special.”

With this affirmation from Su Xiao, Zero’s tone was no longer cold.

“The bombs you make are very good, and their structure isn’t complicated, if they are produced in large quantities, they will be of great use.”

“Mass production? Although it’s a good idea, don’t bother thinking about it.”


Zero’s tone was cold.

“Alchemy bombs can only be made by me, it’s impossible for anyone else, and it doesn’t matter if I give you the recipe, no one can make it.”

The Den Den Mushi didn’t make a sound before saying.

“Devil Fruit ability?”

“No, it’s a secret technique. I studied this technique for more than ten years. This was the reason why the King of Goa killed my family. He wanted this technique, but, in the end, he couldn’t use it. I can only use it, and I can’t pass it to others.”

“This is to say. The Alchemy bombs can’t be produced in large quantities?”

The voice was a little disappointed.

“No, as long as I have the raw materials, I can mass produce them myself. Of course, this requires the support of the world government.”


“Yes, I can make as much as I want, but I still need their support.”

“I need a specific number of the bombs you can make per day.”

Su Xiao groaned a little. If the world government can provide Raw materials for him, and potions to restore mana, he can make an alchemy bomb in just 40 seconds. Assuming that he can work for 16 hours a day, in theory, he can make about 1,440 bombs per day.

“With enough resources, I can make 1,300 a day.”

Zero was stunned. He was overjoyed by this information. Such a powerful bomb can be even remotely controlled, it was amazing.

“You’re now a full member of the CP0. I will send someone to pick you up right away.”

More than a thousand a day made Zero really excited. A dozen of these bombs can blow up a building, and it can even be controlled from a distance, which made it even better.

“Zero-san, I don’t seem to accept joining the CP department.”

With this technique in his hand, Su Xiao would, of course, rip them off.