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R.P Chapter 315: Kalifa Almost Spat Blood

“What’s your condition? You’re a special talent, as long as your request isn’t excessive, the CP department will give it to you.”

Su Xiao groaned for a while.

“I want a sword from the O Wazamono series.”

Hearing this, Kalifa, who wasn’t far away, almost fell down.

“Ahem, your request is too much. Even an admiral needs to submit an application to get one, and in this situation, it’s almost impossible.”

“Then a devil fruit, a Paramecia or Logia, Ancient Zoan is good as well.”

Zero was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Su Xiao’s condition to be so… Isn’t this robbery.

“Byakuya, you need to make possible requests.”

“I like collecting Swords, and I’m a swordsman. I can make it a deal, for every 1,000 Bomb, the World government would provide a good sword either from the ungraded ones or the Ryo Wazamono series. This shouldn’t be a hard request.”

The Ryo Wazamono were swords made a long time ago, and the whereabouts of most of them is unknown. Many tried to make a sword of the same quality before, so there definitively more swords.

The O Wazamno series was different, as the swords were hard to make and also very rare.

“Your salary is a bit… amazing”

He hesitated a little, but 1,000 Alchemy bombs were worth much more than a Sword for the world government.

“For every 5,000 bombs, the world government would provide a series of Swords for you, but the condition is that the swords would only be for you.”

Su Xiao understood Zero’s intentions. But it’s enough as the swords would turn into a pile of scraps after ten minutes from getting them.

“That’s it then, As a member of the CP0, you will get the reward as you help the world government make the bombs and give the secret technique.”

Su Xiao will provide the recipe because if the one making them isn’t an alchemist, he won’t be able to make them.

“I can do that.”

As Su Xiao agreed, his Main quest changed.

[You made a deal with the world government, the strongest force in this world. The Reincarnation Paradise will change your Main Quest.]

Main Quest: Go to Ennies Lobby.

Difficulty: Lv.

Quest details: Another Quest will be given as soon as you reach Ennies Lobby.

Quest Duration: Five days.

Reward: N/A

Failure penalty: You will be forced to return to The Reincarnation Paradise without any reward.

The previous quest was completed directly, which gave Su Xiao 1,400 Paradise Coins, which wasn’t high due to his reputation being not high enough.

Su Xiao’s identity changed to [CP0 Full member (scientific research)], which made him interested.

“Three hours later, someone will pick you up from Water 7. The one beside you will protect you as You’re now a very precious talent of the world government.”

As a CP0 Scientist, Su Xiao’s status skyrocketed.

“Zero…-san, Can I know who these four are around me?”

Su Xiao looked at Lucci and the others as he said that.

“Lucci and they are members of CP9; your problem with them is trivial.”

Su Xiao knew that leaving Water 7 now isn’t wise, so he thought about something.

“Sir, if I’m not mistaken, the goal of these four is Iceburg, right?”

The Den Den Mushi stayed silent.

“You don’t need to worry about this. Your mission is to return to Ennies lobby right away.”

Su Xiao chuckled. He wasn’t planning on leaving yet. He won’t leave the feast here and leave.

“Zero-san, isn’t it better for me to act with Lucci together? I can adapt to the way the Cp works.”

“No, your job is different from them.”

“Sir… Are you going to force me to join the scientific research department? That will affect my mood to make bombs.”

Su Xiao was testing the waters. He didn’t know how much the World government wanted his bombs, so he wanted to know.

“Give the Den Den Mushi to Lucci.”

Zero’s tone wasn’t very good, but he said nothing else.

Su Xiao threw the Den Den Mushi toward Lucci and walked out of the warehouse. After some time, he returned, and Lucci directly threw the Den Den Mushi back.

“I accept your proposal, I should let you adapt to the way the CP department work and their ability, but as a guarantee, you need to show your trust and loyalty to the CP.”

A blue capsule was thrown toward Su Xiao, after checking it, Su Xiao knew that it was a chronic poison.

Su Xiao directly put it into his mouth and swallowed it. Lucci and the others almost choked as a crisp sound came out of Su Xiao’s mouth. Although everyone knew what was in the blue capsule, it shouldn’t be crisp.

“This is chronic…”

Before Zero said anything else, he heard Kalifa speak: “Sir, Byakuya already swallowed the blue poison.”

“Oh!!” Zero was surprised. After a few seconds, he said: “Well, it seems that you understand the situation. I like people like you. Lucci and the others will protect you, and the poison would only be effective after a week, which is enough for you to come to Ennis lobby.”

Zero directly hung up. It seems as if Su Xiao’s act increased his trust in him.

Did Su Xiao really swallow that poison? Of course not. The moment he put it in his mouth, it was directly transferred to his Inventory.

However, He can see from the CP’s attitude that they were eager to get the Alchemy bombs. Otherwise, they won’t make such a deal.

As for the reward he would get for the bomb, Zero clearly said that he wouldn’t have the right to give them, he could only collect them.

In other words, Su Xiao would be the only one to have them while the World government can get them back.

So Except for the Status of being a CP0, the world government didn’t give him a thing.

But Su Xiao wasn’t surprised. First of all, these words would not return to them after he gets them, and he can go anywhere in Water 7. The CP9 would act as his bodyguards now.

Secondly, mass-producing alchemy bombs would raise his proficiency. So, it would benefit him as well because he would be able to upgrade the manufacturing of the Alchemy bomb to the next level.

But that only if the world government can find the materials needed to make the bombs.

The ones he is using were strange and hard to find, but there should be substitutes in the world. After all, one piece belongs to the category of large worlds. Unlike the other small world, even the difficulty was way higher.

Su Xiao never imagined before that because he mastered Alchemy, he would be treated this way by the world’s strongest organization.

Su Xiao’s identity changed instantly, which made the four around him except Lucci stunned.

“Lucci, did he really become… a member of the scientific research department of the CP0?”

Kalifa was the most shocked, based on her position Su Xiao had a higher position than her…

“Yes, Byakuya is now our colleague. Although we aren’t in the same department, we are tasked to keep him safe.”

Hearing Lucci’s answer, Kalifa almost spat blood.