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R.P Chapter 316: Faction Change!


Kalifa clenched her fists, making her fingers crackle.

“You want… Me to… Protect him?”

Kalifa wanted to confirm this.

“Yes, even if we sacrifice our lives to protect him.”

Lucci gave a clear answer that didn’t leave any doubt, with no expression on his face.

“He’s an important researcher. The bomb he makes is amazing and perfect for our missions.”

After trying to dismantle the alchemy bomb, Blueno knew how terrifying it was.

“Our superior’s orders are absolute.”

Kaku patted Kalifa’s shoulder, trying to comfort her.

“I…” Kalifa lowered her head while her shoulders shook.

Lucci looked at Kalifa without a word. The latter took a deep breath and calmed herself down.

“Yes, our mission is above everything else.”

Kalifa tried to make the dissatisfaction in her heart disappear, but every time she tried, she would remember how she was humiliated.

“The mission is our top priority.” Kalifa tried again.

“Byakuya, please help Kalifa remove the bomb, we are on the same side now.”

Lucci didn’t use a commanding tone to talk to Su Xiao, as they had the same rank now.

“Of course.”

Su Xiao jumped from the wooden box and walked toward Kalifa. Suddenly he pressed a hand on her chest.

Kalifa gritted her teeth and said: “Where do you think you’re touching?”

“Do you still care about this level of contact, after all, ‘we did’ before.”

Su Xiao directly started unbuttoning Kalifa’s jacket as he spoke.

“Cough.” Lucci coughed lightly.

“Are you lifting the bomb like this?”

“Yes, I can only make the bomb smaller on her stomach, but the composition of the bomb is toxic, it will kill her in less than half a month.”

Lucci looked at Blueno for confirmation, which he received a nod from the latter.

“Let’s go out first.”

Lucci directly walked out with the others to guard the warehouse.

Su Xiao directly touched Kalifa’s skin with his finger, he could feel the layout of the bombs easily, but it wasn’t easy to negate them.
He didn’t expect this outcome before. As for the first bomb, he could only try to extract the poison from her now. If she died mysteriously, the CP department would come after him.

As he touched Kalifa, Su Xiao started pouring mana into her body and checking the bomb.

After a long time, Su Xiao opened his eyes, looking at Kalifa and said.

“Take off everything. I need you to be completely naked.”

Kalifa’s eyes twitched.

“Even the underwear?”

“What are you saying, the bomb is corroding your stomach if you don’t want to die, take it off.”

Kalifa took a deep breath and did as he said. After convincing herself that this was to save her life, she calmed down.

Su Xiao pointed a finger about her navel by about 10 centimeters and directly poured a large amount of mana into her body.

“This cool energy…”

“Don’t talk, slow down your breathing, no forget that, hold your breath.”

Su Xiao closed his eyes. It was easy to locate the bomb, but it wasn’t as easy to lift it off.

Half an hour later, Lucci and the others were hearing strange noises from the warehouse, which made them speechless.

A few minutes later, the warehouse door opened as Kalifa walked out with a tired face.

“Give me food.”

After saying this, Kalifa fell to down, just as Kaku wanted to help her, Lucci stopped him.

“Byakuya, Kalifa troubled you. Our identity can’t be revealed currently, so please don’t speak about anything of this.”

After saying this, Lucci looked at Kalifa and said.

“Inform Byakuya of our plan for that day.”

Their real purpose was to steal the design of Pluto, the ancient weapon. They were acting for five whole years just to get it.

And a few days before, they receive a mission to arrest Nico Robin, who was now with the straw-hat pirates heading toward Water 7.

Finding Nico Robin surprised the world government, which directly issued this mission to the CP9. Even if they couldn’t get Pluto’s design, they had to arrest Nico Robin.

The reason why the world government didn’t do much about Pluto’s design being in Water 7 was that it was written in the ancient language that only a few could read in the world now.

But Nico Robin was one of these few, if anyone got the design and captured Nico Robin, that person can build the ancient weapon.

Even if that possibility was one in ten thousand, the world government wouldn’t tolerate such a thing.

This is why the world government wanted Nico Robin dead at all costs.

It didn’t matter if Nico Robin died, or if she went to any other place, the only place she couldn’t set foot on was Water 7, and she was on her way there.

Lucci ordered Kalifa to inform Byakuya about there plan to arrest Nico Robin. The matter about Pluto shouldn’t be disclosed yet.

Kalifa got up, looking exhausted.

“I… I will.”

After she looked up, she found that Lucci and the others were already far away.

“Well, how about we talk while we eat, I know a restaurant nearby.”

Su Xiao stepped forward. This made Kalifa directly step back subconsciously. Kalifa was a spy, a CP9 agent. Something must’ve happened in the warehouse for her to have this kind of reaction.

Su Xiao brought Kalifa to the old man’s restaurant. The latter welcomed him and was very enthusiastic as he looked at Kalifa. To be more precise, he was enthusiastic about having a beauty as a guest in his restaurant.

After eating, Su Xiao and Kalifa went to uninhabited shore. Although the two were close in the eyes of almost everyone, they weren’t here for a date.

“Ok, talk about the plans.”

Although he knew what their plan was, he still needed to go through this process. Otherwise, they would suspect him.

Kalifa roughly told Su Xiao about their plan to arrest Nico Robin. Before she even finished her words, a new Quest appeared in front of him.

Side Quest: Arrest Nico Robin

Difficulty: Lv.6

Quest Introduction: Escort Nico Robin, to Ennies Lobby.

Quest condition: If Nico Robin dies before reaching Ennies Lobby, the quest would be a failure.

Duration: 3 Days.

Reward: 5,000 Paradise coins.

Quest failure Penalty: Reputation with the world government: -700.

Su Xiao directly accepted the Quest. After all, these were 5,000 Paradise Coins for free.

After that, Kalifa said: “You will only have to hide this information, you don’t have to do anything else. Otherwise, there would be chaos.”


Su Xiao stared at Kalifa, who recovered her strength after eating. She was provoking him now.

“You know what, I didn’t fight you yet, I can get some experience in the Rokushiki while we fight.”

Su Xiao pulled out Dragon flash, directly pointing it toward Kalifa.

Kalifa was so happy. She finally had the chance to teach him a lesson.