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R.P Chapter 317: The night before the Feast!

Fifteen minutes later… Kalifa was lying on the ground full of sweat while tied with a metal wire as she breathed heavily with a torn skirt covering her lower body.

“Let me go.” Kalifa struggled.

“I can let you go if you explain how Soru works to me.”

Kalifa groaned for a while. Su Xiao was now a member of the CP, and it wasn’t against the rules to tell him about the Rokushiki.

“I can do that.”

Loosening the wire, Kalifa looked a little depressed. She couldn’t fight Su Xiao even while he didn’t have the bombs inside her body.

“You have a primary grasp of the Soru?”


Kalifa started to explain Soru, but in exchange, she wanted two alchemy bombs.

Soru didn’t hear the Reincarnation Paradise’s notification. He was so immersed in Soru that he entered a strange state of mind.

When the explanation ended, Su Xiao found out that Soru’s level increased from 1 to 3. He can now use it to move greater distances with much better accuracy.

Although he can’t use it in combat, escaping with it was no longer a problem.

“I can only tell you this, as this is my current understanding of Soru.”

Kalifa tidied her clothes as she said.

Su Xiao took out two alchemy bombs and threw them to Kalifa. The latter was scared out of her mind as she quickly caught the bombs.

“Hey, this is a bomb, do you want to kill me?”

Kalifa’s forehead was filled with cold sweat as she looked at Su Xiao with fear.

“Alchemy bombs are very stable. They won’t explode when they’re hit unless they are squeezed hard. If you want to use them… Focus your mind on the bomb and control it with your thoughts.”



Kalifa stared at the bomb and muttered.

“Explode, explode, explode …”

When she started muttering, Su Xiao almost laughed out loud, seeing this. She had such a funny (cute) side.

“Control it with your mental power, not voice.”

“Oh?” Kalifa was surprised as she once again focused on the bomb. Suddenly the surface of the bomb turned red as it was about to explode.

“This is really… a magical bomb.”

Stopping the bomb, Kalifa stored it away, and her eyes turned toward Su Xiao seriously. She wanted to tell him about the plan.

“The operation will start at 9 am tomorrow. The goal of this mission is to arrest Nico Robin, also known as the devil’s child, with a bounty of 79 million berry when she was a child.

Over the years, the CP tried to capture Nico Robin; however, as she grew older, she became better at hiding and escaping while also getting stronger. She often joins pirates to evade the CP department hunts.”

Kalifa didn’t mention their mission to get the ancient weapon Pluton for now.

“This time, Nico Robin joined the Straw Hat group, and according to how she previously acted, she would escape using them. But the weird thing is, she is coming to a dangerous place like Water 7, which usually she would avoid at all cost…”

Su Xiao waved his hand.

“The point is?”

Kalifa was a little displeased, but she couldn’t do anything to Su Xiao. He was her nemesis, which left her helpless. She can’t compete with power, as for IQ… It made Kalifa desperate. She almost warmed his bed before.

Taking a deep breath, Kalifa continued: “Our purpose is to capture Nico Robin. Of course, Lucci will take care of this, and you will know when it happens. And there is another side mission as well.”

The other mission is definitively about Pluton. When they go to get it from Iceburg, Su Xiao will find out, so she just left some information now.

“Simply put, we capture Nico Robin tomorrow morning.”


“See you tomorrow, then.”

Su Xiao turned around and headed toward the Hotel while thinking about the action he should take tomorrow.
If the information from the CP department is correct, the Straw-hat pirates will arrive tomorrow by noon.

There would be a festival tomorrow with a great number of contractors coming to join the fun. Most likely, some would want to kill other contractors, and some would go for the plot characters.

As he entered his room, Su Xiao directly went to bed to rest and prepare for tomorrow’s feast.

The next day at eight in the morning, Su Xiao left the hotel with Bob and directly went to Dock No. 1, where he would meet the others.

When he arrived, Su Xiao was surprised to find Lucci and Kaku building a ship.

“You guys…”

Su Xiao was the one guarding Dock No.1. It wouldn’t bring any doubt to his identity if he talked to them.

“One hour left.”

Kaku wiped his forehead, and Su Xiao was still surprised.

“You guys want to finish this ship?”

Kaku stopped for a moment before smashing a nail down. A few seconds later, he said.

“We started working on this ship for about a month now, this is the most satisfying ship we made, me and Lucci, so we want to complete it and let it sail.”

Bong! Bong! Bong!

Kaku and Lucci continued working on the ship.

For the CP agent to be this diligent in their work was surprising, they were undercover for five years and still wanted to finish this boat.

The five-year career would come to an end, and they would have to become agents again. Lucci was without any expression, while Kaku seemed unhappy.

Perhaps he wanted to be a shipbuilder rather than a CP agent.

Well, the CP training was harsh, and most of their members were orphans or trafficked there to become agents.

After the horrible training and elimination, they became the ultimate ace of the CP9.

Su Xiao found a chair and sat down. It didn’t take long for Kalifa to arrive for her daily inspection.

Kalifa went toward Su Xiao and sat on his lap intimately while shoving a not in his pocket.

After a while, Kalifa opened and closed her mouth, as if she was talking, but no sound comes out as this was just a way to clear suspicion.

After a few minutes, she just stood up and walked away as her mission was to stay with Iceburg in the mayor’s building, so the latter won’t find anything strange.

Su Xiao opened the note, and after reading it, he got up and left Dock No.1.

Lucci and Kaku were still building the ship. It would be finished soon, and perhaps, this was the last time they build a ship.