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R.P Chapter 318: The Capture!

Walking along the road, Water 7 was busy. Today was different from normal as a big Tsunami was coming toward Water 7!

This was named the Aqua Laguna, a high tide that would engulf part of Water 7 each year.

This was supposed to be a disaster, but with mankind’s wisdom, they turned it into a fortune.

As the tsunami hits the city, everything would be washed, and due to that, Water 7 won’t have any kind of disease.

With this happening each year, rarely can a case of disease outbreak happen in Water 7.

Aqua Laguna had other benefits, and because of this, the people of water 7 didn’t abandon their island.

Aqua Laguna holds an extraordinary significance to Water 7’s residents. They hold a celebration each year before it strikes.

They put costumes and masks and head toward the city center.

Every year, they gather in the center of the city and start praying to the god of the sea to bless them.

The same was true this year, similar to previous years. People started getting dressed and put on their masks.

The gathering was a form a tribute to the god of the sea, a kind of sacrifice. You can see this from their masks, which were solemn.

Su Xiao came to a tavern close to the gathering and pushed the door open. The tavern was full of guests, which caused Su Xiao to hesitate.

He went out again before looking in a map, then thought: “Yes, this is the place.”

The sign outside caught Su Xiao’s attention. It said Aqua Laguna celebration, Drinks for half the price.

So that’s why there were so many guests inside.

Entering the tavern, Su Xiao saw Blueno, who had acted as a Bartender for this mission.

“Blueno-san, another drink.”

A drunk man knocked on the bar with his empty glass with impatience.

Blueno took the glass and filled it when he returned it. He saw Su Xiao sit down in front of the bar and directly asked.

“Guest, what can I get you?”


Blueno nodded and handed him a glass before knocking on the bar and attracting everyone’s attention.

“It’s nine-thirty, almost time for the celebration, the Tavern will be closed.”

Hearing Blueno’s words, the guests weren’t happy with this.

“Close it later, were drinking now.”

“Yes, you stupid guy, it’s half the price, and we still didn’t empty your cellar yet.”

The place was filled with laughter, and Blueno smiled at this.

Although reluctant, the guest got up and left after paying up. Blueno directly cleaned the messy place up.

“You will never come back here… Is it necessary to clean it?”

Su Xiao sat down in front of the bar and kept drinking, while Blueno didn’t say a word as he cleaned.

After the tavern was spotless, Blueno took off his jacket and neatly folded it before putting it on the bar.

Blueno closed his eyes as if he was meditating, as soon as he opened his eyes, he turned from a bartender to a spy.

He somewhat used to this life.

“Come with me, we can’t be seen by the people, many know me, and we can’t expose ourselves.”

Entering a room behind the tavern, Su Xiao saw two sets of clothes lying on a wooden box. They were the celebration of common clothes.

Su Xiao picked the mask, which was full white with two holes made for the eyes, and the robe which covered the body shape.

“We can wait here, if the Straw-hat enters the city, we would be informed.

Su Xiao nodded, took a chair, and sat down, seeing the costumes prepared by Blueno, Su Xiao could guess his plan. They would wait for the straw-hat on the island, and as soon as they land, they will capture Nico Robin.

After two hours of waiting, there is no news about the straw-hats.


Blueno’s Den Den Mushi suddenly rang. Picking up, Blueno said.

“Got it.”

Blueno hangs up after getting the message, which was a code number.

“The straw-hats landed on Water 7. They are in the back-street direction. Nico Robin is shopping with a blue-nosed Reindeer.”

“They don’t have anyone else around?”

“There are several suspicious people and other forces that should be after Robin.”

Su Xiao didn’t say anything and directly got dressed.

“Your dog.”

Blueno looked at Bob.

“Not a problem, it can follow us.”

Bob barked twice. They were good partners, and Bob was good at hiding, he always found ways to hide.

When they were in the warehouse, Bob pretended to be a sculpture. In short, Bob could hide anywhere and plan sight without anyone noticing.

Blueno didn’t say anything. Su Xiao had a higher-ranked position than him. He couldn’t order Su Xiao. He also needed to protect the latter as he was an important researcher. He didn’t know why Su Xiao was even participating in this mission.

Leaving the tavern, the two went straight toward Robin’s location, at this time, Blueno’s Den Den Mushi rang again.

Both directly entered an alley, and Blueno picked up the call.

“Based on their route, they would pass by here shortly.”

Su Xiao looked around, the face mask affected his vision but not that much.

After a while, one person and one deer appeared in their sight. Robin and Chopper.

Su Xiao and Blueno directly walked in.