Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 319: Conditions!

Because of the masks, Robin didn’t notice anyone following them.

She was scanning her surroundings carefully. Su Xiao could tell that this was a habit developed by Robin as she was hunted down by the Marines and world government for years.

Robin was tall. She had beautiful, healthy skin and soft black hair that dropped over her shoulders. Her dress was black, highlighting her hourglass figure.

“Mr. Ship Doctor.”

Robin was still not a valid crew member, so she was still using these nicknames.

“huh?” Chopper looked at Robin. He was a reindeer who ate Human human fruit, which granted him an IQ no different from a human.

“There is a bookstore there.”

Robin pointed at the bookstore in the distance.


Chopper directly rushed out. Medical books were a temptation Chopper couldn’t resist.

The scene made Robin a bit sluggish, but she still smiled. The Straw Hat Pirates were different from other pirates, if possible…

Robin shook her head. She couldn’t stay with them. When she arrived in Water 7, she already decided to part ways.

Although that would make them resent her, she must do it so they won’t get hurt.

That’s right, Robin already thinks of them as her friends, her Nakama!

Chopper rushed to the bookstore, before stopping and asking Robin: “Can we go together?”

Robin chuckled as she looked at Chopper with a smile.

“Of course, let’s go!”


At this moment, two figures were still following from behind as they passed by Robin, each from one side. At this moment, the noise from the crowd disappeared from Robin’s ears.

“We’re CP9.”

Blueno said, which made Robin stiffen in her place, and her mouth was slightly opened as a light breeze blew her hair.

“The reindeer will be taken with us as well.” Su Xiao said.


Robin’s shoulders shook.

“You don’t have the right to choose, Blueno. You can go, I will hold Nico Robin.”

Blueno turned around.

Robin’s teeth were clenched as she held out a dagger out and whispered.

“Do you want to take my dead body back?”

Blueno stopped.

“Robin, it’s a great bookstore, there are many books there.”

Chopper shouted from a distance.

Robin tried to smile at Chopper.

“Well, I will go buy a mask from over there first, and if you couldn’t find me, return to the ship first.”

Chopper returned to the bookstore hesitantly. For some reason, he didn’t want to be separated from Robin, and he didn’t know why. It seemed as if they separated now, he would never see her again.

“Then… Then I won’t go.”

Robin’s heart tightened as she said: “It’s okay, remember to help me find some history book. I will be back shortly.”

The chopper was relieved and directly ran into the store happily, but what Chopper didn’t is that Robin had a dagger in front of her chest.

Su Xiao couldn’t let Robin die before she is in Ennies lobby, because if he did, he would be directly teleported to the Reincarnation Paradise.

He can make a fortune in this world and get greatly stronger, but if he was to be forcefully summoned back to the Reincarnation Paradise, it would a big loss for him.

Seeing Chopper enter the bookstore, Robin was relieved as she followed Su Xiao from behind.

Robin already knew that this what awaited her from the moment the CP9 approached her. She knew that there was no way to escape.

Robin stared at Su Xiao’s back indifferently; somehow, she felt tired. She was on the run since she was eight years old and was betrayed countless times.

She didn’t know when she started cunning people and scheming to protect herself.

There was no pirate group that would reject her. After all, she knew how to read the ancient text, and Roger’s legend was inseparable from these Poneglyphs.

“I’m so stupid.”

Following behind Su Xiao, Robin murmured, she was laughing at herself. If she used the Straw Hat as she did with others, she wouldn’t be here. But she couldn’t bring herself to do that. She could imagine those people drowning in their own blood.

Su Xiao took Robin to an abandoned warehouse. After entering, Su xiao took the mask and the robe that hindered him.

“What are you doing?”

Su Xiao’s action surprised Blueno.

“It’s alright.”

Blueno quickly understood what Su Xiao meant and nodded.

Robin saw Su Xiao take off his mask, and her arms trembled.

The CP9 was secretive, and their members wouldn’t like anyone knowing what they look like. Which meant the other party didn’t intend to let her live.

“Nico Robin, you are under arrest.”

Blueno spoke, but he didn’t take off his mask, so he sounded somewhat dull.

“I can go with you, but I have a condition.”

Robin’s body stopped trembling. She was tired and didn’t want to hurt anyone to survive any longer. She no longer wanted such a life, so a smile appeared on her face.

“You are not in a position to negotiate.”

Blueno directly rejected.

“No, I have a lot of knowledge, which is what the world government desires, not just the Poneglyph, but also other things. That is the reason the World government never tried to hurt me.”

Robin drew the dagger and placed it on her neck, which showed her determination.

Blueno’s face changed, and the situation wasn’t good at all.

Su Xiao’s suddenly wrapped Robin in metal wires.

Tightening the wires around Robin’s body, Su Xiao made it so she can’t move at all.

“Blueno, can you stop bleedings?”

Su Xiao’s words confused Blueno.


“If you need her alive, we can just cut her limbs off and take her.”

When Robin heard this, her throat felt dry, and her hands trembled.

Blueno looked at Su Xiao in amazement. He had a feeling that Byakuya was a special agent. No, he was even more brutal than one.

As a matter of fact, Su Xiao could pretend to be even darker than this. The special agent was nothing to him.

A crisp sound came from Robin’s mouth as the blue liquid flowed out of Robin’s lips.

“You can control my body, but can you do the same for my mouth? My mouth is full of poison, currently.”

Robin still had this method. Considering that she escaped from the World Government since she was a child, it was surprising actually.

There are two poison capsules in Robin’s mouth, the shell of each capsule was strong, so it didn’t matter if she swallowed them by accident.

But, if she broke the capsule open and the poison was swallowed, Robin would die in ten seconds, which was her last resort.