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R.P Chapter 320: Bombing all the way!

As Robin always dealt with Pirates, she had this method as a last resort to prevent herself from being humiliated or tortured.

“It seems that you could escape all these years for a reason. What do you want?”

Of course, Su Xiao knew what she wanted.

“Oh!” Robin spat the poison from her mouth, leaving her with just another poison capsule in her mouth as the last straw.

“I want you to let go of the Straw hat pirates. I will trade my life with theirs. As long as you promise to let them go, I will come with you willingly.”

Su Xiao thought for a second then smiled.

“You… What are you going to do?”

Seeing Su Xiao’s smile, Robin felt a chill pass through her body as she stepped back unconsciously.

“Blueno, it’s up to you, there are a few ‘guests’ I need to entertain. I’ll go say hello.”

Su Xiao slowly pulled Dragon Flash, as he felt a few contractors coming from the Abandoned warehouse.

Blueno looked at Su Xiao in confusion before he heard the sound of footsteps.

“Byakuya, wait, I will deal with them…”

Su Xiao didn’t stop or even care about Blueno’s words as he left, which made Blueno awkward.

Su Xiao was an important scientific researcher for the world government, he shouldn’t die, neither can they let Nico Robin escape.

“Nico Robin, CP9 agrees to your request, but you must not resist or try to escape while we escort you to Ennies lobby, or else, the Straw-Hat pirates are done for.”

Robin nodded as this was the result she wanted when she made her condition.

“Well, I won’t run away, but… Is that man a scientific researcher?”

Robin looked at Su Xiao’s back as she couldn’t understand when we’re the researchers so scary.

“You don’t need to know that, now stay here.”

Blueno struggled as he talked, before finally whispering: “Soru!”


Blueno suddenly stopped as if he hit an invisible wall. He stabilized himself with a bloody nose, as he said.

“This… What happened?”

A transparent shield appeared around the abandoned warehouse trapping Blueno and Robin.

A few hundred meters away, a teen about ten years old sat on three stories high roof while dangling his legs down.

“The CP9 agent is stupid, he directly hit the shield, but his actions are somewhat cute.”

The young man smiled proudly. If it wasn’t for his voice, most people would think he was a girl. Because her appearance was just too beautiful to a be a guy (T/N: A traaap!! Weeeell…).

Although it was strange describing a young man as beautiful, this was the case here. (T/N: Cringy, I feel stupid writing this.)

The young man was like a puppet with long silver hair dropping over his shoulder. (T/N: Seriously, stop describing, no one cares!! I literally don’t want to write this now.)

“Little Sissy, are all of them trapped?”

A lazy female voice was heard by the teen, whose face turned dark as he almost attacked the woman.

“Don’t call me that I have a name, and it’s Li!”

Li looked angrily at the woman behind him as a pair of weak, mellow hands wrapped around his neck.

“Don’t get excited, Little Sissy!”

The woman, with a pair of 36D, squatted behind Li and said with a charming and lazy voice.

The woman had red crimson eyes, her face was abnormally white, and her nails were somewhat sharp.

“Hey… Don’t touch me, you Bichi!” (T/N: Japanese there!!)

Li was being held by the woman when the latter heard him call her Bichi. Her face became cold.

“What did you just call me?”

The woman’s hand reached into Li’s clothes, which froze as the sharp nails touched his skin.

“No… Nothing, Lilith-nee.”

“Really, but your blood is so tempting.”

(T/N: Ok, this is getting weird, first a trap, then a bichi, who so happen to be a Shotacon!!!)

Lilith’s eyes turned redder as she inhaled Li’s scent.

“Ha, ~ ~”

A cold chill runs through Li’s spine.

Li was getting red as he blushed.

“We’ll be fighting soon. There are enemies here.”

Although Li was blushing, because he was too young, his body didn’t react much to Lilith’s advances.

Lilith put her tongue and licked Li’s neck while reaching with her hand to his lower abdomen. (T/N: Weeeeeell, Su Xiao were the hell are you, this is getting out of hand, please show up and release me from this torture!)

Li’s heart shook as his ‘little brother’ was about to get exposed.

“The enemy is here!” Li directly said.

(T/N: Thank god, Su Xiao, from this day on, you are my savior, I believed in you.)

Lilith’s actions stopped as the red in her eyes receded.

“These stupid genes almost did something stupid again.”

Lilith calmed down as she sighed a relief. Her condition gave her trouble sometimes. She looked at Li before saying: “How many?”

Li pointed his finger.

“One, his main weapon is a sword. I can’t tell his strength attribute, his agility as well, his Vitality is 25 and his intelligence… can’t be detected.

Lilith was shocked hearing this.

“I can understand when you can’t get his strength and Agility, but how come you can’t detect his intelligence as well? And what’s with the distribution of points? Is he going for versatility?”

Lilith directly said.

“Contact the others and make them block the enemy, it doesn’t matter if they die, just try to stop him.”

As soon as she was done saying that, Li’s face paled.

“They… Were taken down… It took only… 5 attacks from his sword.”


Lilith was horrified. Most of the time, she would form an adventurer group with Li and her as the main force, while getting a few casual contractors just to sacrifice them or use them.

“Not good, we ran into someone strong, we need to run away.”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!…

Six shots directly connected with Lilith’s abdomen and chest. Blood flew from various positions as she was knocked down.


Lilith grabbed Li on the ground to use him as a shield.

All the six bullets had really high damage, which made Lilith think that there was a sniper.

Li was angry at Lilith, she wanted him to be a shield, but he didn’t say anything, because if he did, a conflict would be created, and that would result in their death.

“Shining Shield.”

A transparent shield wrapped around them.

“Get up. It’s not a sniper. We met the gunner. The guy is an all-rounder.”

Li broke free from Lilith’s grasp, directly tearing his clothes and revealing his white back.

“Gunner? It would’ve been better if it was a sniper, where is he?”

Lilith couldn’t sense Su Xiao’s position as she laid on the ground.

“At…” Li was about to speak, but suddenly a white object was thrown at them.

Li sensed the object which looked like chewing gum.

“Damn, it’s a bomb.”

Li quickly fell to the ground and curled his body while inside the Shield. He looked smaller than a turtle.

When the bomb landed on the roof, it turned red quickly before it exploded.

The impact directly blew Lilith, who rolled a few times across the roof before stopping.

At this moment, Lilith felt cold. She was practically half dead when she saw who her enemy was.