Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 321: I’m too young, please let me go!

Fire soared through the sky after the bomb exploded. The roof under Li and Lilith collapsed as a large shank of it fell down with the two of them toward the third floor.


Smoke rose as Li and Lilith kept coughing.

“Didn’t you say our opponent’s weapon was a sword? First a gun… now a bomb… Damn it!”

Suddenly another bomb was thrown into the room, and the two of them directly took cover.

A few seconds later, the bomb didn’t explode, which made Lilith sigh, but when she looked at Li, she found him hurrying toward the window as if something really bad was about to happen.

Without thinking, Lilith directly rushed forward as well and jumped through the window.

While they were falling, Lilith looked down to see civilians rushing away and a man holding a sword moving forward. This was the enemy.

Although she was still in Mid-air, she still could use her abilities. Directly blood surged from her wound and forming a sword in her hand.

“Li, restrain him.”

Lilith shouted as she landed along with Li.

Sound of metal wire was directly registered inside Lilith’s brain, as she suddenly felt severe pain as a thin metal wire struck on her flesh.

Su Xiao grabbed the wire that came out of the Gauntlet and pulled hard.


Directly Lilith was cut into several pieces, but weirdly no notification sounded, which made Su Xiao frown. Also, the amount of blood gushing out was just too exaggerated.

At first, Su Xiao rushed toward the building until he reached a few contractors that intercepted his way. But it was weird, these contractors were high in rank but weak in strength.

Although they were weak, they were extremely brave as they rushed toward him with everything they had, only to be killed in the end.

Su Xiao killed five people in about 1 minute, which made him puzzled. Why would these weak contractors provoke someone like Blueno and the CP9?

After thinking it through, he comes to the conclusion that the other two should be the main force. He directly locked them and used Broken Elf’s special ability.

After shooting six times, these two laid down. Not dying after receiving these six shots directly made Su Xiao evaluate their power, because the six shots damage would’ve killed that person if he was as weak as the others.

Su Xiao didn’t receive the notification, so he directly threw a bomb at them.

After it exploded, they fell to the third floor, and Su Xiao directly threw another bomb, but this time, he didn’t detonate it directly.

He already guessed that they might jump out of the window, so he directly went toward the window waiting for them to land beside him.

Everything happens the same as Su Xiao predicted, they jumped out the window, so he didn’t detonate the bomb, because it would be a waste.

When they landed, Roja used the Wire on the Gauntlets, and that’s the whole thing.

Su Xiao retracted the metallic wire and stared at the pile of flesh on the ground, and the woman wasn’t dead, he was sure of it.

As for the little guy, Su Xiao felt that he might be difficult to kill, so he decided on the woman first.

Blood gushed out, and every piece of her flesh changed to blood before curling into a ball.

The ball changed shape and revealed an adult form of a woman who was pale and gasped for breath.

“Little friend, we didn’t do anything to you, no need to be so hard.”

Lilith stood in her place. She didn’t care that she was completely nude, as she wanted that to affect her opponent.

“Let’s talk about it.

Lilith moved closer to Li while the latter did the same.

“There is nothing to talk about. Your goal is Nico Robin or Blueno. There is no other possibility.”

Su Xiao approached the two of them with his sword.

“Don’t be so ruthless.”

Lilith winked at Su Xiao as she started to ‘touch herself’. This scene would make most people fly back with a fountain of blood spurting out of their nostrils.

“As long as you don’t kill us, you can do anything.”

Lilith licked her lips, as Li whispered softly: “What a shameful skill.”

Lilith smiled and whispered back: “You can do it then, maybe you’re his type.”

Li stopped talking and didn’t dare approach, Su Xiao. He had a strong impulse to just turn around and run.

Their enemy was just terrifying, without even seeing him, they were defeated, Lilith even used her trump card to save her life.

“Come on, use your 36D pain on him, it’s best not to fight, although you will sacrifice yourself for the better good.”

“Shut up. I will never let any man touch me.”

Li froze and looked at Lilith in doubt.

“Then why did you attack me at night…”

Suddenly, he comes to a sudden halt as he thought of a possibility, he might’ve just discovered her secret.

Lilith twisted her body as her finger danced in the air in Su Xiao’s direction.

“Come here. I’m waiting for you.”

Su Xiao’s eyes changed color; at the same time, a warning appeared in the Reincarnation Paradise.

Su Xiao’s eyes were red as he moves forward toward Lilith as if he was controlled. But he could directly escape this skill at any time.

Su Xiao approached meter by meter. When he was three meters away, Lilith spoke.

“Can you put down that sword, it’s annoying. Do you have the heart to scratch my skin? I belong to you; every inch of my body is yours.”

Lilith directly pierced her palm with her nails. The blood directly formed a dagger.

“Of course, I can!”

The red color in Su Xiao’s eyes faded as he stepped forward, swinging Dragon Flash directly toward Lilith’s neck.

Lilith was stunned, she clearly saw the red color in Su Xiao’s eyes, and there was no notification about the skill being resisted at all.

The sword moved through the air toward her neck, leaving a white trail behind it.

Lilith directly raised her dagger, trying to defend herself only for the dagger to snap. Her neck was directly slashed.

Blood poured down as Dragon Flash penetrated her throat, but Su Xiao didn’t know why the sword stopped when it was two thirds inside her neck.

With Su Xiao’s pause, Lilith moved her body and directly got away from the sword, and her body was stained with blood.

Lilith didn’t use this opportunity to attack Su Xiao. She knew that no matter what she did, she wouldn’t be able to kill him.

Suddenly, the air around Su Xiao solidified, and a shield as transparent as glass appeared around him.

Su Xiao was trapped inside.

Su xiao looked at the young contractor, which he couldn’t tell if he was a boy or a girl. This was the young one’s doing.

“Runaway, he has at least 30 points in strength. I hope his agility isn’t as high.”

Li directly turned around and started running, as he turned around to look at Su Xiao. But he was surprised because he couldn’t see Su Xiao and only saw a Shadow rapidly approaching him.

“Is there anything wrong? And by the way, my agility is higher than 30 points.”

Tears come out of Li’s eyes as he felt that he was too young and didn’t want to die yet.