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R.P Chapter 322: Blood and Blade!

Li could tell that something was wrong a few seconds after he started running. He felt himself being chased by a wild beast.

“Li, we can’t escape, we will be hunted.”

Lilith put a hand on her neck as blood leaked through her fingers. She was in pain as the Qing Gang Yang energy ran through her body, wreaking havoc.

Li stopped directly as he felt a long blade moving toward his head.

“Crystal barrier.”

Li stretched his hands in front of him, invoking a transparent barrier.

Su Xiao stuck with every bit of his power, which made cracks spread across the barrier before it shattered.

As the sword continued in its path toward Li’s head, the latter’s body shook as he stepped back in fear.

“Bloody Needles.”

Lilith directly shouted from the side as she launched a few needles at Su Xiao.

As the needles flew toward Su Xiao, he tried to avoid them to no avail, as one of them pierced his shoulder.

Soreness, numbness, he could no longer feel his hand as it fell limply.

His Hp was dropping rapidly, and if it wasn’t for the Shadow of the Law’s new constitution, he would be seriously injured after a short 5 seconds.

With the new constitution, his chances of survival increased dramatically. Now, this injury was only a minor one.

As strange energy invaded his body, the Qing Gang Yang energy directly moved against it taking away 20% of his Mana directly. The Qing Gang Yang energy was like a fierce Dragon facing someone who invaded its territory.

As soon as the two clashed, the strange energy, which was apparently a blood poison, was directly obliterated.

Looking at Su Xiao standing in his place, Lilith sneered. The poison was her blood. Even if she was facing an undead creature, it would still affect it with one hit, even if the hit wasn’t in a vital place, let alone a living being.

“His left hand is dead. Li, let’s use the combo…”

Lilith stopped talking mid-sentence as her eyes widened.

“Why is he not affected by the poison?”

The reason for her surprise was, of course, Su Xiao, who was trying to move his disabled hand.

Although his hand was still somewhat numb, he could feel it again, and it won’t take long for its return to normal.

If it wasn’t for Qing Gang Yang energy, he would continue his adventure in this world with one hand.

The destructive properties of the blood poison can’t be underestimated. It was a poison that blocked his blood from circulating toward the area it was hit in. If he wasn’t cured now, his arm would be dead in no time.

Fortunately, it was cured now.

Su Xiao stood in the same place as he looked at the woman.

After some thinking, Su Xiao concluded that Li was the strategist as well as a scoot and control type. He didn’t have any attacking ability, but his chances of getting out alive from most situations were high.

As for the woman, she was using her blood to attack, and her vitality was high. He just struck her neck, but she didn’t turn into blood again, and she was injured.

This means that ability was a life-saving skill she used, and she can’t use it again for now.

If this was the case, then his first target should be the girl because Li can’t attack, and with his barriers, it would be hard to reach him.

Although killing the woman would be somewhat a pain, but it was the best choice. Making up his mind, Su Xiao gazed at Lilith, directly making Li happy.

“Yes, she is your target now.”

Li directly started running as he wanted to abandon the woman and getaway.

“Li, if I die, someone will go to G city, TJ province, and kill that person.”

When Li heard this, his legs halted as he turned pale.

“You… Investigated me.”

“Face him with me, or everyone will die.”

It seems like they were in fighting, and Su Xiao wouldn’t let this opportunity pass by without attacking.

Su Xiao runs toward Lilith while an Alchemy bomb appeared in his hand.

Lilith’s gaze focused on the bomb that Su Xiao threw.

As the bomb flew to Lilith’s side, she covered her head and stepped aside.

But the bomb just flew past her and didn’t explode directly.

50% of Lilith’s attention was on the bomb, which exploded as soon as it was slightly behind her and made her jump forward.


Lilith finally registered a tingling sensation on her chest. When she looked down, she found a long sword penetrating her chest.

At this moment, Su Xiao’s movement stopped as a layer of Ice wrapped his leg. It wasn’t actually Ice, but more like a barrier. Suddenly, a hint from the Reincarnation Paradise appeared in front of him.

The barrier spread across Su Xiao’s lower body before stopping and trapping him in his place.

Su Xiao glanced at Lilith and decided not to use the Mithril Ring’s effect to cancel the Control effect placed on him. It wasn’t necessary anymore.

“I don’t accept this. I still have the ability…”

Lilith’s body started to lose strength, but due to Dragon Flash piercing her, she didn’t fall down.

Her heart was pierced, and along with the Qing Gang Yang energy invading her body, she would certainly die.

Unfortunately for her, what Su Xiao can do best is fighting Contractors.

Lilith fell to the ground with a thud. She still had some abilities that she didn’t use, but she didn’t get the chance to try them. At a life and death battles, making a mistake can kill you.

One is down, another one to go. Su Xiao directly looked at Li, who was running away.

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