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R.P Chapter 323: The strongest Teleportation in History


The crystal barrier holding Su Xiao started cracking, and 2 seconds later, Su Xiao was free.

When Su Xiao was going to chase after Li, the latter was standing anxiously in his place.

“You’re strong, I can’t face you, but you won’t kill me. I will go bankrupt this time.”

Li took out a purple scroll. Su Xiao could feel spatial fluctuation surrounding the scroll, which meant that this was a space type scroll.

Getting over the shock quickly, Su Xiao rushed toward Li while wrapping the Metallic wire on Dragon Flash’s handle before throwing it with everything he got.

Dragon flash flew toward Li’s torso with astonishing speed.

Li held the scroll with both hands and directly opened it, releasing a blinding purple light.

“Crystal Shield!”

Li consumed all of his mana to use another shield until he teleports away.

Directly, Li was covered by a Crystal barrier from head to toe.


Dragon flash directly pierced the Shield and penetrated Li’s body, but only a few centimeters of the blade pierced his body before it stopped.

The combination of the Shield and the scroll is annoying. It like someone having absolute survival.

But this came with a price, as Su Xiao could see the items that Li was wearing disappearing one after the other. It seems like the scroll would only activate by sacrificing items the user is wearing.

The spatial Fluctuation got stronger until Li disappeared from his place.

Just when Su Xiao was about to give up, the space behind him distorted slightly, and Li appeared behind him.

Su Xiao almost face faulted at this, what?

The crystal shield surrounding Li disappeared, and his first reaction was to look around.

“Finally, I got away. But why does this place seem familiar? Was I randomly teleported inside Water 7? Fortunately, I wasn’t teleported into the see.”

Li didn’t know why it was so familiar until he looked at the buildings around him and saw the collapsed third floor.

The teleport Scroll properties were as follows.

Quality: Purple

Usage Requirement: 10,000 Paradise Coins, randomly offering 3 pieces of equipment that the user is currently wearing.

Effect: Teleport the user randomly to any place within 2 Kilometers.

“This time, it’s over.”

Li could feel Su Xiao coming from behind him. He didn’t turn around as he knew that Su Xiao wouldn’t show mercy at all.

“Please… Don’t cut off my head, that’s too ugly.”


A sharp sword penetrated Li’s heart. Li’s mouth opened slightly as his body moved forward. He knew that Su Xiao was coming toward him, but he didn’t do anything, he didn’t have any mana left, and if he resisted, it would just be more painful.

“It looks that you not lucky today.”

While speaking, Su Xiao pulled out Dragon flash. Li fell on the ground directly as his blood covered the ground.

“That’s useless, teleportation scroll… It teleported me 50 meters away…”

Li stopped talking after saying this. He was breathing no more. He didn’t die because of the scroll. He died because he tried to attack Su Xiao, who wouldn’t show mercy to his enemies.

Li had a habit of relying on others since he was a child. After entering the Reincarnation Paradise, he was injured in his first battle, and he didn’t like the pain. Therefore, he developed his ability to be a supporting character, so he wouldn’t have to fight.

After cooperating with Lilith, she made him her assistant.

Su Xiao killed them without much effort compared to others. He didn’t feel the excitement while fighting them.

There are three factions in the Main Quest. Each faction was hostile toward the other. This was a rule set by the Reincarnation Paradise.

Killing Seven contractors, Su Xiao got three scarlet Cards, one of them was from Lilith, and the other two were from two random contractors.

His mana increased by 48 points after killing all seven.

Su Xiao could tell that his Hp increased by 14 points due to the increased Mana.

Su Xiao sheathed his sword as the battle ended.

If Blueno was the one facing them, he would definitively lose. With Li’s ability to restrain the Soru and Lilith’s ability to poison the body and along with the other contractors holding Robin, he would’ve died.

“Bob, come out.”

Su Xiao looked around, but he still didn’t see Bob, he didn’t know where the latter hid.

Bubbles suddenly started rising from the water. Su Xiao’s mouth twitched. Bob’s hiding places started to become strange.

Bob got out of the water and directly shook his body to dry himself.

“You hid underwater the entire fight? Great, no one would expect that.”


Bob barked in pride as his tail wagged quickly from Su Xiao’s praise.

“I didn’t know that you can hold your breath that much.”

Su Xiao took a piece of meat and threw it toward Bob. Although Bob caught it, he didn’t eat it.

Taking a closer look at Bob’s belly, Su Xiao could tell that it was bigger than normal.

Su Xiao leaned down and touched Bob’s belly. The dog enjoyed this and directly felly to the ground with his belly toward Su Xiao.

Bob’s belly was inflated. He probably ate in the water, or he drunk too much seawater.

Su Xiao pressed on Bob’s belly, which made Bob directly retch a few times while looking at Su Xiao with resentment. He seemed to say, ‘Why are pressing my stomach so hard? You want me to vomit.’

Su Xiao smelt something that seemed like a fish and directly concluded that Bob just ate a few fishes down there.

Su Xiao was startled by this, this dog couldn’t even catch a rabbit on land, but he could catch fishes in the water.

“Stand up.”

Looking at Bob lying down, Su Xiao gestured.

Instead of getting up, Bob shook his body while making a cute expression known as puppy dog eyes at Su Xiao to pat his belly.

Su Xiao couldn’t help it as he patted his belly for a while. Bob finally stood up satisfied as he circled Su Xiao.

“Byakuya, where are the enemies?”

Blueno ran toward him with blood-stained hands and a gunshot wound on his shoulder. It seemed that other people went to fight him. The shield wouldn’t be able to hold Blueno. He had the Door Door fruit after all.

“I finished them off. The plan is unchanged.”

“Finished? So fast?”

Blueno looked at the blasted building and hurried forward to take a look.

Not long after, Blueno returned with a new understanding of Su Xiao’s power. He felt that Su Xiao wouldn’t need his protection.

“The operation will start at night, Lucci is already preparing.”

Blueno looked at Su Xiao.

“You should catch Iceburg directly. Your previous plan will be tiring.”

If they followed the original plan, it would be troublesome, it would be okay if there wasn’t any contractor in this world, but there are, and they knew the original plan.

That’s why Su Xiao suggested that they directly deal with Iceburg.

They want Pluto’s design, but they didn’t know that Franky was the one who had it, not Iceburg. The Rob Lucci thought about it, but he couldn’t confirm it, he wanted to ask Iceburg, so they don’t catch the wrong person.