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R.P Chapter 324: Cruel Bob!

Su Xiao wouldn’t tell Lucci that Pluton’s blueprint is with Franky.

First of all, they didn’t inform him about their mission. Secondly, he won’t be able to explain how he knew about the blueprints being there.

So he said nothing as the CP9 moved to find the blueprints of Pluton.

Their plan to make the Straw hats looks bad is full of flows, and with the contractors being there, it surely won’t happen.

Su Xiao directly proposed to arrest Iceburg directly, but Kaku didn’t agree with him. Still, Lucci agreed, and with him having the highest position along with Su Xiao, they can’t disobey him.

The final decision was still in Spandam’s hands.

Although Spandam was the leader of the CP9 officially, he got that position through connection, not with his ability.

And someone actually said that Spandam was good at making plans, that person definitively has mental problems.

Several agents were lurking in Water 7 for so many years and knew the place like the back of their hands, and with the trust of the people there, it wouldn’t be a problem at all getting to Iceburg.

Galley-la company has three people who can fight, who are Paulie, Peepley Lulu, and Tilestone.

Even though they were somewhat strong, Lucci, or Kaku, can directly solve them in an instant.

The plan was for Kalifa to monitor Iceburg, Lucci, and the others deal with the Shipbuilders, while Su Xiao and Blueno arrest Robin. They would meet later at Iceburg’s office.

The whole operation would take about half an hour like this, and they can leave easily afterward. All in all, everything would end in an hour.

Spandam’s plan was too stretched, and it would take at least two days.

Two days against one hour, it was clear how good Spandam was with his strategy. But after Lucci reported to Spandam, the latter directly said that his plan was perfect, and no change should be made.

At that moment, Su Xiao wanted to kill him. A pig teammate wasn’t the most terrible thing in a team, a pig leader was the real horror.

If they continue as planned by Spandam, Robin will attack Iceburg with Blueno tonight to make the straw-hats desperate, and later they would confront Iceburg, which would give a lot of time for retaliation.

Su Xiao won’t allow that, if he didn’t escort Robin to Ennis lobby, he would be directly forced out of one piece without even gaining much from such a world.

Su Xiao tried to contact Zero, and when Zero heard that the plan could be reduced from two days to one hour, and the situation in Water 7 wasn’t calm, he was furious and directly went looking for Spandam.

It was unclear what Zero did, but in the end, Spandam contacted Lucci and told him he agreed with Su Xiao’s plan, but he still threatened Su Xiao, because the latter interfered with his plan which he thought was perfect.

They started the mission at nine in the morning, Kalifa monitored Iceburg, Kaku, and Lucci directly dealt with the shipbuilders, and Blueno with Su Xiao arrested Robin.

Now that Robin was successfully arrested, Su Xiao only needed to watch the show.

The finishing touch would start at 7 in the evening. During the day, there are too many eyes, and they could be easily discovered. After the mission is complete, the main agents of the CP9 would leave, and the ordinary agents would clear the mess left behind.

Now all they had to do is wait for 7 pm.

In a private house that Blueno bought anonymously, Robin was sitting aside while bob was guarding her, Blueno was tending to the wound on his shoulder. Su Xiao didn’t order Bob to do this, but the dog volunteered.

Bob doesn’t understand what love and care about the fairer sex means if he really cares, it would be about a female dog!

So if Robin was to dare do anything, Bob would bite her mercilessly. Su Xiao just leaned on a chair while holding a watch in his hand.

“I won’t run, so I don’t need a guard.”

Robin spoke suddenly, with helplessness on her face.

Bob showed his fangs as if he was warning her not to speak.

“Bob isn’t guarding you.”

“Huh? Then what is it doing?”

Robin wasn’t feeling well being stared by Bob.

“It took a fancy to your boots. You can take them off and give them to him.”

Hearing his words, Robin, who was desperate, hesitated a little before taking the boot on her left leg and throwing them toward Bob.

Bob directly bit the boots. Then he looked at the other one on her right leg.

Robin sighed and took it off as well…

Su Xiao closed his eyes while still leaning on the chair, and after a few seconds, Robin’s voice came.

“That… Byakuya-san, please don’t let your dog stare at me, I don’t have anything else to give to him.”

Su Xiao opened his eyes a little as he was annoyed, but what he saw surprised him. He froze in his place at sight.

Robin was wearing a corset and a Miniskirt while she was curled on the bed.

Bob was staring at Robin’s corset while torn clothes were under him.

“Bob, she is the quest objective, you can’t do that.”

Bob ran to Su Xiao’s fee and leaned on his legs, seeing this, Robin was relieved.

The room turned quiet, and only breathing could be heard.


A bark was heard, Su Xiao looked up and saw both Robin and Blueno asleep, then he turned to Bob.

The days, the dog was having a nice time, he was happy. He ate very well, and he hid when a battle starts and sleep when he is bored.

Although it was simple, he was having fun.

Su Xiao started meditating. After a while, Blueno said.

“It’s almost time.”

Su Xiao directly opened his eyes and looked at the watch, it was 6:30 pm, and the sky was getting dark.

“Lucci and the others should be here soon.”

Lucci and Kaku will meet them here while Kalifa monitored Iceburg.

After half an hour, a knocking came from the door, and the knocking had some rhythm to it.


Blueno said.


Lucci’s voice came from the other side of the door, Blueno opened the door directly letting Lucci and Kaku in.

Lucci put on the black suit, the black hat, and Hattori landed on his shoulder.

Lucci being here on time meant that the Shipbuilders were dealt with.

“Everyone is here; let’s begin.”

“Five years of hard work, finally the time to yield the result is here.”

All the CP9 put on a black suit. Afterward, Blueno pressed his hand on the wall. Suddenly a stone door opened on the wall. As Blueno took the lead, Lucci and the others followed behind.

As Su Xiao entered, he saw a somewhat distorted space with cyan color. After Roing entered, the door was closed.

In the center of Water 7, inside an Office, Iceburg sat behind a desk while sketching. This was his hobby for many years now.

The door suddenly opened, which made Iceburg subconsciously look toward the door, but it wasn’t open.

When he turned his head around, he found that a few people were inside his Office.

“Why are you guys here?”

Iceburg wanted to ask, but Kaku directly rushed forward and grabbed Iceburg’s collar with one hand and directly pressed him down. Kaku held one of Iceburg’s arms behind his back as his face touched the ground.

“Iceburg-san, I want to ask you something.”

Lucci was in a good mood. It’s the moment they would rip the results of all the works they’ve done, and completing the task quickly and accurately was something he liked.