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R.P Chapter 325: The power of Information!

Iceburg was pressed to the ground, the first thing that appeared in his mind was that Lucci and the others were bought and are now betraying him.

“What are you guys doing?”

With what Kaku had said, it was clear that they were no longer his subordinates.

“It seems like you’re still don’t get it, Iceburg-san!”

Lucci fixed his hat and looked at Iceburg with a smile.

“Were you bought by some other company or a large pirate group? I didn’t offend anyone, so it only leaves these two parties.”

After being stunned at first, he started thinking about his current situation.

“Pirate? We aren’t that free. Time is running out; let’s go straight to the subject.”

Lucci gestured for Kaku to release Iceburg, and the latter complied. Iceburg sat down on the ground and didn’t get up. Three of the five people in this room were his close friends, but those three betrayed his which made him depressed.

“Iceburg, hand over the blueprints of Pluton, and your end won’t be painful. We were after it for the past five years.”

Lucci directly threatened Iceburg, and when the latter heard the word Pluton, his pupil shrunk, and his mouth fell open.

“You guys weren’t bought by other companies or pirates.”

Iceburg’s clenched his fist as he trembled.

“Of course, well, you can tell us or die.”

Lucci paused a little before continuing.

“We know that you’re depressed now, but the deadline for our mission is approaching, and we need to complete it quickly, so don’t make it hard and resist.”

Iceburg’s face was ugly as he already guessed the origin of Lucci and the others.

“You should’ve heard about the Cipher Pol department, in short, the CP. the CP1 to CP8 are eight departments tasked with intelligence gathering for the world government.”

Lucci wasn’t talking nonsense. He was breaking any defense Iceburg had in his mind.

“I’ve heard about them. They use everything to get the information.”

Iceburg’s looked down as he knew where they were headed with this talk.

“Good, but we are the CP9, which no one knows about, we have some privilege compared to others, and our identity can’t be made public.


“Yes, we are working under the name of Justice, and we have the right to execute anyone who doesn’t cooperate with the government.”

Iceburg’s face paled.

“Who could accept someone who kills others in the name of justice.”

Lucci ignored this and continued: “You only have one choice, hand over the blueprint as the world government changed their mind, instead of fearing people would rebuild the Ancient weapon, they would just take the blueprint and build it to end this Era of chaos.”

Iceburg snorted.

“Impossible, if the weapon was to be built, then more power-hungry people would eye it, and it would only lead the world to even bigger chaos.”

“It seems like you don’t trust the world government, Iceburg-san.”

“I just know the nature of humans, kid.”

Lucci’s face calmed down as he slowly walked to Iceburg.

“Do you still think we are your subordinates?”

Before Iceburg could speak, Lucci kicked him directly.


Iceburg hit the bookshelf making various books and papers fall down.

“I talk to you with some respect, and you think you’re our boss.”

“Lucci, there are still 16 minutes left, if you can’t do it, I will take over.”

Su Xiao spoke. He had an agreement with Lucci. After seeing Iceburg, Lucci had 20 minutes. If he couldn’t make him talk, then Su Xiao would take over.

Several people thought about what Su Xiao proposed, and felt cold.

“Yes,” Lucci responded and looked at Iceburg.

“Iceburg, for the safety of your family, if you don’t tell us about Pluton’s blueprint, then hell will break loose.”

Blood flowed from Iceburg’s nose and mouth, even though Lucci kicked him lightly.

“Do you think threatening me by talking about my family will work. Do you think that I’m just some Shipbuilder? in order to prevent Pluton from falling into the hands of wrong people, I don’t care even if everyone I know dies.”

Iceburg said as he was prepared for anything.

At this time, the door was pushed open, Kalifa entered while wearing a tight-fitting dress, while her legs were covered with fishnet stockings.

Kalifa held a few papers and an old blueprint as she nodded at Lucci.

“That assumption was correct. Cutty Flam, also known as Franky, the leader of the Franky family.”

After saying this, Lucci smiled as the things became simple.

Iceburg’s head dropped down, and his eyes were panicking, as Pluto’s design was with Franky.

“Kaku test his heart rates.”

Kaku held Iceburg with his knees behind his back as he put his middle and index fingers to sense his heartbeats. Iceburg was powerless.

“Iceburg, we won’t torture you; it would’ve been an insult to what we did for five years.”

Lucci directly looked at the time. He still had 11 minutes. They were enough.

“Iceburg, you’re the disciple of Tom, the legendary shipbuilder, who has two disciples, you and the other one is Cutty Flam. Cutty Flam was killed in an accident eight years ago, and the government confirmed that our leads were interrupted.

But after years in Water 7, I suddenly felt that the name Cutty Flam was familiar, but I give it no more thoughts.

Until one day, Kalifa told me that Cutty Flam actually came to you. How could he suddenly appear, if not for Kalifa hearing about it, I wouldn’t even know this.

Our first thoughts were that the Cutty Flam that appeared was just an imposter, so the eyes on you would lose their interest. But after some investigation, we found that Cutty Flam was renamed Franky and continued to live in Water 7.

If you wanted to hide Pluton’s blueprint, you wouldn’t hide it in your house, right? The risk is too high, and it’s not safe.

But, if you just gave them to a person who is dead, and that said person doesn’t have any grand ambition to use the design, it would be perfect.

Therefore, Pluton’s Blueprint isn’t with you, you gave them to Cutty Flam, no, he should be called Franky now.”

At this point, Lucci finished talking, and Iceburg was already sweating, and his heartbeat accelerated.

All of the CP9 knew that their guess was correct this time, after all, they knew Iceburg for five years and knew what his reaction meant.