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R.P Chapter 326: Get Out Of My Sight!

“It’s confirmed then, Franky has the Blueprint of Pluton. His reaction gave it away.”

Kaku said as the others were finally relieved as they completed their task.

Su Xiao was in a good mood. With his help, it took two days of planning and one hour of work to complete the mission.

“So, we…”

Lucci was about to speak, but he suddenly felt killing intent from behind him. The CP9 were immediately alerted. Iceburg looked at the person releasing the killing intent; he felt like this person with a dog is the leader of the group.

As they looked at Su Xiao wondering what’s going on, the latter spoke.

“Someone is here, five of them.”

Su Xiao’s face was ugly. He felt the familiar presence, and he knew one of them.

Carefully sensing them, Su Xiao immediately knew that one of them is Paulie.

“You didn’t kill the three Shipbuilders?”

Su Xiao coldly looked at Lucci and Kaku. Lucci directly froze, he killed two of them.

“Paulie won’t wake up for a while.”

Five years working here made Kaku soft, as he couldn’t kill Paulie.

“Then tell me who is the one coming here now.”

Su Xiao directly looked at Kaku.

With a bang, the door was smashed open to reveal Paulie with a face full of blood as he was seriously injured.

“Say, Who is this?”

Su Xiao pulled Dragon Flash as he looked at Kaku coldly while Kaku lowered his head.

Su Xiao walked toward Paulie slowly, and when Paulie wanted to resist, his body couldn’t respond, as a metallic wire was wrapped around him.


Paulie shouted as blood poured from his wound.



Iceburg shouted, but someone else also yelled from outside the room.


The Wire tightened as Paulie’s body struggled a few times before he lost his voice.

A blue treasure chest fell to the ground. Su Xiao directly put it into his Inventory. This was his first Treasure chest he got from One Piece’s world.

The floor was dyed red with blood as four people stood outside the door and stared at this.

These four were

The Protagonist: Monkey. D. Luffy.

Swordsman: Roronoa Zoro!

Navigator: Nami!

Doctor: Chopper!

These four appearings here had something to do with Paulie, who was just killed.

When Luffy saw Paulie dies, his brain couldn’t accept it for a while, Zoro looked cautiously while Nami put her hand over her mouth with eyes filled with fear.

Su Xiao closed his eyes as he started spreading his perception. No other contractor appeared, and the situation wasn’t serious. Kaku’s action caused some trouble for them.

“This is Kaku’s mistake, and I apologize for it.”

Lucci said as he would take care of this personally.

“It doesn’t matter. This is just a small problem, and we can deal with it later, our priority is to deal with our enemies right now.”

Monkey. D. Luffy was the protagonist of the story and the one who could defeat many enemies far stronger than he is. Su Xiao could swear that his Luck Attribute was above 50.

He wasn’t exaggerating. He was totally different from most other Protagonists.

“Good then, Kaku, Kalifa, Blueno, be ready to fight.”

Lucci was relieved, Su Xiao didn’t do anything to Kaku.

Just as they were about to start, Robin, who was silent, suddenly spoke.

“There is no need to use force. They are coming to me.”

Robin stood in front of the CP9 and looked directly at the Straw-hats.

“Robin, we finally found you, why did you disappear so suddenly?”

After seeing Robin, Luffy smiled as he was already worried about Robin.

“Monkey. D. Luffy, aren’t you mistaken about something?”

“What?” Luffy froze.

“First of all, I didn’t say I want to join you. I just stayed on your ship for a while, so it doesn’t matter where I go.”

Robin’s harsh words made the four stunned. Tears rolled down of Chopper’s face as he always considered Robin to be his Companion, but she just…


Luffy shouted.

“You are my companion. We have gone to many adventures together.”

Robin clenched her teeth. She had to do this to protect them. There is a fierce man in the room along with the CP9, and a bloody corpse.

“Don’t you understand, I want to reach my dream, and I can’t do that while I’m with you.”

Robin wanted to sacrifice herself to protect the Straw-hat pirates. Water 7 was filled with CP9 Agents, if they fight them, they won’t be able to survive, and they would offend the world government in the process. This wasn’t something Robin wanted to see.

“So stop with this meaningless farce, I need a strong backer, and that backer is the world government.”

After speaking, Robin stood beside Su Xiao.

“Being with you, poor pirates are not helpful for me, so please get out of my sight. We aren’t companions, and never were.”

After Robin’s remark, all of the Straw-hats were silent.

Su Xiao was now considering whether he should deal with them now or not.

Although this idea is tempting, it wasn’t reliable. His Quest is a top priority. After Robin arrives at Enies Lobby, the Straw Hats and the Contractors will gather there.

“That’s not true, Robin, you’re lying.”

Luffy lowered his head.

Luffy’s tone almost killed Robin.

“Get out of my sight. I don’t want to see you anymore.”

Robin turned around as if she didn’t want to look at them anymore. She was suppressing the urge to leave with them. She wanted to be with them, but she couldn’t.


Chopper called softly, and Robin’s shoulders shook, Robin really liked the adorable Chopper.

“Three, Two, One.”

Su Xiao suddenly started the countdown, and the members of the CP9 immediately understood what’s going on.


Su Xiao grabbed Robin and jumped out of the window.

Su Xiao directly made five alchemy bombs explode inside the room.

Just before the bombs exploded, Luffy and Zoro felt the danger, and directly Zoro roared.


Luffy directly understood Zoro’s intention.