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R.P Chapter 327: Mad Milk and The Three Brothers

“Gomu… Gomu no, Balloon!”

Luffy inhaled with all of his strength, and his whole body suddenly enlarged like a balloon. He pressed Nami and Chopper under his body, while Zoro didn’t need his protection.

Zoro ran toward Luffy and grabbed his body to prevent it from flying.

They were aware that something was about to explode in the room, but they didn’t know what it was.

Nami and Chopper didn’t struggle under Luffy.


A deafening noise reached their ears as Nami yelled and covered her ears. She felt dizzy.

The impact and fire hit both Luffy and Zoro, but they didn’t budge from their places, because if they moved, Chopper and Nami would die.


Iceburg’s home was directly destroyed. Iceburg wasn’t protected and was directly crushed under the rubble.

Su Xiao, who jumped out of the building into another one, suddenly received a prompt.

He was surprised since he didn’t expect killing Iceburg would actually get him some world’s source. It seems like the source of the world can be obtained from special characters in the world, not just strong ones.

However, such people aren’t easy to kill. If Su Xiao wasn’t a member of the CP0 currently, the world government would be after him.

Although Iceburg gave him a few percent sources of the world, Su Xiao confirmed that he didn’t drop a treasure chest.

In the room, Luffy looked ragged and blood dripping down his arms and forehead, miraculously, his straw hat was intact.

Zoro’s situation was even worse. He had burns all over his body. He helped Luffy by receiving most of the damage. Otherwise, Luffy would be much worse now.

Nami and Chopper looked up only to see blood dripping from Luffy.

“Luffy, are you alright?”

The chopper was terrified as he hurried to Luffy’s side.

“I’m okay, go look after Zoro.”

The moment the explosion went off, Luffy clearly saw Zoro blocking it in front of him.

Chopper ran directly toward Zoro only to be surprised; the burns weren’t serious, but a leg from a chair was embedded into his abdomen.


Chopper was anxious. He didn’t have anything on him to help, not even bandages.

“Zoro must be taken back to the ship. He must be treated immediately.”

Chopper and Nami directly started searching for a first aid kit in ruins or even a clean cloth.

Luffy staggered toward Zoro and saw the chair’s leg inserted in his abdomen. He directly pulled it.

Blood spewed out like a fountain as Zoro’s eyes rolled in pain.

“You idiot!!”

Zoro was speechless, and Luffy knew he did something wrong. He directly inserted the chair’s leg again to stop the bleeding.

It was accurately inserted into the wound, but Zoro’s eyes rolled, and he fainted.

Chopper hurried back with a clean cloth.

“How did Zoro faint, he was awake.”

Chopper looked puzzled.

“Ah, this, it was me.”

As he talked, Luffy held the chair’s leg and waited.


Chopper rushed forward and stopped Luffy from pulling it out.

“If you pull this out, he will lose too much blood.”

“Yes, when I pulled it out, blood was going out like crazy, so I put it back.”

“Put… Put it back?”

Chopper didn’t know what to feel right now, he just angrily yelled.
“How can you do that, hurry up and carry him back to the ship.”

After Chopper helped bandage Zoro, Luffy picked him up and, with Nami, walked back toward their ship.

If Zoro and Luffy were the ones facing the explosion, they wouldn’t be in such a sorry state, but Nami and Chopper needed protection.

As they moved, a man dressed like a cowboy was watching.

His face was pale, and he seemed injured.

“It seems like you accelerated the plot. I will see you in Ennis Lobby!”

This guy was the revolver guy that fought Su Xiao. After the fight, he directly went to see a doctor, and even though he was in a lot of pain when he took a leak, his fighting power didn’t weaken.

He held a dozen of scarlet cards in his hand. Those who wanted to form a contract with him turned into scarlet cards.

“The emperor’s Mad milk is also here, and there are also the three hooligans are here as well. Things are getting interesting.”

The cowboy laughed. Ennis Lobby will be full of chaos.

“Who are you calling Hooligans.”

“Brother, can I kill him.”

“Forget it, that would create problems with the brigade.”

Three muscle men wearing the same style of armor walked by the side as they each held hand and formed a circle and said.

“Three Hooligans.”

The cowboy shook his head as he looked at three with amusement.

“We are a perfect team.”

“Full of manliness!”

“The Three Brothers are here.”

The cowboy’s eyes twitched as he felt embarrassed, talking to these three.

“A group of mentally unstable people.”

A loud voice came from a man wearing a priest’s robe and carrying an iron war sickle on his shoulder.

“Mad milk, I didn’t expect you to be in Water 7. I thought that you’d be in Ennis Lobby.”

The cowboy said.

“Coming to an open world like One Piece, of course, I would kill a few people first. But I’m curious about one thing, who hurt you so badly? I heard that your bladder was punctured?”

There was sarcasm in Mad Milk’s words.

“Well, it’s better than a mentally retarded healer who learned the wrong initial skills.”

Hearing this, Mad Milk turned black, he wanted to develop his skills as a healer, but he didn’t expect that he learned the wrong initial skill, which resulted in him going toward combat, not support. Although his healing ability was amazing, he never healed his teammates. For him, his teammates only need to comment 666 and cheer for him.

“That is the will of the holy spirit.”

“Holy Spirit? I think it’s an evil god.”

“What did you say?”

“I said, your emperor’s cult, no, I shouldn’t insult the cult, it’s full of scheming.”

Mad Milk released the sickle on his back as his eyes turned red.

“I have long since wanted to kill you since you interrupted the baptism. We’ll settle it today.”

Mad Milk held the sickle in his hand, and a golden light gleamed out of his body.

The cowboy sneered.

“Although I’m not a good person, I will not watch hundreds of children being sacrificed alive. Children are innocent, they can’t take justice, but I can kill those who try anything on them in their stead.”

The cowboy started moving his fingers. This made Mad Milk to become cautious. This wasn’t their first time-fighting.

“What do you know. I’m going to baptize them with purgatory flames. They’re all… Forget it, I won’t explain to someone like you, and I won’t explain what I do.”

“You’re cheating ghosts, you fake priest.”

“Believe it or not, but I want to kill you right now. Although God says that we shouldn’t kill, if it’s an evil guy like you, it should be okay.”

The cowboy and Mad Milk were about to compete against each other. Only the divine guild could fight against the brigade. The first was a place for the devout believers and fanatics to gather, and the second was a place for crazy people.

The three Hooligans sat by the side as they watched with cola and popcorns in hand.

“Brother, who do you think will win.”

“Whoever wins, we will attack after they exhaust themselves.”

“That’s not good.”

“Nothing is bad. Neither is anything good. It’s us who decide whether it is good or not. And there are enemies to our regiment.”

“Brother, we are a football team, we don’t have such a regiment.”

“We just did. Do you want to say something?”

“Brother, we didn’t know that.”

During their discussion, two pairs of eyes were looked at them coldly.

“Brother, let’s run.”

“Good suggestion, whoever runs the slowest will do extra exercises later.”

The three of them started running as fast as they could, although they were fast, they run like wild dogs.