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R.P Chapter 328: The same Situation, different treatment!

Near Iceburg’s residence!


A loud gunshot sound reverberated, and if Su Xiao was nearby, he would recognize it.

The cowboy’s gun was unique, as he could shoot multiple times with just the sound of one shot.

After ten seconds, a big ten meters tall sledgehammer appeared and was coming down. The hammer was coming down toward Iceburg’s residence!


The hammer fell on the house and directly smashed it.

Bloodstains could be seen on the ground, but the cowboy and Mad Milk were nowhere to be seen.

At 7:29 Pm, inside Franky’s home.

At this time, Franky’s house was already destroyed, with Su Xiao standing on the ruins with no one else there.

He didn’t cause this; this should be when the straw-hat pirates came here.

A few of Franky’s underlings injured Usopp and took about 200 million berry from him when he came to ask them to repair their ship. This caused Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji to come here and take revenge for their comrade.

With Franky not being here, his underlings weren’t the Straw Hat pirates opponents.

Su Xiao sat on the rubble and lit his cigarette.

“Lucci, when will Franky be back?”

Lucy took out his pocket watch and looked at the time.

“He would be here in 10 minutes at most. According to the reports, Franky went to the nearby island to buy some Adam Wood. He will return after ordering the wood because it would take days to it to be delivered.”

Su Xiao puffed a cloud of smoke. Franky wasn’t a normal thug. His identity was prominent in water 7.

Franky provides the wood used by the Galley-la company. The wood business in Water 7 was a big catch for most people.

Which is why Franky wasn’t weak if he could be in that business here. Both Franky and Iceburg were the ones trying to make Water 7 float. Otherwise, the cost wouldn’t be affordable by normal people.

The world government said that Iceburg should only be killed if necessary, but Franky shouldn’t be killed at all.

Many people could take Iceburg’s position, but Franky was irreplaceable, he was the disciple of the legendary Shipwright Tom.

If Iceburg inherited Tom’s ability to build ships, then Franky inherited his ability to make weapons.

Franky was a genius. It was apparent from the Coup de Burst cannon, which was a downgrade version of Pluton’s cannon.

Franky didn’t understand the ancient language, he only saw some sketches and cracked them down. If he wasn’t a genius, who was.

Su Xiao looked at the darkened sky and then looked at Robin while Lucci and the others were at a distance.

“Do you think you can die for the Straw Hat pirates?”

Hearing Su Xiao suddenly talking, Robin was stunned.

“What?” Robin looked at Su Xiao in surprise.

“I said you are stupid.”

Robin heard him and frowned.

“Whatever you say, I’m your captive right now.”

“Captive, huh.”

Su Xiao chuckled as he placed his hand on Robin’s shoulder, who stiffened.

“If you’re a captive, then I can do whatever I want.”

Robin’s expression stiffened, but she quickly calmed down and felt something wrong. Thinking for a bit, Robin moved toward Su Xiao, close to his arm.

Lucci and the others saw this and said nothing.

“What do you want to say. You’re different from the CP9.”

Robin looked around. Although Su Xiao killed before, Robin felt this was an opportunity for her.

“In addition to mastering the Ancient Language, what else is coveted by the world government? Don’t tell me it was only for it, because some of the old Celestial Dragons should be able to read that language.”

Robin remained silent, and Su Xiao continued.

“Just a day ago, I wasn’t someone from the world government.”

“Then you are…”

Robin looked at Su Xiao suspiciously, but her eyes revealed her confusion.

“The world government want my ability to make bombs, the kind you saw earlier. Don’t look at me like that. The Straw Hats are alive. If they died so easily, they wouldn’t have the ability to reach Water 7. I helped you before, if it wasn’t for me throwing that bomb, Lucci and the others might have killed them. You should thank me for that.”

“Er.” Robin looked at Su Xiao. She always felt that something was wrong.

“I should thank you? Are you kidding me?”

“Yes, you should thank me.”

Su Xiao though quickly. He thinks that Robin might have the cotard Syndrome.

The so-called cotard syndrome is a mental state which can easily be identified. If someone asks you, have you died, and your instinctive answer is yes, then congratulations, you suffer from cotard syndrome. But don’t worry, it’s not that hard to treat it. All there is to it is adjusting the state of mind.

The biggest problem of the cotard Syndrome is that the one suffering from it is always denying that he should be alive, and only those who have a near-death experience or are demanding death would have it.

This is Robin’s case today, and this syndrome comes with another condition, which is a mild delusion, and the person would be slightly an M.

Of course, Robin wasn’t actually an M. She just carves death and, at the same time, carves for others to hurt her, and as soon as her cotard syndrome disappears, the M characteristic would as well.

Su Xiao studied Psychology before, and he could tell that Robin was determined to die without thinking about anything else, which dropped her IQ significantly.

Robin said: “I’m going to die. What do you want to do?”

Su Xiao’s smile was getting brighter and brighter. Bob looked at his masters smile weirdly.

It’s the first time he saw his master smile like that, and he felt that the woman would definitively be cheated somehow.

Ignoring Bob, Su Xiao whispered in Robin’s ear: “We all have something that the world government wants, but why are you here?”

Robin bowed her head in contemplation. Her eyes brightened after some time.

“Because… I have weaknesses.”

“Yes, you have weaknesses, the straw hats. By the way, I will tell you something. You see them now paying respect to me now, but when I arrive at Enies lobby, I wouldn’t be able to leave again.”

Su Xiao clearly knew that Lucci and the others are respecting him for his power and because of the orders.

But as soon as he gets to Enies Lobby, the world government would try to take the alchemy bomb technology from him, and only when they can’t reproduce it will he deserve his status.

But even then, he won’t be able to leave Enies lobby because the world government won’t permit it.

Su Xiao didn’t care whether or not he can leave Enies Lobby. Instead, he cared about whether he can move as he wants there or not.