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R.P Chapter 329: Sea Train

“You said that you weren’t with the world government before, and you have what the world government wants.”

Robin sorted her thoughts as her syndrome receded temporarily.

“Yes, but my treatment would be different compared to yours. You will be imprisoned by the world government, and rest assured, they won’t let you die. They will use every means of torture to get information out of you.”

Robin turned her head as she seemed not to care about torture.

“I’m not afraid of death, let alone torture.”

Su Xiao wasn’t dumb. He could tell that she didn’t see anyone getting tortured before, or else she wouldn’t think that torture was easier than death.

“So, imagine how it would feel when someone peels off your skin slowly.”

Robin’s face changed.

“I’m not good at torturing, but I know something about it. With your determination, you would be able to persist for two hours, and that would be a miracle in itself.”

Su Xiao continued to introduce torture to Robin, which made her became pale. She was likely to experience some of these methods for the knowledge she had. But she can never tell the world government what her mother and the others in O’hara traded with their lives.

Robin also knew the whereabouts of the ancient weapon Pluton, not just a drawing, but an actual built one.

That was easier for the world government instead of building another one.

Not only that, but Robin knew many things about the celestial dragons.

After listening to Su Xiao as he described the torture methods, Robin was afraid. She couldn’t think humans could be so evil.

“Will I really experience something like that?”

Robin wasn’t stupid, and she was already suspicious about Su Xiao.

“No, you won’t.”

Robin relaxed a little.”

“You will experience even worse than that.”

Su Xiao looked at Robin with a smile. He and Robin were in similar situations. The moment he met Kalifa, he knew that he would be in contact with the world government.

Su Xiao used a very clever strategy and finally got a semi transaction deal with them.

Robin’s approach was somewhat unwise. She first gave up the will to live and then revealed her weaknesses.

If it was under normal circumstances, Robin wouldn’t make such a mistake, but maybe the encounter of Aokiji stimulated this.

“Franky is near. We don’t have much time.”

Su Xiao looked at Franky, coming from the distance. He had a plan, and if he succeeded, he would gain a lot, and if he failed, it wouldn’t cause him many losses.

“We?” Robin captured the difference in Su Xiao’s words.

“Yes, we. If you don’t want to be forced to reveal what you know, you can only cooperate with me.”

Robin lowered her head to think. Previously, the most her mind could think of was her execution when she reached Enies Lobby, but now she knew about the torture.

Robin became pale again, thinking about it as she felt fear.

“What do you want to do, what is your purpose.”

Su Xiao took an alchemy bomb and quietly handed it to Robin, and to her how to use it.

“I’ve given you this, and even the Cp agents can’t find it, as for where to hide it, you have many places you can use.”

The alchemy bomb was of great importance to Robin right now. Because when she gets to Enies lobby, she would be handcuffed with Kairoseki (Sea stone), rendering her weak. That’s why the alchemy bomb would be her life-saving card.

“Why help me.”

Even now, Robin could tell that Su Xiao wasn’t a good person.

“Being in the same world, we should help each other.”

Robin didn’t say anything, but Bob was surprised by Su Xiao’s words. He couldn’t help look at Robin with sympathy. This was his owner’s style, that female is unlucky.

Robin hesitated for a while before hiding the alchemy bomb.

Su Xiao sat aside and stopped talking.

It didn’t take long for Lucci and the others to get Franky, who wasn’t their opponent at all.

“Let me go. I’m not Cutty Flam. You got it wrong!”

Franky was injured, but because of his semi-mechanical body parts, he still could fight.

“Not Cutty Flam? Then you’re not Tom’s disciple?”

Lucci’s words left Franky speechless. He could admit that he wasn’t Cutty Flam, but he couldn’t say he wasn’t Tom’s disciple.

The Fishman raised him and taught him everything he knew.

“You’re from the world government?”

“You don’t need to know.”

Kaku pushed Franky, making him stumble forward.

Su Xiao got up and moved toward them, followed by Robin. Currently, Robin believed in Su Xiao more than before.

“We are ready to leave. Our objectives are completed.”

Kalifa chuckled and looked at Robin and Franky. Both targets were captured.

A group of people escorted Franky and Robin to the sea train station in Water 7.

As the name implies, it was a train that moves above the sea on a floating rail. The train’s speed was at least ten times the speed of a normal ship.

The journey wouldn’t take long for them to reach Enies lobby using the train. As soon as they reached the station, they found a train waiting.

Because it didn’t take much for the operation to end this time, nobody interrupted them. And like that, Su Xiao was about to leave water 7.

“I was waiting for a long time, everybody.”

An agent from the CP8 came forward.

“No surprises.”

Lucci acted cautiously. If he wasn’t cautious, he wouldn’t be able to live for five years in Water 7, after all.

“No accidents.”

“That’s good. We’re ready to go then.”

The sea train was similar to a normal train. Su Xiao entered the third cabin, which was the V.I.P cabin. The seats there were wide and comfortable.

There were only seven people sitting inside the Cabin. Su Xiao found a seat and sat down. He took out his tablet and started playing puzzle games.

“Let me go, do you think you can keep me tied?”

Franky was very upset. He saw that Robin was also a captive and directly sat down beside her.

“Of course not.”

Kalifa’s answer satisfied Franky.

“Come here, tie him up, and throw him in the back.”

Franky’s expression froze. The three agents rushed forward and tied him with an iron chain then put him in a cloth bag tied the back from outside.

“Hey, you bastards, don’t treat me like this.”

Franky was quickly taken away while the bag wriggled.